The King's Avatar Chapter 1553

Chapter 1553: Like a Flag Waving in the Air

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Reinforced Iron Bones? Thousand Ton Drop?

No good. None of these skills could allow him to tank the Rising Dragon Soars the Sky. That attack possessed grab priority, thus, it ignored Super Armor effects.

Rising Dragon Soars the Sky could only be dodged, not blocked!

Eagle Stamp!

River Sunset stepped on the air, lifting himself up, but it wasn’t enough! Just this slight increase in elevation wouldn’t be enough to get out of Rising Dragon Soars the Sky’s range. The magic dragon tore through the air as it opened its jaws to bite River Sunset. But right before it could clamp down its jaws, River Sunset suddenly stopped and twisted his body, Whirlwind Kick!

This skill was not a movement skill, but it changed his posture. His two legs swept over the top of the dragon, when suddenly, the dragon twisted its head…

Dragon Raises Its Head!

Everyone was astonished. This was Ye Xiu’s signature technique back in the day, but nowadays, the Battle Mages of the new generation were grasping it one after the other. First, it was Sun Xiang. Now, it was Tang Rou.

The young will surpass the old.

And in the Glory competitive scene, it was this pursuit that made the scene flourish.

Rising Dragon Soars the Sky, hit!

The dragon clamped down on River Sunset. Dazzling light engulfed him as the magic exploded. River Sunset was launched into the air above the lava. When the skill ended, he fell into the lava.

River Sunset moved along with the tumultuous waves of lava.

Quick Recover and then jump out!

Song Qiying reacted extremely fast, not wasting a single second. River Sunset no longer had the health to swim over to the far-away shore. Every second in the lava was a blow to him. Rising Dragon Soars the Sky had a long ending animation. During this time, he needed to get back onto the shore. It was his only chance for a comeback.

After he jumped, he was right next to the shore. With another jump, River Sunset was about to land back onto the shore. Soft Mist could only just start moving again. At a distance of several steps away, it wasn’t possible for her to instantly reach River Sunset and intercept him. However, she could still send out magic Chasers. A blue and a purple ball of light shot towards River Sunset.

The blue light was an Ice Chaser that had been created when she had used Double Stab. The purple light was a Dark Chaser that had been created when she landed Circle Swing.

Tang Rou hadn’t immediately used these Chasers, and now, it seemed like her decision had paid off. River Sunset was still mid-jump and couldn’t dodge. The two Chasers exploded, and of these two Chasers, the Ice Chaser’s CC went into effect.

For every level in Ice Chaser, the Battle Mage’s physical defense would increase by 2%. For a Battle Mage with Leather Armor Proficiency, it wasn’t too great of a buff. The strength buff from Fire Chasers was far better, and the attack speed buff from Light Chasers was more useful. However, when the Ice Chaser hit the target, its CC effect was the best out of all five types of Chasers.

The Ice Chaser stunned the target briefly and had a 50% chance of lowering the target’s movement speed. This was the effect for a Level 1 Ice Chaser, and it was already very useful.

Taking advantage of River Sunset’s stunned state, Soft Mist rushed forward. She thrust her spear, and the air began to crackle, Hundred Dragon Meteor Strike.

Countless scarlet spears appeared. It was too late for Song Qiying to activate a Super Armor skill like Reinforced Iron Bones. Right when River Sunset’s stun wore off, the spear reached him. Then, more attacks followed. As Soft Mist closed the distance, the attacks became more and more dense. Finally, she reached two steps away from River Sunset, she launched River Sunset into the air. Every attack from her carefully considered how the attack would affect the target. Despite needing to maintain a fast tempo, she was still able to accurately make these precise calculations. There was no doubt that Tang Rou deserved the title of Best Rookie this season.


Hundred Dragon Meteor Striker’s final strike sent River Sunset at a new angle in the air. Droplets of blood dripped out from his flying figure. Who knew how much damage her combo had dealt to River Sunset. Now, the two were face to face. Soft Mist’s Dancing Fire Flowing Flames leapt up, and a Sky Strike struck River Sunset, launching him into the air. Then, Draconic Crusher!

Soft Mist swung downwards like a spike, sending River Sunset crashing towards the lava.

The high priority Draconic Crusher sent River Sunset into the lava for a third time. The wave of lava created by the plunge from River Sunset was more than two people tall, reaching high enough to even splash onto Soft Mist.

Tang Rou ignored the damage and followed with another attack.

Cloud Whirling Windstorm!

