The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 108

Chapter 108: The alluring librarian

Having spent 50 Points to purchase the Level 1 Sant Pill's recipe from the system shop, and having witnessed how costly the other recipes, most importantly those of the higher levels were, Yang Shen found himself hoping that both of the recipes would be similar.

Because if they were, he'd be able to save up on a huge amount of points which he otherwise would need to spend on purchasing pill recipes.

Arriving in front of the sect's library, which was a huge black coloured five storey pagoda, Yang Shen wasted no time and entered in right away to find the Mystic Pill Sect's Sant Pill Recipe.

Taking a step inside the pagoda which was brightly illuminated due to the countless windows on almost every side, Yang Shen chose to ask the librarian where the thing he was searching for was at instead of searching for it by himself inside the biggest library he had ever seen.

Looking to his left where there was a desk, Yang Shen who walked up to it was just about to ask where the Sant Pill's recipe, his objective in coming here was at when he suddenly saw something which changed his mind.

"Hi, I'm Shen, Yang Shen. The cause of your wet dreams."

Looking up from shock as she didn't expect to hear such words from someone whom she hadn't seen before today, the female librarian surprisingly started laughing out loud.

"Pfft! Hahahahahaha...You've only recently joined the sect, haven't you?"

Maintaining a calm face and a flirtatious smile, Yang Shen suppressed the bad feelings welling up inside him and asked, "How did you know? Am I so famous for my handsome charm that even a librarian like you knows about me?"

Looking at Yang Shen from the top to bottom, the woman in her early twenties nodded her head first before shaking it.

"While you are indeed exceptionally handsome, that's not the reason I know you haven't been inside the sect for too long."

"Oh, then how did" for visiting.

Interrupting Yang Shen, the woman used her index finger to push the spectacles she was wearing up the bridge of her nose and said, "No one who is familiar with the sect dares to flirt with the Sect Master's daughter."

Short blonde hair with streaks of brown colour every now and there, eyes which were somewhere in between grey and green colour, glowing white skin, and popping bright red lips which gave her the alluring charm of an experienced woman despite her young age.

Adding on the rectangle framed black spectacles she wore, the one known as Chen Nulang was the most beautiful librarian Yang Shen had ever seen.

What Yang Shen couldn't understand though was why such a beautiful woman who was also the Sect Master's daughter was working as a librarian.

"I thought you loved Lin Meng, Master."

"I do."

"Then why are you flirting with this one?"

"You've misunderstood me, snakey. That's love, and this is pleasure."

'Whom are you trying to fool? You're just a pervert who wants to sleep with all beautiful women! And who's snakey?!'

Speaking all the words she wanted to say out loud on the inside, Lijuan closed her eyes and no longer bothered disturbing Yang Shen who while acting like reading the book was actually secretly glancing towards Nulang.

'Since she didn't make a huge scene and helped me find the pill recipe with a smile, it doesn't seem like she hates me or is bothered with the poor flirting attempt.'

Remembering the quest which wanted him to sleep with the Sect Master's Wife and the newly received quest which was related to sleeping with a mother and her daughter, Yang Shen's gaze towards Nulang turned even more intense as he planned on seducing her and finishing two quests at the same time through her.

Standing up and walking towards Nulang who like when he first saw her was immersed in reading a book about someone's journey to the distant lands on the Great Cloud Continent, Yang Shen didn't disturb her like before and waited for her to put the book down by herself.

Luckily, Nulang who noticed him didn't make him wait for too long.

Placing the book down after putting a marker in it so that she wouldn't lose track of how far she read it already, Nulang looked towards Yang Shen and said, "I haven't slept yet."

Smiling wryly, Yang Shen made a note to never use that line ever again.

"That's not what I'm here for."

"If it's for apologizing, there's no need for that. You're the first one I've talked to outside my family in a few weeks. Even though it was a bit weird, I had fun."

"I'm not here to apologize either, I stand by what I said. Now that you've seen me, you're definitely going blush and look away when I come here tomorrow."

Rolling her eyes, Nulang asked, "What are you here for then?"

"I want to take this book with me and read it at my residence. Is that possible?"

"It wouldn't be if it was a valuable book. But since it's just a Level 1 Pill Recipe, there are no problems with it. You just have to make sure to return it within a week, and that it remains undamaged on the inside and the outside. Here, write the name of the book in this column, date here, and sign here."

Handing Yang Shen a parchment which had three columns for the book's title, the date, and the sign of the borrower respectively, Nulang started looking through the Sant Pill's recipe book to assess its current condition.

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