The God Of Cells In League Of Legends Chapter 13

12 Ixtal 01 A Handsome Young Man Falls From The Sky.


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Present tense! After the Big Explosion in Shadow Island.

In the center of IXAOCAN.

The noble family of Qiyana were being gathered for an urgent meeting,For an overwhelming and unknown explosion happened near His sea coast.

(Qiyana): This energy cannot be from a human!

Some kind of monster must be fighting in the shadow islands.

But I do not care because One day IXTAL will be mine and I will destroy any threat that enters these lands.

It doesn't matter who you are!

Monsters, Naxians, Piltovens, Sentinel Water Sentinels!

no matter who it is!

One day everyone will be on their knees before My POWER!

Of course Qiyana never said that out loud.

She hid all her plans in her thoughts.

(Qiyana's servant): My lady allows me to speak, this energy I had never felt anything like.

since i was born i studied all the elements and i can say with certainty that this energy doesn't come from the elements!

but it is something purer as if it were the essence of pure energy.

People from every corner were running to IXAOCAN for clarification,

In a short time IXTAL's heart was simply full of People.

They were afraid of this energy because it was simply overwhelming.


The emperor and empress were in their room discussing chaos that their continent was in.

(Emperor of IXTAL): this energy that Legendary Creature can generate such power of destruction ??

(Empress of IXTAL): Don't worry my love!

All our continents are well hidden within these immense forests.

When suddenly!


A Servant knocks on the door!

(Royal Servant of the Palace): My Lords The city is full and the nobles are asking for a Public Speech.

The empress hearing this soon says then

(Empress of IXTAL): Tell everyone to wait 3 hours!

We are preparing.

(Royal Servant of the palace): Yes ma'am I will warn the people to wait!

The servant soon turns and walks away.


(Emperor of IXTAL): What should I say to my people?

have our informants arrived with news ???

(Empress of IXTAL): wait a little while they're looking for information with

the elemental spirits.

The Empress Seeing that her husband was Tense and worried.

She looks at him and smile.

She takes off her clothes and runs into his arms.

The emperor, seeing this, forgets his problems on the spot.

(Emperor of IXTAL): You really know me, my beautiful woman.

(Empress of IXTAL): We've been married for a long time so I know you Like the palm of my hand.

Relax and enjoy Today I will let you touch me.

(Emperor of IXTAL): I will taste you as the Best of Wines.


30 minutes later.

(Empress of IXTAL): I love it when you get tense and worried,

you destroy me when it's like this.

(Emperor of IXTAL): But my problems are not gone yet!

Have the elementals already answered our questions ??????

(Empress of IXTAL): Wait, I'll check it out now.

The Empress of IXTAL Concentrates its energy, and telepathically contacts the commander-in-chief of the magic group.

(Empress Of IXTAL): First Commander of the Second Magical Battalion!
for visiting.

(Command): How can I serve the lady my Empress ????

(Empress): Have the elementals said what caused this wave of destructive energy?

(Commander): Madam. We are having a hard time getting to the Elemental Cave.

This wave of unknown energy has left the Dragons agitated As if that energy reminded

They from Hell of the Rune Wars, described in the legends.

(Empress): Can you at least tell me, How long do you intend to get there ???

(Commander): Surely in an hour we'll be able to get into the Elemental Cave.

Then just offer a Noxian soldier as a sacrifice they will respond!

We captured a noxian warrior.



the Empress wastes no time and disconnects the telepathic connection with The Magician Commander.


(Empress): love within 1 hour let's have the ANSWER About this unknown explosion!

(Emperor): So just wait.

... outside the Palace Right in the middle of the square where the emperor will give his speech.

* BOOM *

Lightning strikes the sky and tears the ground From the main square of IXAOCAN.

Residents and nobles ran for fear of dying.

Wizards and servants ran toward the deep Hole.

They focus their magical energies ready to destroy any Magical creature.

They were all already believers that it was an elemental dragon that had fallen there.

But when their leader cast a dust-cleaning spell, they were startled by what they saw.

A handsome young man!

Shouts a servant unconsciously.

She turns all red like a tomato of shame for thinking too high.

(Elder Wizard): What is this child ?????

(Guard servant): I thought it was a Dragon but it's just a Young Man.

What do we do ???

He is in the worst possible state I don't know how he can still breathe even after falling from that height.

Let's communicate the emperor!

He will know if we see him kill or help.

(Servant of the city): You better go fast because he's very bad.

Soon the whole city knew that A beautiful Young Man had fallen into the City.

The Emperor's and Empress's daughters went crazy because they all wanted such a Beautiful Slave.


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