The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Overprotective?

Placing the Sant Pill recipe inside his spatial ring, Yang Shen thanked Nulang but showed no signs of leaving the library.

Raising her eyebrow, the Sect Master's daughter with a questioning glance asked, "Is there anything else you want?"

"Yes. A key to your house."

"I don't mind giving it to you, but how do you plan on getting past the Xiantian Realm guards?"

"Why don't you give it to me and find out on your own."

Maintaining the same smile on her face, Nulang continued looking towards the most interesting Outer Disciple she had met.

"You are probably the most fearless Outer Disciple I've ever met. Don't you know about my father?"

"I do. He's the Sect Master. You were the one who told me about it."

Shaking her head with a wry smile, Nulang suddenly asked, "Do you have time?"

"Yes. What for?"

"To listen to my story."


Looking towards Nulang who seemed a little refreshed as if she was freed of a huge burden after sharing the story of her life, Yang Shen who heard every single word was reminded of that story in which some beautiful girl was locked inside a very tall building with no way out of it.

Though Nulang's situation wasn't as bad as the girl in the story, it more or less felt very similar.

Having been born as the daughter of a very overprotective father, Nulang since young wasn't allowed to step outside the Mystic Pill Sect.

Be it by herself, or with anyone else. The huge mountain was the only place that Nulang had seen since she had been born.

In fact, her situation was actually a lot worse during her younger years where she wasn't even allowed to step outside the house. But it seemed like her mother could no longer bear watching her daughter looking so sad every day that she threatened to leave him if he didn't let Nulang leave the house.

Though that caused the relationship between the wife and husband to turn sour, Yang Shen who heard about it could barely hold back from grinning.

Anyway, moving on, after she turned older and left her teenages, Nulang tried to employ a different tactic to leave the mountain.

She told her father that he wanted to marry.

When she said that, Nulang had countless replies ready to refute her father and have her dream of leaving the mountain fulfilled even if he told her to marry someone who was a member of the Mystic Pill Sect, however none of them happened.

The Sect Master simply smiled and brought her to the library.

"From today onwards, the position of the librarian belongs to you. Make sure you take care of these books I'm marrying you to."

When Nulang had repeated the exact words that her father had told her, both Yang Shen's and the snake around his neck's expression was so animated that the woman who lived through it felt a little happy from understanding that someone other than herself could share her pain. for visiting.

"Are you sure he really is your father?"

"What do you mean?"

"He wants to know if there's an old neighbour Wang in the story your mom was close to."

Ignoring Lijuan whose words he was hearing inside his head, Yang Shen phrased his words in a way that was neither crude nor really refined, "I mean, the way he's treating you is more like the daughter of an enemy instead of his own."

Looking away as soon as he finished speaking because Nulang had started glaring at him even before he had completed his words, Yang Shen could only smile wryly while thinking that he wasn't wrong to think such things given how the man treated her own daughter.

After all, what he was doing could no longer be said as simply being overprotective. It was It was.... There were literally no words to describe the behaviour of Nulang's father.

"No matter how he treats me, he's my father! I won't have you saying anything bad against him!"

"I know It's just that you have to admit that what I'm saying does have a point."

It was Nulang's turn to look away this time as she herself had been bothered by such thoughts many times.

In the end though like always she refused to believe such things.

With a determined voice she said, "I don't care about my father, but I won't have you malign my mother!"

"What happened to not saying anything bad about her father?! This girl's thoughts are changing way too quickly, Master. And she reads too many books as well! Who speaks like that these days?!"

Once again ignoring Lijuan, who this time though was just pointing out the truth, Yang Shen continued talking with Nulang until it was time for her to close the library and go back to her house before the sun completely disappeared.

Leaving Yang Shen at the library's entrance and running at full speed because she would be forced to move back in with her father and mother if she was late even a single day, Nulang while making Yang Shen feel she was too pitiful also made him secretly feel a little happy on the inside.

After all, if there was anything he learned from watching countless porn, it was that women with controlling fathers, or in more simple terms those who had daddy issues were very easy to seduce and get inside the pants of.

As for why Yang Shen was so sure that Nulang had daddy issues, it was due to how she behaved while he was with her.

In the beginning, even though the words he spoke were at most worth a simple chuckle, Nulang chatted with him for a long time before giving him the Sant Pill's recipe and letting him go which showed that she was looking for some company.

Next, when he struck a conversation with her once again, Nulang was more than eager to reveal all of her past to him which showed that she was seeking his attention.

And finally, after the sharing of her past was over, and the two of them started talking about things which didn't matter much, Nulang deliberately loosened her robes and started showing off her breasts to him and felt very happy upon noticing him paying attention to them.

All in all, Yang Shen was sure that she checked all the boxes that a textbook case woman with daddy issues possessed.

And since Nulang was seeking sexual attention to validate her self worth, Yang Shen was going to be the saint who was going to give that to her, and a little something more as well.

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