The Great Worm Lich Chapter 88

Time naturally passed by in their desperation. The next morning, Tina knocked on Zhang Lisheng's door early in the morning. "Lisheng, we're departing after breakfast, are you still sleeping?"

"I'm already up, I'll get out when I'm done washing up. Go to the restaurant first." Zhang Lisheng woke up from his cultivation in surprise. He put away Mountoad, washed his face and brushed his teeth quickly. He then opened the door after that. Tina who was outside the door did not leave. "Lisheng, I've got a favor to ask you before we go into the jungle"

"I'm not doing it, alright let's go." Presuming Tina would hope that he would take care of the safety of the rest, Zhang Lisheng said that right away and walked towards the restaurant with big steps. Tina who was behind him was stunned for a moment and chased after him madly. However, she did not say anything in the fear of making it counterproductive.

After a scrumptious breakfast, the young people took their sophisticated adventure equipment that they brought across the ocean, looking for their guides. Apart from Zhang Lisheng, both of the strong boys carried mountain packs that were at least 35kg, while the three ladies' backpacks were at least 15kg.

The Paradise Hotel's limousine drove all the way to the end of the broadest central avenue in Tuikano and pulled over at a crowded port in the suburb. It was an Amazon port made of cement and wood that was connected to a part of the jungle. It could take up to 100 canoes. The difference between this and any port in developed countries was like a hunk and a baby. However, it was an enormous port in Tuikano standards.

Under the bright morning sun, countless natives were fishing using a fish spear and tossable fishnets that were less than three to four square meters on the canoe. They would come back to shore as soon as they harvested, even though it was just a little. They would then sell to the people of own kind at the cement port ground. The customers were pointing and bargaining at the fresh catches in the canoes directly.

"It's so crowded here and eco-friendly too. Look, to guarantee that the Amazon River water would not suffer from being polluted, these Tatetutu people aren't fishing with motorboats," Tina looked around and said as she walked to the port with heavy steps.

"It's not because we're afraid of water pollution but petroleum and diesel are too expensive in Tuikano," A native who could speak English behind Tina complained loudly. "We don't produce petroleum, while the international petrol price is under the control of you Americans and Chinese. Of course, there aren't any motorboats in Amazon River"

The Amazon River had a length of thousands of kilometers. The deepest watercourse was above 50 meters while the width was thousands of meters. Continents and islands blended together in the river, flowing like a web. The river basin on both sides of the shore could extend to up to 100 kilometers. The water intercepted each other on the river basin shore, and there were lakes everywhere. Strictly speaking, this port in Tuikano was considered built on Amazon River's basin shore.

"How is it possible that there are no motorboats cruising on such a big river?"

The young people were shocked at the comment that the native gave who only had a hard shell covering his private part. Although the native's view of the world was unrealistic, it was sharp.

They looked at each other and instead of fighting back, they ran away quickly. It was wise to avoid arguments with local natives when one was traveling in such a tropical little country with barbaric customs. The young people became a little panicky after strolling along the shore. They were afraid that they were conned. Just when they were panicking, Tina pointed far towards the river and shouted all of a sudden in surprise, "Look, isn't that Mr. Tuta?"

The natives looked very similar to foreigners. However, the black flame tattoos on Tatu's face was very obvious. He was standing at the head of an enormous canoe that was 10 meters long. The wind blew on his face, but there was no expression on his stiff face at all. Nevertheless, he waved when he saw his employers.

"The natives here look weak, but they're actually so strong. Mr. Tatu's partners could row such a big canoe so fast, but there are only three of them"

"My dear Shittu, could you shut up? Tatu's canoe is installed with propellers, didn't you see the wave on the water?" Sheila looked at her boyfriend and said helplessly. Tuta's canoe arrived at the shore as they were chatting. He hopped off the canoe and took a good look at his employers and said in his straightforward English, "All of your backpacks are too big, you can't take more than 10kg into the jungle."

"Hey Mr. Tuta, I'm a strong man, I go to the gym everyday"

"Women have a higher tolerance than men. Most of you can stay two days in the jungle and your strength will be weaker than the ladies around you. 10kg each, bring non-perishable, high-purity sweet food that has high calorie and some emergency medicine. You don't have to bring a sleeping bag and the rest since we will bring tents."

"I'm sure my tolerance is okay"

"Shittu, Mr. Tuta's the jungle expert. Follow what he says." Sheila removed her backpack and began packing her equipment. Seeing what she was doing, her partners began packing their backpacks, excluding Tina and Zhang Lisheng who did nothing. Tina only had two outdoor sleeping bags and emergency medicine in her backpack. She had nothing else in there, the sleeping bags were for her and Zhang Lisheng. The young man only had his wizard worm in his backpack, he had no more strength to carry other equipment.

