The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Teach me again!

Waiting for Elder Lin to come back, Yang Shen was once again surprised by how she looked like she didn't take him not helping her to the heart and continued explaining about how to take care of the Spirit Herbs.

That was all that happened during the first day. Once the sun reached the peak and signified that it was the day's noon, Lin Meng allowed Yang Shen to leave and asked him to come back early in the morning from the next day onwards.

"Before I forget, you'll need to go to the mountain's peak and bring four buckets of water from the Spirit Lake inside the cave every day to water the herbs. That's why it's best if you buy a Spatial Ring. If you don't have the money, I can give you on."

Spotting the bright ring Yang Shen had on his right hand's ring finger, Lin Meng didn't finish her sentence and instead gave him a silver token which had her name written on it.

"You only need to show this token to the Deacon guarding the Spirit Lake, and he'll let you take four buckets of water from it."

Nodding his head, Yang Shen despite knowing that he could leave kept on looking around in hopes of finding something which would let him stay near Elder Lin a while longer.

Unfortunately, due to him not being able to find anything and the woman continuously looking at him, Yang Shen could only leave with his head hanging low from being disappointed in himself for not being able to come up with anything.

Watching the leaving Yang Shen with a weird look in her eyes, Lin Meng who thought that he was an apathetic disciple who didn't care much about the mission felt like she could no longer understand what was going on inside his head.


Departing from Lin Meng's courtyard, Yang Shen didn't waste his time by walking around aimlessly and directly went back to Li Na's house.

Finding her preparing the ingredients to refine some pill, Yang Shen went inside his room and brought the book Elder Lin had given him out of the Spatial Ring and began reading it.

Not using his Points to consume the book, now because he felt the knowledge inside it wasn't worth spending Points on, but rather because the text had been personally written by Lin Meng, Yang Shen read every word inside the book so many times before it was night that he could create a replica of it even after being abruptly woken up from his sleep.

Clenching his fists and feeling determined to change Elder Lin's impression towards him into a great one by surprising her with how well he would take care of her herb garden the next day, Yang Shen at that moment didn't know that he would be forced to commit a huge mistake and actually end up enjoying doing so.


Leaving Li Na's house earlier than yesterday, Yang Shen first went to the mountain's peak and stored four buckets of water from the Spirit Lake inside his Spatial Ring.

Not focussing on the sparkly water which looked more like diluted milk for too long, Yang Shen quickly arrived at the entrance of Elder Lin's courtyard.

Following her previous instructions, Yang Shen pushed the gates open and entered the courtyard. Making his way straight towards the backyard where the herb garden was art, Yang Shen started following the steps written inside the book Lin Meng had given him to the dot.

Getting rid of all the leaves, twigs, and similar items which were carried here by the wind first, Yang Shen proceeded to water each herb with the exact amount of water that Lin Meng's book had specified him to use.

One ladle for a few of them, two for some, and half a bucket for one specific herb which demanded a lot of Qi rich materials to continue growing bigger.

Next, it was time to see if any worms or parasites had latched onto the herbs and get rid of them.

Once Yang Shen began with this, the sound of a door being opened made its way inside his ear followed by the sound of soft and nearly inaudible footsteps making its way towards him.

"You're here earlier than I thought. And you've already finished watering the herbs? Good. If you keep this up, I'll be able to sleep for longer and leave the responsibility of the herb garden entirely to you."

Freezing as he heard those words, Yang Shen despite wanting for the woman he was attracted to, to be happy, understood that he had to screw up if he wanted to meet her every day.

Therefore, while making sure that Lin Meng was observing all of his actions, Yang Shen arrived near a High Grade Herb which had a worm feasting on one of its leaves.

Grinning happily as he saw that, Yang Shen stretched his hands to grab the red caterpillar like parasite and almost yanked it off the leaf.

But right before he did that, Lin Meng who was monitoring him jumped out of the chair and arrived near him even before he could blink his eyes.

Concerned with the possibility of the High-Grade Herb being damaged if Yang Shen carelessly pulled the worm out, Lin Meng while squatting beside him stretched her hands around him and grabbed onto the Outer Disciples hands before they could reach the worm.

"Stop! If you carelessly remove this worm, the herb will wither to death in less than a few minutes."

Whispering into Yang Shen's ears, Lin Meng completely unconcerned with the fact that her breasts were pressed against his back, was intensely glaring towards the parasite which was feasting on her spirit herb.

"I've written about this in the book I gave, but I'll explain it to you as well. This worm is known as the"

Having disappeared like the mist from around Yang Shen's neck god knows when, Lijuan who was resting on top of a tree branch nearby was staring at what was happening with an exasperated look

'He knows bloody well how to get rid of that stupid bug! It's you who doesn't know he is playing you!' for visiting.

Glaring towards Lin Meng who was so engrossed with the parasite that she didn't seem to notice how her body was pressed against Yang Shen's, Lijuan once again felt that it was humans who were sly and crafty.

"This is how you do it. Understand?"

"No! Not at all! Please teach me again, Elder Lin!"

Grabbing the red worm which was still alive due to how carefully Lin Meng had removed it from the herb it was latched onto, Yang Shen almost succeeded in placing it back on the leaf before he was head butted by the elder from the behind.

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