The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 836


Lu Li himself was not entirely sure of how he had caused such an event. Wasn’t he just engraving the line diagram? Why would he be granted divine energy? Where did this divine energy come from? Was it from the statue of Emperor of Heaven Reverse?

He checked outside with psychic power without much thought. Soon, he realized something was wrong, very wrong. His eyebrows began to knit together.

Outside, Lu Renhuang and the others came together. Over the castle was a blood red shield. Above the shield were Ji Zhantian, Patriarch of Law Enforcement and the others. All showed different emotions. Something big must be going on.

What was more, outside the city, the four alien races were retreating. The statue of Emperor of Heaven Reverse looked the same. But Lu Li could tell something was off from the expressions of warriors in the city.

Surprise, fear, joy, and dread

All sorts of emotions. Almost everyone’s focus was where he was. Lu Li was convinced that something must have happened in the city. He controlled the Wicked Bead and took in Lu Renhuang and the others.


Ji Zhantian was seized by another fit of fear. Lu Li made no move till now. He took Lu Renhuang in out of the blue. Therefore, Lu Li must be on the verge of a breakthrough just now. He must have made it because the anomalies in heaven and earth had vanished. That was why he had taken in Lu Renhuang. He must be there to ask about the whole story. Would he start his actions soon?

“What has Lu Li learned? I hope it is not too strong”

Ji Zhantian prayed to himself that Lu Li had not achieved great progress or else what they were going to experience would be a nightmare.

Ji Mengtian and Lu Suan had the urge to run away. But at the moment, the world outside the city was filled with alien races. Where could they possibly go? Vast as the world was, were there any safe places left?

Inside the Wicked Bead, Uncle Nine of the Jun Family gave Lu Li a complete rundown of the story. The latter was overcome with murderous intent and so was Jiang Qiling. Lu Li had chosen to ignore Ji Mengtian and the rest. How dare they play tricks secretly? How could they start an internal conflict when the human race was in such a dire situation? Only by killing those people could they vent their anger.

“Lu Li!”

Lu Renhuang checked and was sure that Lu Li had just reached the Human Sovereign Realm. “If you are not absolutely confident, I advise that you don’t take any rash actions or else you may implicate your Great Grandfather.” Said Lu Renhuang.

“Just a moment!”

Lu Li said after some thoughts. He closed his eyes to perform an internal check of his body. Uncle Nine of Jun Family told Lu Li that he had triggered the anomalies in heaven and earth and was granted divine energy. This must mean that he had achieved a major breakthrough. He must have a comprehensive check of his body to see if his abilities were elevated after reaching the Human Sovereign Realm.

“This divine energy is so powerful. My body is still strengthening and transforming. Will my body turn into that of an immortal at this rate?”

Lu Li noticed that the divine energy was still transforming the parts of his body the divine energy was at. His body was improving in an alarmingly fast speed. He believed that as of now, not even the average Earth Immortal Realm warriors could kill him.

The strength of the physical body was not the thing that mattered most. To his general powers, this could do little. He shifted his focus to the Bead of Life because it was the line diagram engraved into the Bead of Life that caused the anomalies in heaven and earth.

Before he started to engrave the line diagram, everything was normal. Nothing changed. Only when he began on the line diagram did the change happen. What was more, when he was receiving the divine energy, it entered his Bead of Life and improved the line diagram.

Therefore, the center of all this must be in the line diagram that was engraved into the Bead of Life. Lu Li studied the line diagram carefully with psychic power. In the time for merely one incense stick to burn, he had noticed something.

The diagramwas strange!

When he first studied it, the line diagram was a motionless diagram. But after being augmented by divine energy, he felt the diagram had come to life becauseit could move!

When Lu Li focused his mind on the line diagram, it started to move slowly. The lines were flowing, and the patterns were waggling, shifting.

Imagine a myriad of animals and plants composed this diagram. Those animals and plants were carvings but they had turned into living things, moving around, swimming and walking on their own.

“This diagram, this trajectory, this pattern”

The more he studied it, the more amazed Lu Li became. In the diagram contained something he was very familiar with as if he had seen this diagram somewhere.

“Feather Wind!”

It finally came to his mind. He was shocked. These lines and patterns, when they were moving around, were like fits of Feather Winds blowing. No wonder he felt familiar.

“Sothis is a diagram of how the Feather Wind comes into being? This is how it all starts?”

Lu Li had an epiphany. At once, he followed the diagram, the lines in his mind. There was a mockup in his mind. He studied the patterns over and over again to verify it.

It did not take him long. In merely an hour, he opened his eyes. “This is it! This is it! This line diagram is amazing, fantastic!” He exclaimed with a joyful smile on the corner of his mouth.

Jiang Qiling was affected by his joy. Even though she did not know what he had learned but she could tell that it must be something great. Plus, there was the anomaly in heaven and earth. Lu Li must have made a major breakthrough. She felt proud that her own husband could be this outstanding.

“Young Master Lu, congratulations!”

Uncle Nine of the Jun Family and the other soul slaves could read the room. They extended their praise. They believed that Lu Li must have gone through tremendous chances for he had triggered anomaly in heaven and earth. Why else would there be such a disturbance?

“Lu Li, how is it?”

Lu Renhuang was still worried. After all, Ji Zhantian was at the Semi-God Realm. Apart from Lu Li with his Wicked Bead, no other human warrior could be a worthy opponent of Ji Zhantian. Lu Li’s impulsive action might lead to the death of many.

“Everything is going to be okay.”

Lu Li nodded to Lu Renhuang, “Father, don’t worry. I can deal with Ji Zhantian. It is a piece of cake. There is a chance thatI can defeat the four alien races.”


Jiang Qiling and Lu Renhuang looked at each other in shock. The skill the Asmodian Lord possessed was beyond description. Lu Li could crack that? He had reached just the Human Sovereign Realm. Not even with a ninth rank Profound Meaning could he be elevated to the Semi-God Realm all of a sudden.

Lu Li did not explain too much. “Please sit here. I will go and deal with something. Soon, I will settle everything,” said Lu Li with a gentle smile.

Lu Renhuang and Jiang Qiling both stood up but Lu Li did not give them a chance to talk. He had emerged in the castle outside the Wicked Bead.

It had been an hour but those who were outside felt like it had been years. When the Wicked Bead glowed and Lu Li came out, a lot of people turned around to see. Some felt cheered up.

Finally, Lu Li had come out!

When Ji Zhantian and his gang noticed that Lu Li had merely reached the Human Sovereign Realm, they were relieved. Jiang Tianshun and Great Grandfather Three were a bit disappointed. Only Patriarch of Law Enforcement remained composed.

Reaching out, Lu Li took the Wicked Bead in his hand and walked out of the castle. He looked at the blood red shield and those in the sky one by one, including Ji Zhantian.

Glancing over the crowd, Lu Li finally stopped at Ji Mengtian. He sneered. Using Xuan Energy to amplify his voice, he shouted, “Ji Mengtian, you could have lived a bit longer, I think. If you had rebuilt your soul, I could even forgive you. But what can I do when you put your finger in the fire? I have one choice left. I will have to ruin you and send you and the entire Ji Family to the world beyond the grave. Everyone that is part of this scheme will have to be killed!”

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