Her spear twisted, producing a whirlwind of magic that shot towards the lava, giving the attack an even deeper color. Scarlet flames swallowed River Sunset, and there was nothing Song Qiying could do. The previous Draconic Crusher had forced a knockdown. Until River Sunset was flat on the ground, he wouldn’t be able to move.

The Cloud Whirling Windstorm mixed in with the lava, striking River Sunset and forced him flat on the bottom of the floor of lava.


Song Qiying immediately had River Sunset roll, when he saw from up above, the Dancing Fire Flowing Flames in Soft Mist’s hands descend like a bolt of lightning.

Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart!

The successive strikes made it such that the surrounding lava pushed away was unable to return. An empty piece of ground was laid bare in the lava. River Sunset was rolling on the ground, when Soft Mist’s spear stabbed through his heart and nailed him to the ground.

The lava flooded back. In the blink of an eye, it engulfed River Sunset, who was bent like a small shrimp, and then Soft Mist, who had harpooned him.


The winner had been determined. Tang Rou had won. Happy had won. And the one who won did it in the most flashy way possible. The scene made Tyranny’s side feel awkward. When Soft Mist threw her spear downwards, River Sunset hung on the top of the spear like a shrimp. He almost looked like a flag waving in the air.

When Song Qiying walked out from the player booth, he saw his character hanging on the opponent’s spear.


Song Qiying felt a bit embarrassed, but he also knew that it was just Tang Rou seizing the opportunity to give the fatal blow. Tang Rou hadn’t been trying to humiliate him on purpose. He was more concerned with the fact that he hadn’t been able to win this deciding battle. He had failed to live up to everyone’s expectations. This was what made him disappointed the most.

The Tyranny fans weren’t in high spirits. A Striker losing to a Battle Mage was reminiscent of past pains. Han Wenqing had lost to Ye Xiu in the first round, and in the fight between the symbols of the future of the two teams, they had also suffered a defeat.,

Song Qiying had played well enough though. He had eliminated Happy’s lead and brought Tyranny an opportunity to win. But in the end, Tyranny lost. The final scene of River Sunset hanging off of Soft Mist’s spear only made the pain worse.

Even so, when Song Qiying walked down from the stage, they gave him their applause. They didn’t want their future to lose hope. They would always encourage and cheer for their players.

The concern shown by Tyranny’s fans only made Song Qiying feel even more ashamed. After returning to his teammates, he felt like he couldn’t face them.

“Don’t blame yourself. You played amazing out there. It was because we played poorly that we left too big of a burden on you,” Lin Jingyan said. He had played the worst in the group arena today. Tyranny falling behind was practically his fault. As he consoled Song Qiying, he also pushed the blame onto himself.

“You have to win next time!” Han Wenqing didn’t say too much and simply expressed his expectations in the future.

“Hm? It’s not too big of a problem, no? Losing by one point in the group arena is practically no different from even.” Zhang Jiale felt that the atmosphere felt abnormally gloomy. He hoped that he could bring up everyone’s spirits.

“There’s still a difference,” Zhang Xinjie immediately retorted.

Zhang Jiale was helpless. Their vice-captain was too serious.

“Whether we lost by two points, by one point, by zero points, or if we win by one point, by two points, nothing changes,” Han Wenqing said, “We have to win the team competition!”

“Of course!”

“That’s obvious.”


Tyranny reorganized their thoughts, ready to face the true deciding battle in today’s match.

As for Happy? Tang Rou’s decisive victory had naturally given the team a boost to their morale, but they remained clear-headed in their excitement. Whether they truly won or lost this match depended on the following battle.

The two teams stared at the screen in the stadium. The team competition map would be chosen soon. At the same time, there would be a simple description of it, allowing the two players to make arrangements to their lineup accordingly.

Map choosing begin!

The projection technology displayed a big question mark at the center of the stage, which kept on spinning.


The crisp ring echoed through the stadium. The map had been chosen, and the electronic screen displayed the map’s name: Seven Color Spring. At the center of the stage, the projection technology began to slowly reveal the structure of the map.

The two teams immediately began to observe and discuss it up until the referee called for the two teams to come onto the stage.

The crowd immediately quieted down. Everyone looked towards the two teams to see which of their six players would be sent onto the stage. They would know soon.

First, it was Tyranny.

There was no fooling around. Practically the moment the referee called them over, six players stood up together and walked towards the stage.

Han Wenqing, Lin Jingyan, Zhang Jiale, Song Qiying, Zhang Xinjie, Qin Muyun.

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