The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 100 2

Chapter 100: Steamy sex inside the Missions Pavillion Part 2

Looking towards the near naked beauty who despite having a panty on, might as well not have it due to the slit in the middle revealed the most important part of her body, Yang Shen did something he always wanted to.

Walking near the table whose top was covered in countless books and documents, Yang Shen in a single sweep pushed them all down onto the floor.

"Hop on."

"You Are going to help me clean up later."

'Why?! Why ruin the moment!'

Lamenting on the inside that such a nice moment was ruined, Yang Shen didn't even bother nodding his head while Meirong got on the table which still had a few pieces of paper on it.

Spreading her legs wide and in placing them in the shape of an 'M', Meirong understanding that she did indeed spoil the moment seductively licked her lips and pointed towards Yang Shen with her finger and beckoned him towards her.

"Come. Violate me."

Even though those words sounded a bit forced, they more than salvaged the situation for the two of them who felt a little awkward after one of them talked about cleaning.

Breathing heavily as he approached Meirong whose pussy was dripping onto the table's surface, Yang Shen wrapped his hands around the woman's waist and bent forward to kiss her enticing lips.


'Not only his hands, even his kissing skills are good. I wonder how many women he slept with to become this good.'

Parting her lips and granting Yang Shen's tongue entry inside her mouth, Meirong soon felt so good that she stopped thinking about how many women Yang Shen had been with before her.

Using his tongue to explore every inch of Meirong's mouth, Yang Shen grabbed onto the pair of huge peaks which were softer than marshmallows.

Squeezing the twin peaks and witnessing his fingers disappear behind them, Yang Shen turned even excited to taste every part of her body.

Moving his waist forward and pressing his dick against Meirong's lips down there, Yang Shen allowed the woman to enjoy how it felt when a hot rod was touching the entrance of her pussy.

The sensation however didn't last for too long.

Using one of his hands to spread the puffy lips to the side and reveal the beautiful hole his dick was so eager to enter, Yang Shen in a single motion thrust his dick forward and allowed Meirong what real pleasure felt like.


Moaning loudly as her face seemed to melt, Meirong showed what might possibly be the most obscene look on her face to Yang Shen.

Eyes rolled, mouth wide open, and tongue flapping outside it.

Adding on the red hue covering her face, Meirong looked so tempting that Yang Shen wasn't willing to waste another single second.

Holding the woman's waist and pulling his dick back until it had almost left the tightly wrapped walls of the cave, Yang Shen plunged his shaft back inside her right away without giving even her even a single second to recover.


Moaning even more loudly since she could distinctively feel the rod inside her spread the walls of her pussy as it seemed fit, and the enlarged tip touching the deepest part of her pussy, Meirong could no longer support her upper half.

Resting her back against the table, Meirong looked both weak yet greedy for whatever was turning her so weak to continue at the same time.

Licking his lips, Yang Shen once again felt that a woman truly looked her best not when dressed in luxurious clothes, but when she was showing the most primitive look of lust and pleasure on her face.

Starting to piston, Yang Shen resumed playing with the pair of boobs which shook every time he thrust inside her.

Enjoying the warmth which was embracing his dick, Yang Shen with every single thrust rammed the head of his dick against the entrance of Meirong's womb.

"Aghhhhh. Soooo goooddddd!!!"

Moaning weirdly due to the unbelievable pleasure she felt every time Yang Shen's dick scraped against the entrance of her womb, Meirong felt like she could not take it anymore when the gates could no longer stay shut and were forced open by the rod which seemed impossible to be restrained by anything.

"Ughh So tight.."

Grunting a little since the moment the dick entered the forbidden area the walls of Meirong's pussy further tightened around it, Yang Shen was forced to use all of his willpower to not cum right away and continue moving.

Pushing Meirong backwards and getting on the table himself, Yang Shen who was now right on top of the woman reached even deeper inside her with every one of his thrusts.



Whimpering weakly in face of Yang Shen's constant pistoning which wasn't just ravaging her pussy, but her womb as well, Meirong all of a sudden hugged his back with her hands and said, "Ccuummmm. CUmmmm inshiddeee mee!!!"

With her legs being squeezed in between her body and Yang Shen's legs, Meirong could only hope that her hands had enough strength in them to make sure the young man did cum inside her and didn't pull out at the last second.

Honestly though she didn't have to worry about such a thing happening.

With how addicted Yang Shen was towards cumming inside a woman and inseminating them, there was no way he was going to pull out before cumming. for visiting.

Behaving like a bull who saw something red after hearing those words, Yang Shen who sensed the woman's pussy started to twitch around his dick and the burst of warm liquids which shout out from the depths of it no longer held back and shot his semen so deep that Meirong would have definitely turned pregnant if it wasn't for the fact that today was a safe day for her.

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