The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Sneaking inside Nulangs house

Back in his room, Yang Shen who escaped from Li Na while acting like he was too shy to stay near her anymore had his eyes closed as if he was digesting all the new experiences he took part in today.

Smirking as he imagined what would happen when Li Na finally learnt the truth about him, Yang Shen waited inside his room for a while longer before finally sneaking out through the window and making his way towards Nulang's house.

In comparison to Lin Meng and Li Na, Nulang was someone whom Yang Shen was confident in seducing very easily and in a very short time.

After all, he could simply take Nulang outside the sect and the woman would immediately fall in love with him.

However, Yang Shen didn't plan on doing such a thing.

Why? It was simple. Yang Shen wasn't the kind who'd sleep with a woman only if she was in love with him, or a saint who wouldn't take advantage of her weakness.

Since Nulang had severe daddy issues, why wouldn't he take advantage of them?

It had to be noted that unlike when he showed off his best behaviour when near Lin Meng, and acted like someone he wasn't around Li Na, Yang Shen could let his desires run rampant on someone like Nulang.

Therefore, he was definitely not going to capture her heart through affection and love. He was going to do something which was going to make Nulang's father, the current Sect Master of the Mystic Pill Sect regret how he raised his daughter.

Laughing the way villains did before doing something sinister, Yang Shen quickly arrived near Nulang's house.

"There are a total of three guards at the peak of Xiantian Realm protecting the house from shadows, Master."

Nodding his head, Yang Shen understood that unlike how the mysterious lady whom Bingqing served used a talisman to turn invisible, the cultivators appointed to guard Nulang's house were trained in using a type of special Qi which allowed them to hide themselves inside shadows. for visiting.

Due to this, Yang Shen who was weaker than them couldn't spot where they were at and could only rely on Lijuan.

"Do you want me to kill them, Master?"

Rolling his eyes, Yang Shen didn't bother replying since the snake was obviously trying to pull his leg.

"Do you have a way of letting me enter the house without being spotted by them, snakey?"

"Such a simple task isn't worth the time of a Heaven Devouring Snake like me. But since Master is the one who wants me to do it, I'll reluctantly do so."

Speaking with obvious pride the entire time, the pitch black snake all of a sudden licked Yang Shen's neck with its forked tongue.



That's it?

Understanding Yang Shen's inner thoughts, Lijuan smiled and said, "I simply need to bend the light around you to make sure that no one is able to see you, Master. Such a simple thing is very easy for a Saint like me to do."

Nodding his head, Yang Shen suddenly asked, "In that case, why did you lick me?"

"It's because I felt that if I didn't do anything, Master would think I was tricking him."

Feeling his lips twitching, Yang Shen chose to not call her out and force her to reveal the real reason.

According to Lijuan's words, no one could see him now, but that didn't mean that they wouldn't be able to see the phenomenons of his actions.

For example, if he chose to open the house's door, the three of them would most likely be able to see the door being opened and therefore immediately understand that there was someone whom they couldn't see.

Well, they could mistake his presence for a ghost as well, but Yang Shen didn't count on such a thing happening.

Therefore, even though he wasn't visible to the three guards, he planned on sneaking in through the window so that his plans for the night wouldn't be ruined.

After asking Lijuan where exactly the three guards who were hiding in the shadows were at, Yang Shen found himself a window in their blindspot to sneak inside the house.

Similar to Li Na's house, Nulang's house was a two storey residence as well.

Entering what looked like the living room through the window, Yang Shen asked Lijuan to do something so that no sound would leave the house and enter the ears of the guards outside.

This time though the black snake didn't lick Yang Shen's neck and rather simply shook a little causing the Qi around the house to barely vibrate before calming down.

"I've placed a small barrier around the house due to which no matter what you do inside it, no one will be able to sense anything for the outside, Master. In fact, no one will be able to pass through the barrier and enter the house without my permission either!"

Raising her head proudly once she finished speaking, Lijuan seemed to be waiting for Yang Shen to praise her.

Seeing this Yang Shen chuckled a little and petted her head before starting to look around the house.

Asking Lijuan to continue keeping him invisible from the eyes of others, including Nulang, since he wanted to try something special, Yang Shen very soon found the Sect Master's daughter.

And right now she was doing something which further proved his thoughts regarding her having Daddy Issues true.

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