The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 837


Looking into Lu Li’s frigidly ferocious eyes, Ji Mengtian began to lose her mind. But she comforted herself on the thought that Lu Li was merely at the Human Sovereign Realm. At the very best, he might be able to kill an Earth Immortal Realm warrior. It was unlikely that he could fight a warrior two realms higher than he was. What was more, there was the support of the Entrapment Formation!

This thought boosted her confidence to some extent. She answered emotionlessly, “Lu Li, we are not trying to do anything to you. That being said, we cannot alter the fact. This is the resolution from the Hall of Patriarchs, not from me personally. I hope that you can cooperate. Don’t worry we will not put you in a pickle!”

“Ha, ha, ha~”

Lu Li threw up his head and laughed. He hated this kind of people the most. They bullied people in the name of a righteous cause, such hypocrites.

There was no rule in the world apart from the rule of the fist. If Demon-slaying Hall and Ji Zhantian believed they had more power, they could just start the fight. What was the point of resorting to an excuse of such honor? It was disgusting.

Lu Li glared at Ji Zhantian and the patriarchs as if he was cutting them with a knife. “Resolution of the Hall of Patriarchs? Soall the patriarchs are colluding together to get me killed?” Lu Li asked coldly.

Faced with Lu Li’s glare, the patriarchs were nervous. Few had the courage to look directly into Lu Li’s eyes. Ji Zhantian was the only one that was able to say with a straight face, “Lu Li, nobody is plotting against you. We are merely asking you to give us the Wicked Bead. As soon as you do so, the Asmodian Lord will retreat. The Demon-slaying Hall will name you an honorary patriarch. From then on, anyone that hurts you will be an enemy of all of us at the Demon-slaying Hall.”

“Ha, ha, ha!”

Lu Li burst into laughter of sarcasm. There was nothing he could say. Glaring at Ji Zhantian, Lu Li said, “Deputy Master, when you are dead, I will naturally help the humans out of this crisis. So, for the sake of mankind, please go and drop dead. I do not have the mood to solve the crisis when you are still alive.”

That was the last thing Lu Li said. He waved his hand. A pattern appeared in the air. Bead of Life whooshed out from his abdomen and it swirled between his hands.


The Bead of Life glared and so did the silver dragon mark on it. The line diagram lit up as well with the lines and patterns moving about.

When the Bead of Life came out, Xuan Qi from all around him began to gather toward the Bead of Life which absorbed all the Xuan Qi in.


Gusts of wind came out from the Bead of Life. Those gusts of wind had certain shapes, like feathers. Feather Wind kept pouring out, spinning around Lu Li. The quantity continued to rise

Every second, the Bead of Life could produce endless Feather Wind. Soon, Lu Li was surrounded by Feather Wind and it filled up the entire castle and the Entrapment Formation.

“What is that?”

Outside, many people frowned. What could Lu Li do with these things? They didn’t seem to be very aggressive. Could he break open the Entrapment Formation with this feather-shaped wind?

Lu Li kept a straight face. The Bead of Life was still swirling between his hands to produce more Feather Wind. Even those in the Wicked Bead was released. Since he could generate Feather Wind any time he wanted, to store Feather Wind in the Wicked Bead was pointless.

After the time for one incense stick to burn, the entire Entrapment Formation was filled with Feather Wind. Looking at the blood red formation, Lu Li grinned. “Go~” He waved his hand and said.

“Swish, swish!”

The Feather Wind violently attacked the Entrapment Formation. This blood red formation gave out a blinding light, shaking and trembling.


Jiang Tianshun and Great Grandfather Three’s eyes brightened up. On the other hand, Ji Zhantian, Ji Mengtian, and the others on their side felt they had hit rock bottom. This attack was too strong. The Entrapment Formation would fall soon.


While generating more Feather Wind, Lu Li sneered. Instead of sending more Feather Wind to bring down the formation, he formed dragons of wind to float around him.

One, ten, a hundred, a thousand~

The number of dragons of wind around Lu Li was on the rise. Those dragons of wind hovered around in the Entrapment Formation. The castle inside the formation was torn into dust after the dragons of wind roared past by.

“Hiss, hiss~”

People outside were gasping. A few people were even shivering. They thought they had seen an evil god standing in the middle of the Entrapment Formation with the dragons of wind around him.


When there were already one thousand dragons of wind, Lu Li waved them onward. From all sides, the dragons of wind smashed into the Entrapment Formation.


Almost immediately, the formation was brought down by the strong force. Riding on his Bead of Life, Lu Li took flight with the one thousand dragons of wind hovering around him. Those dragons of wind were made purely of Feather Wind. Therefore, they all had shapes, which constituted a strong visual and psychic impact.

The Bead of Life was still spinning and generating Feather Wind. Centering around Lu Li, in an area with a radius of more than one thousand feet was Feather Wind. Having one thousand dragons of wind swirling around was quite a breath-taking scene.

Like a god, Lu Li stood in the sky proudly. Looking at Patriarch of Law Enforcement, Lu Li said, “Patriarch of Law Enforcement, and everyone that is not involved, step to the side!”

Patriarch of Law Enforcement could see the killing intent in Lu Li’s eyes clearly. The former shouted at once, “Lu Li, think twice. We can talk about this.”

A sword appeared in Ji Zhantian’s hand as he said, “Lu Li, we can discuss anything. But if you do anything rashly, nobody will be able to save you.”

“The Originator Artifact!”

Jiang Tianshun and Great Grandfather Three yelled at the same time. Jiang Tianshun turned to Lu Li and shouted, “Lu Li, this is the Originator Artifact. It has powers of a Relic. Don’t test him”

“Relics are awesome, right? I have one here!”

The Wicked Bead showed up. Lu Li stared at the Originator Artifact but was not entirely scared. Though having a horrifying air spreading out, the Originator Artifact should be weaker than a Relic. At least, it would not crack open his Wicked Bead.


Waving his hand, Lu Li sent over hundreds of dragons of wind. He had made up his mind. He would not stop today until he had drowned the Demon-slaying City with blood.

“Spread out~”

Ji Zhantian was seized with terror when hundreds of dragons of wind came at him. He yelled the warning message at once while he himself made the cautious choice by stepping back immediately. Patriarchs behind him spread out instantly.

“Get back!”

Seeing that Lu Li had taken actions, Patriarch of Law Enforcement had no other choice but to leave with those on his side.

Ji Mengtian tried to step back quickly but like some other patriarchs, she was not fast enough. The dragons of wind were as fast as the peak of the Earth Immortal Realm. They came over soon and encircled everyone.

“Take cover!”

Many people inside were terrified, thinking that in the dragons of wind must contain something powerful that could lead to a direct and violent explosion and impact. As a result, a lot of people resorted to methods of defense at once.


After the dragons of wind took places, they did not explode. Someone even tried to attack the dragons of wind but nothing happened. The dragons of wind went through the attacks just like a gentle breeze


Ji Mengtian was the first to cry out in misery. She hugged her head and rolled around in midair. From her eyes, mouth and nose oozed out blood. Her facial muscles were twisted. A once beautiful girl had turned into a ghost-like person.

“No, this is a soul attack”

One patriarch after another yelled. Soon, many more of them started to bug their heads and howl as well. Blood kept spilling out. It was too horrible to bear.

“Lu Li, you are playing with fire!”

At least more than twenty patriarchs had fallen to the ground, which enraged Ji Zhantian. He thought he had figured out Lu Li’s mode of attack and believed that this attack was not a threat to him. Therefore, he yelled. The Originator Artifact in his hand glowed. He had decided to kill Lu Li in front of everyone and take the Wicked Bead by force.

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