The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Everlasting Feelings Flower (1)

Linghe, who had just led Gong Zhiyu and his men to complete their tour of the storeroom, saw Ji Fengyan carrying Linghe and dashed past them. All of them were stunned.

"Miss, she… what happened?" Gong Zhiyu was a little stunned. The speed that Ji Fengyan had ran past them just now was so fast that they could not see clearly unless they had looked closely.

Linghe felt a wave of uneasiness, but he pretended to be calm and said, "I'm afraid something has happened. Young Master Gong, the tea has been prepared, may I please invite to the front yard to have a drink. I shall leave to take a look…"

"Sure." Gong Zhiyu nodded slightly.

Linghe did not say anything else and immediately ran after Ji Fengyan.

After Linghe had left, Gong Zhiyu was in a hurry to look away as he continued to look in the direction that Ji Fengyan had left.

"Young Master, why do you have to initiate coming here?" when there was no one around, the man clad in black following beside Gong Zhiyu spoke.

Gong Zhiyu looked back and said slowly, "This new City Lord is not a simple character considering she could snatch Ji City from within Lei Xu's control. You have also seen it for yourself; the ores in the storeroom just now were so many times more than what we have collected. Such a partner, shouldn't I be more proactive?"

The man was suddenly silent. The dissatisfaction that he had for Ji Fengyan was already gone after he had seen the rare ores in the storeroom. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The room was filled with rare ores and all of them were of superior quality.

"We have also worked with Lei Xu a few times, but Lei Xu had never given us such good rare ores. How is it that this new City Lord would have so many of them?" the man asked after hesitating for a while.

Gong Zhiyu smiled faintly as he looked up at the gradually darkening sky.

"There are many weird people in this world and nothing is definite. Lei Xu had worked with the eldest princess previously, but he would definitely have his own worries. We do not need to know the reason, but you guys just have to remember what our objective is."

"Yes," the man responded.

"That little City Lord is likely to be busy until some time later, let's go to the front yard first." Gong Zhiyu smiled and started to walk.

His two men followed with their heads lowered.

When Linghe rushed to Liu Huo's room, the door was half closed. He had just pushed open the door and there was a sudden heatwave rushing out of the room, even the air was warm inside.

In the room, Liu Huo was laying on the bed with his brows frowning tightly. The clothes he had on his body was already soaked in sweat. He looked like he was having a high fever and the skin all over his body had already turned purple from the intense red colour.

"Mi—Miss, what has happened?" Linghe panicked a little as he looked at Ji Fengyan, who was standing at the beside.

The smile on Ji Fengyan's face had already disappeared unknowingly. Her brows were frowned and she stood silently beside Liu Huo. Her eyes were as sharp as a knife when she stared at him.



"Where is Gong Zhiyu now?" Ji Fengyan looked up suddenly.

Linghe was stunned by Ji Fengyan's stern look and replied after a while, "Young Master Gong and his men are now resting in the front yard."

"Take care of Liu Huo," leaving this sentence, Ji Fengyan's body transformed into a light ray and disappeared from the room.

Linghe was a little stunned as he looked at Liu Huo, who was laying unconscious on the bed. He really did not know what to do.

What exactly was wrong with this fellow?

After Ji Fengyan had left the room, she immediately rushed to the front yard. Her gaze had never been this serious.

Liu Huo's body condition was really not right and everything had to do with that Everlasting Feelings Flower!

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