The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Burn the place down?

"Haaaa. How did we do that?"

"Do what? You'll have to be more clearer than that."

Weakly pointing towards the walls around them and then finally the ceiling with a trembling hand, Meirong rephrased her original question.

"That. How did we our cover the roof?"

Chuckling and kissing Meirong on the forehead who was still unable to phrase the question properly, Yang Shen made the woman blush and think back to all the positions they did it in.

'Ah! There was that one!'

Blushing even more furiously like a tomato as she remembered what she and Yang Shen did which caused their body fluids to fly all the way towards the ceiling, Meirong looked so alluring that Yang Shen's dick which was inside her twitched and felt reinvigorated. for visiting.

"No Not anymore"

Whimpering weakly as she felt Yang Shen's excitement through the pussy which had turned numb from how much it had been ravaged since the afternoon, Meirong despite being too weak to move and wanting to stay in his embrace for longer started trying her best to get away from him before he decided to go for another round.

Wrapping his arms around the woman's waist and pulling her back into her embrace, Yang Shen didn't allow her to move since his dick felt very happy staying inside her warm and comfy pussy.

"This is what you wanted. So why are you running away now?"

Smiling wryly and trembling all of a sudden due to how sensitive she was right now, Meirong said, "That was just something I said to make you do your best. I never thought you'd actually do it"

Looking around herself towards the familiar walls and mission boards, all of which were covered in their bodily fluids, Meirong said, "God knows how long it's going to take to clean up this place."

Sensing something as Meirong said those words, Yang Shen all of a sudden stood up and separated himself from the woman.

Putting on the robes which he had sensibly stored inside his inventory, Yang Shen said, "Thank you for giving the mission to take care of Elder Lin's herb garden to me, Miss Deacon. We'll meet again in the future. Take care."

Once he finished saying those words, Yang Shen didn't stay inside the pavilion for another second and darted out of it after grabbing Lijuan.

"No proble.. No! Wait! You can't just leave all..."

Realizing what just happened only after Yang Shen almost entirely disappeared from her view, Meirong couldn't believe that he had left just like that and left all the cleaning work to her.

"Should I just burn this place down and have a new Missions Pavilion built?"


Looking towards the moon which was high in the night sky, Yang Shen began looking through the countless notifications he had received while indulging himself in pure blissful sex.

'I earned roughly 700 XP and 30 Points every time the two of us cummed.'

'The XP is lesser than what I obtained when Dual Cultivating with Bingqing, but the Points are still the same.'

'I also obtained extra XP and Points for finishing one of the quests.'

Crediting the decrease in XP to the fact that he was stronger than when he had sex with Bingqing, Yang Shen arrived in front of Li Na's house and leisurely entered it after checking what quest he received after finishing the 'Sleep with a Deacon' quest.

Entering the house, Yang Shen was about to make his way towards his room when he finally realized something.

Realized would be a wrong word in this instance. After all, Yang Shen only understood what he did wrong after spotting a silhouette in the poorly lit living room.

"You're finally back."


"You're not allowed to stay out so late from today onwards. Got it?"


"Good. Now go inside your room."

'What is with this girl? Why is she acting like my mother?'

Unable to understand why Li Na was behaving so weirdly like a parent who caught their teenage son breaking curfew, Yang Shen could only think that while she acted like a strong and independent woman who wanted to dominate her man, she never really had any experience in doing such a thing.

Smiling a little on the inside from seeing his past self inside the Li Na, Yang Shen chose to not say anything and began walking towards his room.

It was then that Li Na suddenly stood up and said, "Stop! Come here!"

Stopping and then moving towards the sect's flower with a scared look, Yang Shen for the first time really felt nervous around Li Na after seeing what she was doing.

With her beautiful nose twitching, Li Na walked around Yang Shen in circles and frowned deeply.

'Will she found out about who I really am?!'

While Li Na finding out the truth about him wasn't the worst thing in the world, Yang Shen still wanted to have some fun acting like the wolf in sheep's clothing. Therefore, he was just about to say something when Li Na said, "Let me know if any woman dares to harass you, I'll make sure to teach them a lesson they won't ever forget!"


Seeing the blank look on Yang Shen's face, Li Na who mistook it by thinking that he was stunned from her finding out the truth even without him revealing it hugged him warmly and said, "Don't worry. Since I'm here, I won't let any woman take advantage of you."

Patting Yang Shen on the back as if to console him for whatever horror she imagined he faced, Li Na sent Yang Shen away to rest for the night while resisting the urge to ask if his first kiss was stolen by some vixen.

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