The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 105

Chapter 105: She can cook!

Snatching the worm from Yang Shen's hand after she slammed her forehead on the back of his head, Lin Meng was about to say something when she finally noticed how both of their bodies were sticking together.

Quickly standing up and putting some distance between her and Yang Shen, Lin Meng was forced to turn around to make sure that he didn't see her blushing.

Remembering the words Yang Shen said to her and how he tried to attach the parasite to the herb once again, Lin Meng finally understood why he behaved like a silly fool.

Blushing even more as she realized his intentions, Lin Meng secretly glanced towards Yang Shen from the corner of her eye.

'Is he one of my admirers? Did he plan everything out just to get close to me?'

Starting to think back to how well he was doing everything before she mentioned sleeping longer and handing over the responsibility of the herb garden entirely to him, Lin Meng understood that he deliberately gave her a scare so that he would be able to see her every day.

'Humph! What a sly boy!'

While snorting coldly and condemning Yang Shen's actions on the inside, Lin Meng couldn't refuse the fact that she found everything he did to ensure he'd be able to see her everyday very cute.

Turning around and looking towards Yang Shen who was still squatting in front of the herb and keenly observing the other High Grade Herbs, Lin Meng trembled from understanding that he was looking for even more opportunities to make sure that she would come here every day.

Unfortunately, even though she knew that, Lin Meng didn't know what to say to him.

She could only come here every day to make sure that he didn't deliberately cause trouble.

At the same time though she couldn't understand where a weak Outer Disciple obtained the courage to act so recklessly. Wasn't he scared that she would hold him responsible if something happened to the herbs?

After that day, Yang Shen made sure to commit at least one mistake every day so that Lin Meng would have no choice but to come near the herb garden every morning.

Unfortunately, unlike during the first day, whenever Yang Shen tried to do something wrong, Lin Meng would be one step faster than him and stop him before he could do that.

Due to this, Yang Shen didn't manage to enjoy the same sensation of her modest breasts being squished against his back ever again.

But for some reason, the more days Yang Shen spent trying to commit a mistake, the more Lin Meng opened up to him.

In fact, he could still remember how she used her fingers to playfully flick his forehead yesterday and threw him a chiding look when he was about to do something wrong.

It seemed like she knew he was doing all of this deliberately, but for some reason wasn't angry at all.

"Good morning Elder Lin!"

"Right on time again. You can sleep a little longer if you want, boy."

'And miss being able to see you like this? No way!'

While saying those words on the inside, Yang Shen put on a look of righteousness on his face and said, "I wouldn't dare make such a beautiful Elder wait for me."

Rolling her eyes, Lin Meng who could tell that he was lying yawned loudly and began watching as he started tending to the herb garden.

'Oh please! At least act like you're a novice if you want to make silly mistakes!'

Arriving beside Yang Shen who until now was doing everything perfectly, that too without even paying attention to the herbs, Lin Meng grabbed onto his hand which was deliberately trying to harvest the particular herb in the wrong way.

Looking a little embarrassed not because he was stopped before he could do anything once again, but because Lin Meng had caught him staring at her the entire time he made no mistake, Yang Shen looked away and began scratching the back of his head.

Seeing this, Lin Meng's lips curved into an amused smile as she thought that he looked very cute when he was embarrassed.

'How cuteeeee! So even Master can look like this.'

Licking her lips as she looked straight towards Yang Shen who didn't dare meet Lin Meng's eyes, Lijuan began thinking what she should do if she wants to see a similar expression on his face ever again.

Looking away until the embarrassment died, Yang Shen went back to taking care of the herb garden. This time however he didn't stare straight towards Lin Meng, and instead every once in a while he would secretly glance at her while making sure he would not be caught once again.

If Lin Meng looked the same she did the first time Yang Shen met her, he would be fine without looking towards her all the time. However, Lin Meng's current appearance right now was so far from her usual perfect look that Yang Shen had no way of looking away.

Messed up hair, slightly puffy eyes, oozing laziness, Lin Meng who just woke up had a completely different charm than she did when looking like the most perfect woman.

Taking a fasting pill out of the Spatial Ring and putting it inside his mouth, Yang Shen who received a huge batch of them from Li Na not too long back used it to satiate his hunger since he hadn't eaten anything before coming here so that Lin Meng wouldn't have the chance to get ready.

"Fasting pill? You haven't eaten yet?"

"I haven't, Elder Lin." for visiting.

Feeling a little bad from thinking that it was due to him coming here so early that Yang Shen couldn't even eat breakfast, Lin Meng upon seeing that he was almost finished with his work said, "Spit that out and come inside after washing your hands. I need to cook breakfast for myself anyway."

Eyes shining brightly as he heard those words, Yang Shen waited until Lin Meng went inside the actual building before speeding up and finishing the remaining work in less than a few minutes.

'She can cook as well!'

Smiling as if the sole dream of his life had been finished, Yang Shen turned a deaf ear towards Lijuan who was claiming the possibility of Lin Meng being a bad cook and entered the main hall of the courtyard.

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