The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Book 2 Chapter 94

Volume 2 Chapter 94 Tests Are Also Reliant On Luck 3

Shen Yanxiao touched her nose. Did she stick to the principles of an herbalist? It was more like she did not know how to operate those apparatus to produce the potion!

The candidates that Luo De had driven away might not have had the best observation skills. However, they had done their homework with regards to the preparation work of an herbalist. It was apparent that they had some exposure to the fundamentals of an herbalist as seen from their familiarity with the apparatus.

Shen Yanxiao was a complete amateur when compared to them!

Even though the Vermilion Bird Family had huge businesses, they did not have any herbalists that they could call on. Therefore, there were no suitable candidates that could tutor her before the test even if Shen Feng had wanted to do that.

It was not as if she did not want to follow the teacher's instructions. She just did not know the basic steps to do that. Even though Luo De had demonstrated the steps once and she could roughly remember them, she knew nothing about the functions of those strange apparatus.

She did not wish to cause an explosion by accident and if that had happened, she would completely blow her chance to enter the Herbalist Division.

It was pure coincidence that she discovered the differences between those two plants. She did not even know the names of those plants; she merely thought that they looked different!

It was a simple case of a blind cat that ran into a dead mouse. She had acted calmly, and with that, she unexpectedly passed the test for the Herbalist Division. She did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

On the surface, she maintained a calm appearance and accepted Luo De's appreciative gaze. However, deep down, she swore that she would think of ways to learn the fundamental skills to make potions before someone noticed that she was just an amateur.

"Luo De, my batch is another complete wipe-out. What about you?" The teacher in charge of another batch of students made use of the rest period after the test to ask about the results of Luo De's class.

Luo De pointed to Shen Yanxiao and said. "Barely passable. There is only this little lad here that remained from this batch."

That teacher chuckled and looked at Shen Yanxiao. "Not bad. Luo De's test is always tough, and you managed to satisfy his criteria. You must be amazing."

Luo De pretended to snort casually. "They are too stupid. They could not even meet the basic criteria of an herbalist, and they are delusional about becoming one?" As he spoke, Luo De glanced at Shen Yanxiao with satisfaction in his eyes.

"This lad is considered pretty good. His eyes are very sharp, and he has keen observation skills as well. Most importantly, he had already persevered with the most important principle as an herbalist from the start. If trained well, he will achieve great things in the future."

The two teachers continued their conversation and praised Shen Yanxiao. She could only continue to maintain that Mona Lisa smile of hers as she 'modestly' accepted their praises.

A few more batches of students were arranged to take the test in the same venue. However, other than her, there was only one student left after that round of test had ended.

More than a hundred participants took the test, but in the end, only two of them managed to pass.

How crazy was the Saint Laurent Academy's Herbalist Division test?!! No wonder the previous candidates said they were infamous for their difficult tests.

They had estimated that only a few dozens of thousand-plus candidates would pass the test that autumn.

The academy's savage admission rate was even more terrifying than the college admission in the modern world!

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