The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 112

Chapter 112: The Invisible Mans night of erotic terror

"I have such a sexy body, but no one notices it! Everyone is too scared of my father to even dare and touch this." for visiting.

Striking a seductive pose and spanking her own ass as she said those words, Nulang was looking towards all of her actions in the mirror and continued with her one man show.

Standing completely naked in the centre of what looked like her bedroom, Nulang moved closer to the mirror and glared towards the reflection of her pussy in it for quite a while before smiling proudly and saying, "I've managed to shave it all completely."

Rubbing her hand against the now smooth crotch which had no signs of there ever being any hair on it, Nulang kept on changing her pose and continued inspecting her own body from every angle.

"Someone has finally started paying attention to me. There's no way I'm going to lose him!"

"It would be so much better if he was older than me, but the way he looked at me like I was a piece of meat is so hot!!!"

"Does he maybe love me?!"

"Ahhhhh! I don't care! I just don't want to be single anymore!"

"But what if there's another woman in his life?! I know! I'll just kill them!"

"I should probably start wearing revealing clothes as well. That'll make him notice me even more."

"But what if he still doesn't find me attractive enough?"

"Should I just force myself on him and use sex to make sure he never leaves me?"

Witnessing all of this, Yang Shen's throat had long turned dry due to which he couldn't comment even if he wanted to.

But Lijuan who unlike him didn't have any interest in leering at her fellow women's naked bodies coldly sneered and said, "She's got serious issues, Master. It wouldn't be wrong to even call her nutcase."

"Are you sure you want to do it with her?"

Hiding his own nervousness since he only now realized how crazy Nulang was, Yang Shen chuckled awkwardly and whispered, "Sex with crazy women is mindblowing."

Though those words made it seem like Yang Shen was a veteran in sleeping with all sorts of women, Lijuan who knew all about his life scoffed at the statement and no longer said anything.

Wondering if maybe he shouldn't have shared his stories since coming to this world with Lijuan when the two of them were alone in the forest, Yang Shen continued looking towards Nulang who still wasn't done with inspecting her body from every angle.

Keeping at it for a while longer, Nulang suddenly stopped and said, "I should sleep now so that there won't be any dark circles on my face tomorrow."

"But before that, it's best I take a bath."

Sniffing her own underarms which were covered in more sweat than the rest of her body, Nulang despite seeing that she wasn't smelling too bad decided to bathe before sleeping since she was worried Yang Shen would stop paying attention to her if he found her scent unpleasant.


Originally, Yang Shen after managing to sneak inside Nulang's house wanted to take advantage of her attention seeking and self validation requiring feelings to have her obediently spread her legs for him.

But all of this changed after Lijuan turned him invisible.

While he still did want to have sex with Nulang, it was now quite low on his priority list.

After all, if there was one fantasy that almost all men had at least once, it was about turning invisible and playing with a beautiful woman.

Taking advantage of a completely oblivious woman who despite feeling someone touching him could not see him, just the thought of it was causing Yang Shen to turn hard down there.

Grinning as he slipped through the bathroom door before Nulang could close it, Yang Shen stopped moving abruptly since the woman had just sensed someone moving.

Looking around for a while before shaking her head, Nulang seemed to think that she was imagining things.

Seeing this, Yang Shen's grin turned even wider as he started observing her fill the bathtub with hot water.

"Hmmm? Is there someone here?"

Turning around every once in a while and accurately staring at the spot where the invisible Yang Shen was at, Nulang proved that women had superior senses which allowed them to know whenever someone was looking at them.

But no matter how many times she felt like she finally spotted someone, it was just the air that she was caught staring at.

"Am I really imagining things?"

Getting inside the water while thinking how ludicrous it was to believe that there was someone invisible inside the room with her, Nulang began diligently washing and rubbing herself everywhere to get rid of all the sweat sticking to her skin.

Applying soap and cleaning every nook and cranny of her body, Nulang ignored the nagging sensation on the back of her head which was warning her that there was someone other than her in the room and was smiling gleefully from imagining everything that would happen between her and Yang Shen tomorrow.

It was in that moment that she all of a sudden was dragged back to reality with something touching her in between her legs.

Trembling a little as whatever it was that began separating her pussy lips and sought to enter her, Nulang very slowly started lowering her head to see what it was.


Shivering from her blood turning cold despite being surrounded by hot water, Nulang didn't know if it was her eyes which weren't working properly or her sense of touch because she couldn't see anything other than her own body inside the clear water but something was still trying to make its way inside her!

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