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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin - Chapter 29

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Part 3: Under the Dome

Chapter 29: Seed Parasitic

On the mountain road of the volcanic park, w.a.n.g Ji went into the jungle. When he slowly approached the scene of the killing, he was still paying attention to the live broadcast of the Preacher. He was obviously talking to him through the camera. w.a.n.g Ji judged that most novice Hunters were subordinates of old Hunters of other worlds, so the Preacher regarded him as such a rookie like them.

"Let me guess your experience."

The Preacher knocked on the table. He raised his head and looked at the ceiling absent-mindedly. After a while, he began to say. "You don't know how you revived, and then you were lucky enough to pa.s.s the experiment mode with your equipment support. After completing the experiment mode, all your experimental equipments were taken away. Something called 'tree party machine' asked if you wanted to be a Hunter. You happened to have a sense of responsibility, so you accepted it. After that it gave you a mission to explore civilization and told you that it's very dangerous. How did you face the unknown danger without equipment support? So you were afraid, then you went to the Hunter you just met, and beg for the equipment like the original one to get through the storm."

The Preacher began to shake his head when he said that. "Yes! You were isolated and helpless, and you didn't know what you should do. The only savior was the one who had helped you. They came, but you discovered that they was as friendly as they were in the beginning. They would give you equipment, and they would keep doing that for a long time. But they would give you a powerful magic contract to make you a subordinate. You thought that there's nothing wrong with having a senior, so you agreed to it. So they gave you a stuff that was better than nothing, and helped you complete the mission with a powerful strength that you couldn't reach. But your civilization heritage had become theirs. You might be puzzled by this. You found yourself being cheated by your predecessors. "

The Preacher gazed at the camera. "But the contract had been signed. You had lost the independent ident.i.ty of the Hunter and become a subordinate to others. Things you have gotten had to be handed over to them for distribution. Everything was done at this step. It's too late, you could only pray for their charity and help, imagining that you might have a shot to be independent."

Speaking of this, the Preacher smiled. "But I want to tell you that it is impossible. You have lost yourself and civilization. Go to your predecessors to save you, maybe they will have a conscience to help you. Happy time are over. Goodbye, poor newbie. Forgive me for not having time to listen to your crying."

The Preacher finally knocked on the camera to say goodbye, leaving the studio briskly. The live broadcast was still going on, and the citizens in the central square and the towns could still see the b.l.o.o.d.y killings in the National Volcano Park. This kind of sound was clearly transmitted through the vocal microphone, and the mountain road and woods where w.a.n.g Ji was located also reflected the fierce gunshots.

"I'm afraid that it won't be like your will."

w.a.n.g Ji turned off the phone.

He quietly put away his mobile phone, and inside of his chest began to rise up with a black flame. It began to wrap his entire body. The fallen badge became blood-colored, stripped from the chest by w.a.n.g Ji. And he put it into the zip pocket, and then covered it with the Night Devil's Suit. After a small and inconspicuous detail, the Wave-Particle Duality spread its black wings in his palm!

The erratic black flame shadow was formed in the day, and w.a.n.g Ji jumped agilely onto the tree. His devil vision disappeared in such a day. Although his eyes were still b.l.o.o.d.y hexagram, but the things that he saw wasn't different from the things in his own vision. w.a.n.g Ji couldn't see those infinite details, and couldn't look far away. But it's enough.

His biggest goal was to hide his real ident.i.ty.


The leaves swayed gently with the foliage. w.a.n.g Ji rushed agilely in the shadow of the trees, moving quickly near the crater rescue site.

"He has planted it now, and there are no seeds spreading. But he should have some special items and abilities like me, which is why he's able to destroy the city. So now I can divide my main goals into two. One is the seeds of disaster that has been preached by the Preacher in advance, and the other is the preacher itself."

He moved very fast, but he thought faster.

"First of all, the seed can be judged that the person is the main body of the dissemination of the seed, so his destruction should be based on the guaranteed communication. The trap he set in the National Volcanic Park should be the setting for seed transmission. This ripening time of the seed is much faster than that of nightmare knitters, so it must be eliminated first."

"Then the Preacher himself. His abilities and items are temporarily unknown, but they should be based on the help of seed transmission. So I don't have to worry about it for a short time because every human being to him is a parasite that can be infected by the seeds. His destructive actions aren't mainly killing people, so large-scale casualties can therefore be avoided."

Inferring to this, w.a.n.g Ji fully confirmed the basic strategic direction of the Preacher.

"He just thinks that I can't take the risk. I can't afford the price of seed diffusion, so I have to come. But the time I waste is enough for him to make another round of deployment. The later I come, the situation here is harder to control, and the longer it will take, and then the better it will be for him. However, I won't let him succeed."

w.a.n.g Ji's steps suddenly stopped and landed on the tree shrew of a giant tree. He looked at the camera and the broadcast live, as well as the female reporter. Her head completely turned into the head of a monster, kneeling on the ground and eating the body of the director, and made a scalp eating sound.

Yes, through the b.l.o.o.d.y clothes and the falling place, w.a.n.g Ji still judged the ident.i.ty of the deceased.

He tightened the bow!

The purple-red bowstring didn't make any sound. In w.a.n.g Ji's hands, which seemed to be burning the black flame, any bows and arrows couldn't be seen. No matter in the day and at night, the dark beam is an invisible beam. As w.a.n.g Ji released the beam, the beam was silently shot at one moment. The cameraman holding the camera was instantly evaporated! The camera fell to the ground.


The monster which was eating raised his head, and the huge head instantly split into two cell tissues, waving a sharp blade that seemed to be composed of bone cells. The shadow of the trees swayed, w.a.n.g Ji has loosened the bowstring. The second beam was shot. At the same moment, the incredible heat wave evaporated the monsters! A blade like a bone tissue fell from the front of w.a.n.g Ji's eyes and evaporated with the stained blood, which was only two centimeters away from his eyes. The simple first fight was the fight similar to the decision to live and die.

However, compared to the previous day, w.a.n.g Ji's ability to learn has made him a different man than before. In the last four days of the rest, his and the devil's killing game was almost held every night. His figure was therefore more robust, at least he would not slip on his feet. And the accuracy of the light beam improved a lot.

His bowstring was pulled up for the third time.

The dark beam appeared automatically in the hands of w.a.n.g Ji's, and it was not fast, but the bow wasn't attached to the arrow. As long as he pinched the bowstring with his hand, the beam was naturally generated. The bows and arrows that can be fired almost at once are no different from the guns themselves.

"Protect the mayor to retreat!"

"Beware of their a.s.similation! Fire!"

On the other side of the woods resounded with the roaring of special police forces.

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