The Immortal's Wine Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Pill Aurora

Jiu Shen checked the ingredients and furrowed his eyebrows in discontent. "What kind of trashy ingredients are these? I can barely concoct a Perfect State Invigorating Meridians Pill with this..." He muttered with a frown.

A pill is subdivided into six states depending on their efficacy: Low State, Medium State, High State, Peak State, Perfect State, and Profound State.

Master Fengzi and the other alchemists were speechless after hearing Jiu Shen's words. All the ingredients they had were all nurtured with great care, so how could it become a low-level ingredient?

"Kid, stop your shameless boasting and just admit that you are a clown! Don't fool around here in our Alchemy Hall and go back to the circus where you're supposed to belong!" One old man snarled while pointing at Jiu Shen. What was a Perfect State pill? Even concocting a Perfect State 1st-grade pill was already as hard as ascending the heavens for someone like them. Even Master Fengzi could only sometimes concoct a pill of such level.

Master Fengzi coldly smiled as he glanced at Jiu Shen. 'This kid truly knows how to boast. Concocting a Perfect State 8th-grade Invigorating Meridians Pill? Funny...'

Jiu Shen swept his glance at the old man who shouted at him. His deep and unfathomable eyes flashed with a profound glint, causing the old alchemist to feel a bone-chilling coldness that made him tremble in fear.

- Ding!

- Special Mission Activated!

- Host, as the future Wine God, how could you allow these mortals to mock your divine presence? Show them how a Wine God concocts his own pill! A reward will be given for accomplishing this special mission!

Jiu Shen suddenly heard the system's solemn and robotic voice ringing inside his head. Furthermore, he felt that there was a hint of anger in that solemnity.

With an aloof facial expression, he elegantly waved his right hand causing the sleeve of his robes to flutter gently. His actions caused everyone inside the room to be surprised, but then they saw the charred cauldron at the center of the room hovering towards Jiu Shen as if it had heard his calling.

Master Fengzi's eyes widened in shock. It was his own cauldron, so how could it be used by somebody else? He had even dripped his own blood on it to mark himself as its owner.

Jiu Shen ignored their stunned gazes and softly slapped the charred cauldron, causing its blackened surface to regain its former mighty appearance.

The cauldron trembled and swayed in midair as if it was expressing its happiness.

The scene caused everyone to gape in amazement. Cleaning a cauldron could actually be done this way? It both looked cool and magnificent, making everyone a bit speechless.

Jiu Shen snapped his finger and produced a small wisp of black flames that caused the room's temperature to rise by many folds. In fact, it caused everyone to feel a primal kind of fear.

Jiu Shen flicked his fingers, causing the small wisp of black flame to travel below the cauldron.

His silk ponytail holder untied itself as his long silver hair fluttered gently.

His calm expression and his peerless facial features caused everyone to feel a hint of veneration to surface deeply in their hearts. Even Master Fengzi was not spared, he also felt a sense of inferiority compared to Jiu Shen's otherworldly visage.

Under the complicated gazes of everyone, the cauldron that Jiu Shen lit up suddenly broke into pieces causing everyone to be dazed.

"What a lousy cauldron... I only used a bit of my soul flames and it already broke into pieces. What a trash..." Jiu Shen muttered silently.

Master Fengzi was stunned when he saw the scene of his own treasured cauldron breaking into pieces. His heart bled so much that he felt his old body went limp. "My treasured cauldron, it's an 8th-grade cauldron... How can a small wisp of soul flames cause it to break?"

"Master Fengzi, was that your cauldron? And are you sure that it was an 8th-grade cauldron?" An old alchemist asked with a bewildered look. How could a high-level cauldron break so easily as if it was a fragile glass?

Master Fengzi forced out a smile and shook his head. "Of course not! How could such a cauldron be an 8th-grade cauldron? It's only my spare one, so no need to bother with it too much." His heart felt like it was pierced by a spear as he spoke those words. He even felt his internal organs contorting in pain.

With a cold look, he was about to berate Jiu Shen, but then he saw something that caused his pair of murky eyes to widen in shock as if he had seen buddha.

In fact, it was not just him. All the alchemists inside the room were looking at Jiu Shen with shocked faces. Even Lu Sulan was looking at Jiu Shen in amazement.

Under everyone's gaze, Jiu Shen performed multiple hand gestures while muttering an incomprehensible mantra. His true essence and soul force were displayed in full, making everyone sense his true strength! Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

His martial cultivation was at the 9th-rank Saint while his soul cultivation had also reached the 9th-rank, showing that he was an Alchemy Saint. With all these revelations, everyone's gaze towards Jiu Shen turned into that of worship. What was an Alchemy Saint? People at that level were considered as the peak of alchemy in the world of Nuar! Furthermore, he was also a martial cultivator at the 9th-rank Saint! He was a dual martial and soul cultivator!

With another wave of his hands, multiple golden archaic patterns hovered in front of Jiu Shen like docile butterflies.

Looking at the archaic patterns, everyone felt a sense of blankness as if they were staring at the void. They couldn't understand what they were at all!

The archaic patterns slowly merged and formed a small and transparent cauldron that hovered regally in front of Jiu Shen.

With a flick of his fingers, another wisp of black flames was thrown below the transparent cauldron.

His actions unhurried and well-practiced as if he had done it thousands of times before.

He then casually threw all the medicinal herbs and fruits inside the transparent cauldron one by one.

Everyone saw how the ingredients' impurities were removed by the golden archaic patterns.

Jiu Shen snapped his fingers causing the black flames to burn intensely as it became bigger.

With the black flames covering the transparent cauldron, everyone could not see what was happening inside, but they saw that Jiu Shen was still performing multiple hand gestures.

His expression was unchanging and detached as if he was doing something simple.

Moments after, he dropped the last ingredient inside the transparent cauldron.

"Condense." Jiu Shen muttered calmly.

'Hm, this pill could barely become a Perfect State. I have to add something that could make its efficacy even stronger.' Jiu Shen thought to himself as he grabbed a bottle of wine from his storage earring.

He gave it sip before he poured half of the wine's contents inside the cauldron.

"Why is this lord adding wine into his concoction?"

"Shut up! What do you know? We can only guess what this honorable Alchemy Saint will do about this wine. Maybe it's an important recipe that could further enhance the pill's efficacy." Master Fengzi said while looking at Jiu Shen in admiration.

His earlier discontent towards Jiu Shen was gone like a puff of smoke. He even called him honorable Alchemy Saint to express his admiration.

"Form." Jiu Shen muttered aloofly. Following his words, the black flames receded and its disappearance produced a cloud of white smoke.

When the smoke was gone, a rainbow radiance flashed for a brief moment before ten glittering pills were produced.

"Pill Aurora! That's the legendary Pill Aurora! How is this possible?!" Master Fengzi said with a horrified look after seeing the momentary flash of rainbow-colored radiance.

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