The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Lin Meng

Going to his room, Yang Shen despite knowing what happened and understanding why it happened still couldn't believe that it really happened.

Was his acting so good that his original impression was making her believe that the only reason he had the scent of a woman on him was because someone harassed him?

But In what world did women sexually harass men?

Do such things really happen in this world?

Unable to imagine any scenario in which a man wouldn't enjoy himself if a woman chose to '[email protected]' him by taking his dick inside her pussy and bouncing up and down on top of him, Yang Shen shook his head and locked the door to fall asleep.

With the constant increase in his cultivation, the need for Yang Shen to eat food and sleep kept on decreasing. However it was yet to reach a level where he no longer needed food or sleep at all.

Due to this, Yang Shen had no choice but to eat every once in a while to replenish his energy, and sleep to get rid of his tiredness.

Thus, while he chose to skip out on food due to how late it was right now, Yang Shen would have no choice but to consume some tomorrow if he didn't want to descend into a weakened state.


Against all of Yang Shen's expectations, Li Na who looked like someone who would cook delicious food didn't know how to cook at all.

What she did know however was to concoct Fasting Pills.

Fasting Pills depending on their level would satiate the hunger of almost all cultivators all the way until the Transcendence Realm.

And given that Li Na was an Alchemy Master who could refine Level 6 Pills, two of them were enough to fill Yang Shen's stomach which had the appetite of Profound Beasts due to the Heaven Devouring Snake Bloodline.

Rolling the tasteless pill across his tongue as it gradually melted and reduced his hunger, Yang Shen once again began hoping to find a companion who could cook delicious food.

While thinking such things, Yang Shen after asking around began making his way up the mountain towards Elder Lin's courtyard.

Lin Meng, also known as Elder Lin was one of the three female Elders of the Mystic Pill Sect.

Yang Shen had yet to see her with his eyes, but given how much he heard about her from the constantly bickering crowd around the Missions Pavilion yesterday, it seemed like there was no shortage in the number of people who considered her as the most beautiful woman inside the sect.

If not for the fact that her status as an Elder and her high cultivation made it impossible for the disciples to give her any nicknames or titles, from what Yang Shen heard yesterday, she for some reason deserved the title of the sect's flower more than Li Na.

While lost in his imagination regarding how this Elder Lin would look like, Yang Shen soon arrived around the area of the mountain where the Elders' courtyards were at.

Looking at the plaques outside the courtyard to find out which one belonged to Elder Lin, Yang Shen soon faced another problem.

How was he to let Elder Lin know that he had arrived?

Enter the courtyard by himself? No. She might get offended.

Shout loudly? Definitely no.

Then maybe he should

While Yang Shen was thinking about what he should do, a melodious voice entered his ears.

"Come inside."

Once he could no longer listen to the voice which he wanted to keep on listening to forever if possible, Yang Shen saw the gates open by themselves.

'What a beautiful voice. I can no longer imagine how beautiful she is.'

"The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment, Master."

Rolling his eyes and ignoring Lijuan's words which were laced with little jealousy, Yang Shen didn't enter the courtyard and instead walked around it and went straight towards the backyard from where he could sense someone very strong was at.

Arriving at the boundary of the herb garden, which was many times bigger than he imagined it would be, Yang Shen's eyes were greeted by the sight of countless Low Grade and Mid Grade Herbs growing everywhere like weed, and a specific number of potted High Grade Herbs at the centre of the garden surrounding a table.

But none of those were what Yang Shen focussed on. What truly caught his attention was the woman who was seated at the table.

Picking up the cup of tea on the table and sipping it, the woman who was most likely Elder Lin flashed a smile towards Yang Shen and beckoned him closer to her.

Luckily, Yang Shen who had seen his fair share of beauties didn't just stay rooted in the same place like an idiot and approached the woman whose appearance and temperament could rival that of Lijuan's.

At the same time, Yang Shen understood why all of those disciples were saying that Elder Lin was the true flower of the Mystic Pill Sect.

It was because while Li Na looked like a bud which was in the process of blooming, Lin Meng was a beautiful flower which had fully blossomed. for visiting.

Holding an umbrella which was decorated with flowers, the woman known as Lin Meng had her long black hair tied up in a knot near the nape of her neck.

Eyes which were a blend of black and brown, a pair of eyebrows which seemed to have been sculpted by gods, delicate and gentle facial features which went along with her figure which was neither flat nor too curvaceous.

Alluring lips which were the same red as the robes she wore, Elder Lin who looked like the perfect wife any man could wish for seemed to possess a naughty side to her as well which was displayed by how she wore the flower patterned red robes.

Exposing the area around her shoulders, the dark red robe revealed a measly two inches of her skin from below the neck due to which her image as the most faithful woman wasn't damaged in the slightest.

All in all, looking towards Elder Lin who seemed like a goddess untouched by all things mortal, Yang Shen for the first time since arriving in this world felt like marrying a woman.

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