The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs Book 3 Chapter 549

The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs Volume 3 Chapter 549 The Ice Frozen Beast 2

The huge ice ball became bigger very rapidly and the next second the ice frozen beast had already launched it at the light beam!

A dazzling light shone in front of everyone and the instant the ice ball hit the ice beam, countless black lightning bolts mixed with the ice ball until the ice ball became nothing. The ice ball avoided the destruction by the black lightning and immediately splattered over the light beam.

Everyone felt their hearts in their mouth. But seeing that the light beam was not broken by the ice frozen beast, they could not believe it.

It had to be known that the ice frozen beast had an even higher grade than the 18 giant lightning beast that had attacked the capital institute. When the ice ball was launched, not just a 1 to 2 meters thick city wall, it would instantly destroy even iron.

However, they had used the light beam set up by Liu Huo to defend against the deadly attack of the ice frozen beast!

Seeing that its attack had no effect, the ice frozen beast did not stop its attack. Different from the giant lightning beast that had to rest before its second attack, the ice frozen beast had already launched its ice ball at the light beam when everyone snapped out of their daze!

The light beam still did not move and was very stable!

The ice frozen beast continued to launch its ice ball and they were all consumed by the seemingly weak glowing light. Everyone who was standing within the light beam felt a mix of emotions. They could only watch as the continuous ice balls landing on the light beam and exploding. Even though it was not damaged, the visual effect of the explosion was very stimulating.


Very soon, they realised that something was wrong.

A higher grade demon would have higher intelligence. After attacking for so many times and failing to destroy the defense put up by the light beam, it was unlikely for the ice frozen beast to be this dumb to continue.

Linghe had sharp eyes and noticed that the spot that the ice frozen beast had attacked each time was the same.

Even if the black lightning strike had struck the ice ball, there were still some flames left on the light beam after they split the ice ball into pieces. Those ice blaze spread after touching the light beam and gradually formed an ice crystal.

"Not good! The demons are forcibly breaking the light beam!" Linghe shouted.

Everyone was instantly on their guards.

Once there was a hole in the light beam, the other demons could directly flood through and it would be a nightmare.

In his panic, Linghe looked around for Liu Huo and Yang Jian. By now, the two of them had already killed countless demons, but the demons had already noticed their battling ability and lunged at them without caring about anything else and used their own flesh to prevent Liu Huo's ability to move far!

"These demons have really given their all this time," Linghe secretly clenched his teeth and held onto his sword tightly. He said to Zuo Nuo and the rest, "Make sure that you are alert! Once the defense is down, we have to secure the holes no matter what and not let any demons in."

Zuo Nuo and the others immediately nodded.

Ji Fengyan's 10 over personal guards rushed to the front of everyone and stood at the spots that the ice frozen beast had attacked multiple times.

The soldiers behind them were stunned. They had never dreamt that the group of people that Ji Fengyan had brought would be this bold. At this time, the senior soldiers who had laughed at Linghe for abusing their power were so embarrassed that they could not lift their heads high up.

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