As the young people were done packing their bags, Tuta ordered one of his underlings to bring their packed bags to the little warehouse at the port they were at. He then began introducing the guides before entering the jungle. Surprisingly, he was detailed when he talked this time.

"Duta, he's very agile in the jungle. He can find even the smallest signs of ferocious beasts and venomous worms that were left behind. He's in charge of guiding the way and reconnaissance. Remember, you should never walk before him. Pujita, herbalist, he knows all of the edible plants in the jungle. He's the biggest guarantee for survival if accidents happen. Wataruru, the best hunter of the Tata Tribe. He could kill tigers with poisonous blow darts. I, Tatu used to be the Tata team leader. I could find the safest route in the jungle. Of course, one could say that such a route doesn't exist."

Duta, Pujita, and Wataruru looked exactly the same to those young people. They could not tell them apart within a short period of time, but they nodded to show their acknowledgment anyway.

"What a perfect delegation," Trish complimented and cut into the subject immediately. "Mr. Tatu, I wonder if you've asked around about my brother who was lost a few days ago"

"Let me arrange the route, just follow my lead." Tatu waved and hopped into the canoe as he turned around. Seeing that their leader hopped in, Duta, Pujita, and Wataruru hopped into the canoe in a quick manner. Noticing that, the young people could only follow the native guides and hopped into the big canoe carefully.

Stepping into the canoe with both feet was like standing in a long, big bathtub. It was understandable for the young people to panic and lose their balance in the beginning, shaking the canoe uncontrollably.

"Sit down, relax, and put both hands on the sides." Tatu stood steadily on the head of the canoe that was high up and said while controlling the direction. Learning the tricks, Zhang Lisheng sat down immediately and realized that the sides were tall. All he could do was to lift both of his hands and grab both sides while his head was the only thing showing.

Soon, the young people sat down one after another and the canoe became balanced again. Seeing that the canoe was balanced now, Tatu waved and signaled the departure. Wataruru who was at the back started the engine right away. 'Tutu' As the engine started, not long after, it pushed the canoe away from the port and headed forward.

At the same time the canoe departed, Tubalin sat at a single table by the window in Paradise Hotel's restaurant. He sipped on Tatetutu tea that looked like dirty water while watching the sunny weather out there. He said softly in joy, "Those young people must've departed now. One, two, three, four, five, six. Six exuberant and passionate young people. Oh yeah, there's a cold yellow-skinned monkey among them. But that shouldn't matter, everything should be fine as long as that Aryan lady's there," the old man happily laughed out loud as he spoke.

Sitting in the modified canoe across the Amazon River bathing in the warm sun and refreshing river wind, the young people were happy and relaxed. They were in the beginning journey with tropical rainforest views on both sides, indulging in the beautiful chirping of birds. Tina even shouted in excitement as if they were going on a field trip when a small animal with brown fur hopped into the water from the branch by the shore. It traveled across the river stepping on the river surface as if it had webbed feet. "Look, look, there's a monkey running on water. I thought only insects have such ability, this is bizarre"

As Tina was speaking, there was rumbling in the water when a gray-scaled fish that had the height of a human, devoured the little animal that was walking across the water. However, the fish involved itself in a situation after it was done eating. In reality, the little animal was not running on water but on a long, hidden shrub in the water. After the gray-scaled fish ate the little animal, its huge head was stranded at the shrub in the water. It struggled with all of its might while its mouth did not stop opening and closing. Its sharp teeth that were showing were tearing the watergrass around.

Although the watergrass in Amazon River was tough, a huge fish that had the height of a human which strength was hundreds of kilograms in the water, was soon breaking free from the watergrass' constraint. However, just when it was going to break free and regain its freedom, a yellow-spotted silhouette dashed towards the fish with a beautiful arc. Its great impact when it landed with its sharp claws mauled a few deep wounds on the fish's head that were showing on the surface.

At that moment, the gray-scaled fish's brain juice that looked like white curd spilled from the wounds on its head. It began flopping madly which was futile, causing rumbles in the river water. It was a leopard with a beautiful form that attacked the fish. To a small-sized jungle leopard, hunting such a huge river fish was completely luck. It was impossible for such a leopard to suppress its prey underwater with its real ability. Thus, it could only wait for the prey to lose its breath after the fatal hit.

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