The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Searching for Another Target (3)

As she was satisfied with the completion of her first trade transaction, Shen Yanxiao felt particularly happy upon her return to the Vermilion Bird Family's home. For the subsequent days, her training in magic and battle went smoothly too.

Shen Jiayi finally recovered after a period of recuperation. However, like what she had threatened Shen Yanxiao that day, the fire had burnt off all of her hair and eyebrows. Shen Jiayi's head looked like an egg then, and other than facial features, it was spotless.

The vain Shen Jiayi cried and mourned what had happened to her every day. She was unwilling to take a single step out of her room, and she kept her mouth shut as to what had happened to her that tragic day. Even if Shen Yue wanted to cause trouble for Shen Yanxiao, he had no excuse to do so.

He could only visit various auction houses and fork out a large sum of money for potions that could promote hair growth to fix Shen Jiayi's bald head.

To avoid another untoward incident before they could invite the sage to their home, Shen Feng immediately tasked someone to send the Snow Spirit Fox to the God Realm. Not long after that, he received news from them.

In ten days time, the sage would leave for the Longxuan Empire, and he would also grace the Vermilion Bird Family with his presence to awaken the Vermilion Bird.

That piece of great news caused the entire Vermilion Bird Family to cry tears of joy.

They finally saw a glimmer of hope after they had suffered for more than a hundred years. During those ten days, everyone was 120% more attentive to their tasks. It was a rare scene in the Vermilion Bird Family where all of the family members worked toward a common goal. They wanted to ensure that they could give the sage an excellent impression when he arrived.

As for Shen Yifeng, Shen Jiawei and Shen Jiayi who were qualified as candidates to inherit the Vermilion Bird Family, they were repeatedly dragged to their rooms by their fathers for more closed-door lessons. They knew that it was a once in a lifetime chance, and if they were to succeed, it would mean instant success for them.

In another ten days, the Vermilion Bird Family would usher another peak to regain their long-lost honor.

As for Shen Yanxiao, who was unrelated to the Vermilion Bird Family, what did the sage's visit have to do with her? While the others were busy with preparations for the sage's visit, she enjoyed herself as the days passed. She worked hard for her training in magic and battle aura, and she even found the time for a quick trip to the Qilin Auction House to retrieve the 3728 demonic cores that Qi Meng had prepared for her.

When she went to retrieve the demon cores, she forgot to disguise herself for that trip. However, she did not encounter that handsome young man again.

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With the excuse for a happy and fruitful cooperation, Qi Meng gifted her with a high-grade interspatial ring and the storage space for that was a hundred cubic meters. She could easily store thirty thousand cores in that space, not to mention a mere 3728 demon cores.

Shen Yanxiao was puzzled with Qi Meng's sudden express of goodwill, but she would be an idiot not to take advantage of that. Furthermore, Qi Meng was utterly oblivious about her identity, and she would be a fool if she did not take it.

More than three thousand low-grade demonic cores were brought back to the Vermilion Bird Family. She quickly closed the door to her room as she grabbed a handful of demonic cores from the ring. She was prepared to start the feeding process for a particular lord.

Regrettably, Xiu did not do any special tricks. He still existed within her and could only use Shen Yanxiao to absorb the energies within those cores.

Shen Yanxiao was intrigued when the demonic cores in her hands transformed into strands of light that flowed through the middle of her eyebrows.

In just a single night, Xiu had absorbed all of the demonic cores. Unfortunately, such a small amount was practically nothing to him.

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