The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Lei Father and Son

"Father, you have to revenge for me! That Ji Fengyan is practically a madwoman!" Lei Min lay flat on the bed and cursed through his gritted teeth. He had never been in such a pathetic state—being pressed to the ground and hit in front of so many people. How could he tolerate such an insult?

"Madwoman?" Lei Xu's eyes narrowed, and he said coldly, "Do you really think that Ji Fengyan is a madwoman? Min'er both you and I are wrong. We have both judged wrongly, Ji Fengyan is not as ignorant as we think she is. She clearly knows the state that she is in and also how she can deal with everything."

"Father! She has already caused me to be in this state, yet you are speaking on her behalf?" Lei Min looked at his own father in disbelief.

Lei Xu continued, "Min'er, it's not that I'm saying good things on behalf of her, but I am reminding you that we have lowered our guards this time. I always thought that Ji Fengyan is an innocent little brat, which is why she could easily be controlled by us in Ji City. But in fact, her method is exactly the most ingenious way. So long as she has a conflict with us in Ji City, she is not our match just by depending on the few guards she has. However, once she leaves Ji City, this situation will turn the tables."

Lei Min was slightly stunned. Even though he was filled with hatred, he was no fool. He could still understand what Lei Xu was saying.

"Don't worry, now that we know what kind of person she is, I naturally know how to deal with her. So what if she has the position to gain control of all those mineral veins? She is currently in Ji City, so long as I am here, I can do anything to bring her under our control," Lei Xu's eyes flashed with a cold and evil glare.

"Father, you're intending…" Lei Min was a little nervous. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Lei Xu smiled as he said, "You are Ji Fengyan's fiance, this is a definite truth. Now that you are injured now, Ji Fengyan has the responsibility to take care of you."

"But that stupid brat is so sly, how would she be willing to serve and care for me?" Lei Min frowned.

Lei Xu shook his head. "Can't you tell? No matter what we did previously, Ji Fengyan always had a look of indifference, but before she made her move on us, her guards had almost sustained injuries. If what I guessed is correct, that brat seems to care deeply about those people that her father had personally left her. Even though we cannot kill her, the people around do not have any appointment decree as their protection amulet. Isn't it then up to me to do whatever I want to them?"

Lei Min's eyes sparkled.

"These matters are also not that urgent, you should rest well first. No matter what I do, I still need to inform the eldest princess. If I can get the eldest princess's approval, it would be much easier for me to carry out my plan," Lei Xu comforted.

"But isn't the eldest princess recently frustrated about the matter of the nation's grand tutor refusing to meet anyone? Will she… be willing to help us?" Lei Min said, feeling a little worried.

"I do not need her to personally help us. I just need her silent consent. Moreover, if this Ji City really lands into Ji Fengyan's hands, I'm afraid the eldest princess… she will also not be pleased?" Lei Xu laughed softly.

"Min'er, you just watch. Within a few days, I'll definitely make Ji Fengyan that stupid brat appear at our doorsteps obediently and personally take care of you," Lei Xu said with confidence.

Lei Min naturally did not disagree.

"Then I shall be waiting for that day to come."

"Just be patient. There will be an interesting show for you to watch." Lei Xu's mouth curled into a sinister smile.

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