The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs Book 3 Chapter 548

The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs Volume 3 Chapter 548 The Ice Frozen Beast 1

Liu Huo's capability stopped the surprise attack of the demon clan. None of the demons could get close. On the other hand, Yang Jian was not human to begin with. Ji Fengyan modified his body, so even when a few demons had passed his three pointed, double-edged sword and bit him, those sharp teeth could not pierce through Yang Jian's body. With his other hand, Yang Jian could easily crush them to death on the ground.

The entire battle continued with an odd progression. The side with fewer numbers had actually suppressed the other party.

This was unexpected for the demon clan.

But very quickly, they changed their strategy. A group of them surrounded and attacked Liu Huo and Yang Jian, whereas the other group suddenly launched their attacks at the light beam that had been protecting everyone else.

Through the thin layer of the light beam, the soldiers could clearly see the hideous demons outside. The vicious and repulsive faces covered their sight. The demons were as dense as ants and lunged one after another at them.

It was as if the demons' roar were ringing right beside the soldiers' ears. Just when the demons came into contact with the light beam, a faint light emitted from the light beam and suddenly gave out a black lightning strike. All those demons that had touched the light had instantly become burnt when they were hit by the black lightning strikes. Within seconds, their charred bodies had disintegrated into particles and become scattered on the ground

Everyone who saw this was immediately stunned. Almost by instinct, they all backed away from the light beam.

Who had ever seen such a powerful thing?

It was practically unbelievable that few thousands of demons had disintegrated into black particles right before their eyes.

"Roar!" there was a loud roar coming from among the demons and all the demons surrounding the light beam instantly moved away. A huge shadow gradually came into everyone's line of sight.

That was an extremely enormous demon, with a height of over 10 meters. On its huge body, it had an icy blue armour that was covered in gem. The scales on the armour were like rhombus shaped icicles and covered every part of the demon. Under the glow of the flames, they all shone brightly.

With each step that the demon took, it instantly covered the ground underneath its claws in thin ice and the surrounding temperature dropped rapidly.

"The ice frozen beast!" Linghe, who was standing within the light beam, widened his eyes in disbelief. The demon that had appeared before his eyes was actually an extremely high grade ice frozen beast!

The ice frozen beast was an extremely rare high grade giant beast among the demons. Its entire body contained deadly ice poison. Anyone who touched it would instantly become frozen. Even the hottest flame would instantly become frozen by the ice frozen beast's breath.

It was an extremely high grade demon, of nine grade or higher!

It was rumoured that the ice frozen beast would only live in the icy regions covered by ice. Who would have thought that it would appear at the Moonset Valley?

The senior soldiers finally realised the reason for the drop in temperature during the two times that the demon clan had attacked them.

All the demons had backed away from where the ice frozen beast had been to and cleared the way for it to reach the light beam.

Under the gazes of everyone, the ice frozen beast suddenly opened its mouth and a icy blue light ball grew bigger in its mouth at a high speed!

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