The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Book 2 Chapter 92

Volume 2 Chapter 92 Tests Are Also Reliant On Luck 1

Within their bottles, some had charred remains of the medicinal ingredients, and some even had some strange powdery substance. If Luo Due were not aware that they were supposed to make the sobering potion, he would not have guessed what they had in their hands.

The group of youngsters was scared witless. They would be very fortunate if their rushed job did not poison another to death, let alone to use it as a cure.

However, that was not their fault! Even if they were geniuses, they still would not be able to replicate the whole process accurately based on only one demonstration.

All of them looked at one another as they were all concerned about their finished product. The only silver lining about their situation was that they all had similar results, and all of those were the same tragic sight.

As the saying goes, the law was not responsible for the public, and they were rather gratified for that.

Instead, a certain someone's situation had put a smile on their faces.

Oh god! There was actually an idiot in their group that did not manage to make anything. They realized that the idiot did not even make any attempts when they saw the untouched apparatus and medicinal ingredients on the table. At that moment, everyone sniggered. Even though they failed, at least the rest of them had managed to follow the teacher's instructions and displayed their ability to remember the steps, yet that idiot did not even do anything. They thought that he probably could not remember the teacher's demonstration and thus, had no way to start.

Due to the apparent contrast, the youngsters who were initially disappointed with their final product suddenly gained some confidence.

Luo De glanced at those unidentifiable final products that they held in their hand. His stern gaze finally landed on that little lad who remained unmoved.

"What is your name?" Luo De asked.

"Shen Jue." Shen Yanxiao answered with a smile.

The students discreetly laughed. They thought he was foolish because he did not see the stern expression that the teacher had on his face. He even had the gall to smile at the teacher.

Luo De glanced at the tidy table behind Shen Yanxiao and asked, "Shen Jue, why did you not produce the sobering potion like I asked?"

Shen Yanxiao stroked her nose and glanced at the untouched medicinal ingredients on the table. "Because you did not provide me with the medicinal ingredients to produce the sobering potion?"

Luo De's faint smile disappeared, and the twenty-plus students were shocked by her answer.

Shen Yanxiao pointed to the medicinal ingredients on the table. "Teacher, even though the plant that you used earlier is similar to this one, there is a slight difference. The plant that you used had a slender leaf, but it had sharp edges. However, this plant on the table has a rounded edge. Even though the difference is small, they are actually two different medicinal ingredients."

After Shen Yanxiao pointed that out, the other students immediately turned to look at their leftover plants. As expected, the edge on those plant was round-shaped. They then stretched their heads to look at Luo De's leftover plant, and they noticed that the edges were sharp. The leaves of that plant were only the width of a pinkie while the shape of its edge was minimal. If one were not attentive to the details, the subtle differences would have gone unnoticed.

The other students' expressions immediately darkened when they realized that the little lad was right.

They were all candidates who had come to participate in the Herbalist Division test, so they must have done loads of preparation beforehand. Even though they could not complete the production of a potion by themselves, they would have had, at least, some knowledge about the basic ingredients.

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