The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Mineral Cave

Along the way, Linghe was a little muddled as he completely did not understand what Ji Fengyan was thinking. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

It was a bumpy ride on the horse carriage. After a short period, the horse carriage finally stopped at a hillside outside of Ji City.

The entire group alighted from the horse carriage. Lei Xu looked at Ji Fengyan, who was among the group, and said to her, "Fengyan, the hills here are steep, you have to be careful."

Ji Fengyan laughed and did not respond.

The majority of the mineral veins were halfway up a hill. Led by Ji City's professional ore miners who were all strong men, everyone walked through the hills while Ji Fengyan and Linghe were trailing behind. Linghe was very cautious throughout, as he was fearful that there would be ferocious beasts ambushing and attacking Ji Fengyan.

Luckily, the route was flat and smooth. After passing through the dense forests and a stream, the leading man stopped in front of a dark cave entrance. Lei Xu also stopped and turned to say to Ji Fengyan, who was at the end of the group, "Fengyan, here is the mineral vein that you wanted to see. There are also a few more nearby. You can have a look first. If it does not satisfy you, I can bring you to see the others."

Lei Xu was unusually enthusiastic, as if he had genuinely wanted to bring Ji Fengyan to view the mineral veins.

Ji Fengyan looked at Lei Xu, then lifted her hands to signal to Linghe who was behind. Linghe took out the torch that he had prepared beforehand and lit it. He took the first step into the mineral vein entrance and used the torch in his hands to explore inside.

It was pitch black in the mineral cave and the small torch could only light up a small area in front. This mineral vein seemed like it was aged as the surrounding walls already had pits and dirt, like they were already dug up. The wooden pole supporting the top of the mineral cave was also a little old and the screws on the pole were also rusted. The entire cave just reeked of an unpleasant smell.

Ji Fengyan stood outside the mineral cave and looked at it. The cave that looked pitch black to the others was different in her eyes. She could faintly see a weak spiritual energy drifting among the air in the darkness.

"Ah Qi, accompany Miss Ji in to have a look." Lei Xu smiled and looked at the person responsible for the mineral vein.

The man who was named Ah Qi answered, took out the light specially used for mining ore and walked to the entrance of the mineral cave.


Linghe looked at Ji Fengyan. Lei Xu's sincerity this time was really out of Linghe's expectations.

Ji Fengyan nodded at Linghe and immediately the few guards that Linghe had brought along stood by Ji Fengyan's side to protect her as she followed Ah Qi into the mineral cave.

Upon seeing Ji Fengyan and the others entering the cave in a line, and gradually fading into the darkness, Lei Min who had not spoken at all secretly walked to Lei Xu's side when no one was noticing and whispered to Lei Xu, with his lips smiling.

As for what he said, it was probably only known by the two of them.

After entering the mineral cave, Ji Fengyan quickly adjusted to the darkness inside. To an immortal cultivator, darkness did not pose any hindrance. Even in pitch black darkness, Ji Fengyan could still clearly see everything around.

The front half portion of the entire cave was already dug clean, except for a few iron ores hidden in the soil, Ji Fengyan completely did not discover the spiritual energy coming from the rare ores.

Ji Fengyan frowned slightly and her lips curled into a smile. But she did not say anything and continued to follow Ah Qi deeper into the cave.

Linghe and the others each held a torch and protected Ji Fengyan properly. Only the crushed stones and dirt occasionally falling on their heads made them feel that danger was lurking around.

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