The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 835


It was true that Ji Zhantian felt like he had lost all hope. Ji Mengtian and Lu Suan cooked up a scheme and they were able to carry it out secretly. Just as they were about to bring in the net, Lu Li had caused a huge disturbance.

Ji Zhantian found it impossible to believe that Lu Li’s abilities had not grown by a large margin after he caused such rich Xuan Qi and such terrible anomalies in heaven and earth.

At the moment, something came to the mind of Ji Zhantian. In history, there was a precedent of such strange things. That was for Emperor of Heaven Reverse.

The moment Emperor of Heaven Reverse achieved immortality, seas tumbled violently, and the Xuan Qi converged above the then Heaven Reverse City, now known as the Samsara City. Legends had it that the entire Heaven Reverse Universe felt the disturbance. Above that city, tens of thousands of clouds were gathered together. Nature bestowed Emperor of Heaven Reverse with divine energy to help him mold the physical body of an immortal.

This story was recorded by a lot of major families. To a large group of people, this was just a myth that their ancestors told to advocate the greatness of Emperor of Heaven Reverse, and to add a mysterious layer to him. Mysterious manifestations were believed to be created on purpose. Even Ji Zhantian questioned if it was real. But at the moment, he witnessed manifestations with his own eyes. He saw how nature changed because of one person and how nature gave this one person divine energy.

“Is Lu Li becoming an immortal?”

The thought of this possibility made Ji Zhantian shiver. Lu Li was a man of numerous miracles. Besides, there were manifestations. Ji Zhantian believed he would not find it surprising if Lu Li walked out to be a real immortal.

The point was not whether Lu Li was becoming an immortal or not. The point wasthey were all going after Lu Li when his abilities were being elevated. When Lu Li came out here, would he kill them all?

Ji Mengtian made eye contact with Lu Suan, who was hiding in a castle. Both were thrown into panic. No plot or scheme could amount to anything in the face of absolute power. If Lu Li’s strength skyrocketed to the point where he could defeat Semi-God Realm warriors, then all of Ji Mengtian’s efforts would be futile. Worse than that, she would fall into everlasting perdition, irreversible doom.

“Good, excellent!”

Jiang Tianshun and Great Grandfather Three could not hide the smile on their faces even if they wanted to. Lu Li’s growth was their strength. Nothing would be better than the thought that one day, Lu Li would assume the position of Grand Master and take out the Asmodian Lord

“What is it?”

Outside the city, Asmodian Lord and masters of the other three alien races finally saw the problem. A human being had caused such an anomaly? Nature was granting a human with divine energy? Was anyone reaching immortality?

“Wicked Bead? Lu Li!”

Asmodian Lord’s psychic power was strong enough to go through the city shield and the Entrapment Formation. He saw the Wicked Bead floating in the castle. At the moment, divine energy was still going into the Wicked Bead.

All the signs implied that Lu Li was the one triggering the change.

“What is happening?”

Inside the Wicked Bead, someone was wondering as well. Jiang Qiling felt a sudden trembling from the Wicked Bead. Following that, a ray of light came in from above her head and enveloped Lu Li.

Out of instinct, Jiang Qiling became a bit scared. That being said, she did not fiddle with anything. She was relieved to see that Lu Li was peaceful and nothing seemed to be wrong with his body.


In the corner, Little White suddenly came over and landed on Lu Li’s shoulder. Little White closed its eyes, enjoying the bath in the divine energy


Jiang Qiling frowned. The divine energy was given to Lu Li. Would anything go wrong for Little White to take some? Somehow, she felt uncomfortable that a little beast dared to take what was Lu Li’s.

On second thought, Lu Li and Little White were close. He did not say anything, so Jiang Qiling withheld her opinion. As far as she knew, Lu Li would condone Little White’s behavior. He might even give some divine energy to Little White himself.

“Divine energy? Where is it coming from? From the Emperor of Heaven Reverse?”

Jiang Qiling wondered. Soon, delight took over the feelings of surprise. Wherever the divine energy came from, it was a sure thing that Lu Li was going to reach the Human Sovereign Realm. Why else would the divine energy come not sooner, not later, but right as Lu Li was about to make the breakthrough? Why else would the divine energy pierce through the Wicked Bead to reach Lu Li?


Naturally, Lu Li could feel it. A surge of strong energy was pouring into his body at a steady flow. The energy was pure and powerful. Inside his body, the energy spread across and transformed his body, remold his body rapidly.

He was engraving the line diagram on his Bead of Life. He was at the most critical moment. Soon, he would make it. Therefore, after a quick check with psychic power to make sure that the divine energy was beneficial to him, he left it alone and focused on engraving the line diagram.

He only engraved a small portion of the line diagram, one of the big diagrams. Small as it was, it was intricate and abstruse. There were at least hundreds of thousands of lines in the diagram. Engraving the line diagram allowed for no mistakes because any single error to any line or pattern could lead to a complete failure

At this point, he had just a few dozen lines and patterns to engrave. Even so, it took some time. He spent the time for two incense sticks to burn. After that, he breathed in relive. The line diagram was engraved, and it was perfect. He had to wait and see if it was going to collapse.

To engrave Profound Meaning into the Bead of Life was not the end. There was a chance of collapsing. What was more, it might be useless even though engraved. What should be done were done. He had to wait for the outcome.

“Swish, swish~”

Divine energy kept coming in. The energy stopped spreading to his body and now all turned to his Bead of Life.


After an initial look with psychic power, Lu Li was surprised. The divine energy was surging toward the line diagram. With divine energy coming in, the lines and patterns in the diagram began to glow.

Lu Li had never heard of anything like this but there was nothing he could do at the moment. He had no control of the divine energy. He had no other choice but to watch and wait.

Divine energy streamed in. when every line and diagram were lit up, Lu Li felt a tremble in his Bead of Life. Then the bead glowed with the silver dragon mark swimming around joyfully.

At that moment, Lu Li sensed there was a connection between him and nature, as ifhe had control over space nearby.

It was a strange feeling, a miraculous feeling. He sensed that he was bonded with heaven and earth, and he was a part of it!

“Good, I have reached the Human Sovereign Realm!”

Lu Li checked to make sure. He opened his eyes suddenly and shouted, “Force Field, on!”


Space around him trembled. A half-transparent rippled spread across. Space around him was frozen. The Force Field was active.

Force Field was a feature for the Human Sovereign Realm. It symbolized that nature had accepted and recognized a warrior. From today on, Lu Li would have a real connection to nature. He could finally leverage forces in heaven and earth.

Divine energy disappeared at the moment. No more was coming. Jiang Qiling’s eyes glowed as she freed herself from Lu Li’s Force Field and yelled in delight, “Lu Li, you have reached the Human Sovereign Realm? Well done!”

Lu Li replied with a smile and hugged her. Then he asked, “Qiling, what happened just now? I think I feel some divine energy in my body.”

“You are asking me? I have the same question for you!”

Jiang Qiling rolled her eyes. “Lu Li, this is just the Human Sovereign Realm, right? Look at the scene you have made. When you reach the Earth Immortal Realm or even the Semi-God Realm, are you expecting the entire Heaven Reverse Universe to shake along?”

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