The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 110

Chapter 110: The power of cuteness and innocence

After Nulang went back to her residence, Yang Shen secretly followed her to find out where her house was at before going back to Li Na's house. for visiting.

Since it was still early in the evening and there was a lot of time till it the time of the day could be considered as night, Yang Shen planned on waiting for a while before putting the plan he had into motion.

After all, excluding Lin Meng whom he loved and had been with during the morning, there was one other woman in his life whom he spent almost all of his evening with.

Adding on the new Nulang there were now three women in Yang Shen's life which would make it harder for him to juggle things around, but this simply added more excitement to his life.

"Don't forget me, Master."

"Of course. How can I forget my little snakey? You are just so beautiful that I didn't feel like counting you together with the others"

Patting the black snake's head whose cheeks were puffed up, Yang Shen once again marvelled at how Lijuan showed such humane emotions even in her snake form.


Hissing loudly in enjoyment due to the compliment, Lijuan nodded her head as if she agreed with her Master's words.

And while she knew that he was complimenting her in hopes of making her forget that he didn't include her when he was thinking out loud before, Lijuan didn't mind it too much because of the lovely compliment.

Continuing to pet the black snake's head while he walked towards Li Na's house, Yang Shen's temperament kept on changing with every step he took towards his destination until he no longer had the aura of arrogance and dominance around him.

He now seemed like a completely naive and innocent boy who would end up counting the same money he was sold for.

Seeing this, Lijuan while admiring how talented he became in changing his presence in such a short time began licking her lips as the perverted thoughts of her being the Master in their relationship once again began corrupting her head.

Oblivious to the thoughts Lijuan was having, Yang Shen entered Li Na's house and proceeded to the kitchen where the dining table was also at.

Looking towards the familiar scene of Li Na sitting at one end of the table, and two white plates with different number of fasting pills on each of them, Yang Shen smiled wryly on the inside from remembering how creeped out he was when he saw this scene for the first time.

A dimly lit room, a woman with a solemn expression, and two plates of unappetizing fasting pills. Who wouldn't get creeped out from seeing such a thing?

"You're here. How was your day?"

"It It was fine"

"Just fine? But Elder Lin is known for how well she treats everyone. Did someone bother you?"

Hastily shaking his head, Yang Shen quickly changed his previous words, "M-My day was great! Nothing bad happened."

Nodding her head with a pleased look, Li Na picked up one of the fasting pills and put it inside her mouth.

'What kind of a dinner is this?!'

Thinking that all the effort he was spending in acting like someone he wasn't was going to waste every time he ate this dinner, Yang Shen was just about to put one fasting Pill inside his mouth when Li Na stopped him.


"Do I need to have a reason?"

"N No"

Licking her lips like a hunter who found her prey upon seeing Yang Shen's weak side which made her want to take care of him, Li Na walked closer to him.

Pushing him along with the chair backwards, Li Na sat down on his lap with both her legs on either side of him.

With both their bodies pressed together, Li Na's grin turned even wider as she felt something hard poking her crotch.

"I'm going to personally feed you tonight."

Saying those words, Li Na wrapped her arms around Yang Shen's neck and leaned in to kiss him for the first time.

Enjoying the way Yang Shen seemed to hesitate from being unable to decide if he should resist or not, Li Na pressed her lips against his and took away his 'first kiss' by force.

Taking advantage of Yang Shen's shock to slip her tongue inside his mouth, Li Na didn't transfer the Fasting Pill inside her mouth right away and instead took some time to enjoy herself.

Teasing Yang Shen's tongue which was too scared to move and meet it, Li Na left no part of his mouth untasted.

Only stopping after seeing Yang Shen blushing like a tomato and the pitiful expression in his eyes which were covered in a layer of wetness, Li Na finally transferred the Fasting Pill.

Patting Yang Shen's head once she finished, Li Na no longer looked like a dominatrix but rather the most caring woman in the world as she said, "There there, you don't need to feel embarrassed or shy. Big sister's going to take responsibility for you."

Seeing all of this from the side, Lijuan was not at all in the mood to make a note of how powerful and effective it was for a man to act cute and innocent near a woman.

After all, she was right now filled with jealousy towards Li Na who was doing everything to her Master which she could only do in her fantasies.

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