The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Back to back missions

For the pair of breasts which were almost as big as melons, the pair of pink nipples which were on top of them seemed to be a little too small.

But, that was in fact what made them look even more erotic.

Using his fingers to pinch the puffed up nipples, Yang Shen was so engrossed in playing with them that he failed to notice he was moving his waist.

In the beginning, it was just a single thrust, but soon after that he unconsciously started moving his waist and squeezed his dick in between his own body and Yu Fei's crotch to enjoy the warmth coming out of her excited pussy.

"Haaa. Haa."

Panting loudly, Yu Fei didn't even dare look Yang Shen in the eyes.


Shutting her lips tight since she felt a huge moan getting ready to leave her mouth, Yu Fei ended up wrapping her legs around Yang Shen's back and pulled him closer to her body and at the same time increasing the intensity of his humping.

Even though all she felt was a rod sliding on top of her pussy lips, to Yu Fei who couldn't feel satisfied with using her fingers to masturbate the current sensation was a huge turn on and gradually brought her close to orgasm.

Adding on how her body had been played with so much until now, and the pair of nipples which were constantly being pinched and tugged on, Yu Fei's eyes suddenly shut tight and a blissful smile covered her face.

"I'm cumminggg!!!"

Letting out a low moan, Yu Fei's pussy trembled and caused a gush of warm liquid to flow out of it and cover Yang Shen's robes down there.

Coming to his senses due to what just happened, Yang Shen was filled with an inexplicable feeling as he looked towards the slightly haggard face of Yu Fei which was overflowing with happiness and satisfaction.

Filled with even more excitement than before as he understood that Yu Fei just ograsmed, Yang Shen was about to continue with his exploration, an even deeper and more thorough one when he suddenly jumped off the table due to hearing the sound of someone trying to open the door.

At the same time he faced the opposite direction so as to not let whoever it was that was opening the door, most likely Xia An, because be it the huge erection or the wet spot on his robes, Yang Shen had no other way of hiding either of them.

Entering the room, Xia An immediately smelled a musky scent in the air. But to a virgin like her, she couldn't tell what the scent belonged to and therefore didn't think much about it before going back to the main reason she came here.

"Since you've been here for almost an entire hour, I guess you enjoyed the massage customer."

Squeezing her legs shut, Yu Fei who didn't even have enough energy to sit up, weakly said, "Yes very satisfied."

Nodding her head with a smile, Xia An looked towards Yang Shen's back with a weird look since she couldn't understand why he was looking away. for visiting.

"We won't charge you extra for today since this is Yang Shen's first time, but you'll need to pay extra from tomorrow onwards if the session exceeds ten minutes."

"Haaa Haaa Sure, no problem. Make sure to treat me to a similar massage tomorrow as well, little brother."

Sitting up while panting a little, Yu Fei's skin showed off a beautiful glow which attracted Xia An's eyes.

Would getting massaged make my skin glow as well?

Maybe I should get one from Yang Shen as well But will I have to lie naked as well?

Sending off Yu Fei with a professional smile, Xia An looked towards Yang Shen who finally turned around.

"I don't know what you did, but the gods seem to be blessing you. I'll completely forget about what I saw you doing."

Nodding his head, Yang Shen couldn't wait to go home and spend some special alone time since he had yet to have his own happy ending.

"I'll be leaving now, Sister Xia."

"Wait a minute. You pick wild herbs for a living right? That means you at most make fifty or so copper every month. So how about working for me? I'll pay you ten coppers every day."

"Huh? Work?"

"Yes. I don't know what you did, but Yu Fei looked very pleased with your massage. So, I don't mind hiring you to massage the women who are fine with a male masseuse. What do you think? I won't seal up that hole in the wall if you take the job."


Hesitating for a while, Yang Shen didn't decide right away because even though he didn't want to massage women every day and waste his time doing so, he really wanted to peek at women when they were bathing due to the thrill he got from it.

Honestly, if the massage he could do was the same kind where he could play with their naked bodies however he wanted, Yang Shen would have no reason to refuse. But, he highly doubted that all women would be like Yu Fei who would be fine with everything he did.

[Mission completed!]

[Rewards have been given out!]

[Triggered special mission!]

[Mission: Become a masseuse at Xia An's bathhouse and spread the pleasure to all women who look for your services

Rewards: 10 XP for every woman you massage and points depending on how satisfied they are with the massage!

Failure: No punishment for failure!

Note: This Mission can be rejected!]

Rolling his eyes towards the last line, Yang Shen other than learning that not all missions were mandatory realized that there were special repeatable quest-like missions, like the one he received right now.

But if all missions which could be rejected were the same as this one, there was no way Yang Shen would not accept any of them.

After all, this mission was simply throwing free XP and pints towards him with no punishment at all.

Therefore, Yang Shen quickly accepted the mission and told Xia An that he would take the job, but he would only massage women.

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