The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 113 2

Chapter 113: The Invisible Mans night of erotic terror Part 2

Is this the part where you scream?

Not knowing what to do, Nulang was just about to scream at the top of her lungs when the feeling disappeared.

The lingering sensation of something having touched her pussy however didn't disappear along with it allowing Nulang to know that she wasn't just imagining things.

But along with time, Nulang who was still inside the bathtub could no longer feel anything at all causing her to once again doubt if what happened was indeed her imagination.

After all, she had just now almost slipped into sleep while imagining how her day tomorrow would be. Therefore, it was highly likely that whatever she felt was a figment of her imagination.

Well, that was what seemed like the most rational possibility when compared to an invisible person or thing touching her pussy.

Shaking her head to stop the sleepiness which assaulted her once she decided to think that everything was her imagination, Nulang got out of the bathtub and started patting herself dry.

Exiting the bathroom and entering her bedroom, Nulang put on some clothes and got on the bed as she allowed the sleepiness to take over her entire body and quickly put her to sleep.

To be frank, it was Nulang who was too quick to come to a decision.

While turning invisible was a hard thing to achieve, it wasn't entirely impossible. After all, the one Bingqing served managed to do so.

Though it was through a rare Level 10 Talisman, there were some other means to do so as well. Unfortunately, Nulang didn't possess the sufficient knowledge related to that topic and neither did she see the world outside the sect for what it is.

Therefore, the girl who grew up with only books as her companions chose to believe that everything was just her imagination.

Once she lied on the comfy bed and covered herself with the fluffy blanket, Nulang who escaped the cold of the night didn't take too long to fall asleep. for visiting.

Moaning and purring in satisfaction after falling asleep, Nulang felt so comfortable that if she was awake she would have made a note to enjoy a long hot bath every night before sleeping.

Unfortunately, the satisfying sleep was destined to not long last due to the presence of the invisible Yang Shen inside the same bedroom.

Slowly stretching his hands and grabbing onto the end of the blanket, Yang Shen who was sure that Nulang was asleep began very gently pulling on it.


Listening to the sound of the blanket rubbing against Nulang's skin, Yang Shen's excitement kept on increasing and finally reached the peak when the blanket no longer covered even an inch of the woman's body.

Licking his lips and gulping hard upon seeing the completely defenceless body of Nulang in front of him, Yang Shen's breathing turned harder as well due to how she was dressed.

Wearing a green dudou and a similar coloured panty, Nulang who had most likely rolled around in her sleep might as well not have worn anything at all.

After all, not only were both of her still growing breasts pointing outwards from her body after escaping the confines of the diamond shaped cloth, the cloth which was supposed to cover her pussy was rolled up like a rope and digging inside the slit it was supposed to hide from prying eyes.

Lying flat on her back with so much skin exposed, the sleeping Nulang looked so obscene that Yang Shen wanted to pounce on her and take her virginity right away.

But, he did no such thing. Continuing to admire how sexy Nulang looked right now, Yang Shen chose to stick to his plan of making her think that there was an obscene ghost in the room with her and enjoy teasing her until the morning.

Very slowly getting on the bed, Yang Shen delicately grabbed onto the sides of the green panty that Nulang was wearing.

Gulping a little as he started to pull on them, Yang Shen's eyes were locked onto the pair of pink pussy lips and the rolled up green cloth which was stuck between them.

Watching with wide eyes as the cloth which was digging inside the slit slowly made its way out, Yang Shen was so engrossed with the view that he didn't notice how his heated up breath was constantly assaulting the entrance of Nulang's vagina.

Pulling the panty very slowly to make sure Nulang didn't wake up, Yang Shen paused every time she whimpered or attempted to move due to which it took him quite some time to get rid of the single article of clothing.

Once he was done though, Yang Shen felt that all of his efforts were worth it due to how much more erotic Nulang looked right now.

With only a dudou on and her pussy exposed, the woman once again almost tempted Yang Shen into abandoning his plans and pouncing on her.

It was around this time that Nulang all of a sudden turned around and lied face down. Due to this, not only was Yang Shen now capable of untying the dudou's strings which were tied behind her back and neck without waking her up, his eyes could also feast on a different view.

Grabbing onto the meaty butt cheeks, Yang Shen despite promising to control himself and stop after touching them could only watch as his hands behaved as if they had their own mind.

Squeezing the pair of thicc and perky ass cheeks, Yang Shen's already hard dick turned even more erect.

Seeing as how Nulang still didn't wake up, Yang Shen's rationality and restraint slowly disappeared and in its place was filled with baseless confidence in doing whatever he wanted without worrying about being caught.

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