The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Another unexpected ending

Unwilling to leave Nulang's ass alone as he focussed on turning her completely naked, Yang Shen chose to indulge his erect rod in a little pleasure of its own.

Slowly getting on top of Nulang, Yang Shen squeezed his hard shaft in between the bouncy ass.

Doing his best to ignore the irritating presence of his robes which were getting in the way, Yang Shen began untying the dudou's strings.

With one of them tied around her lower back and the other one near the nape of her neck, Yang Shen chose to move his way to the top.


Freezing his movements, Yang Shen was forced to use all of his determination to not move because Nulang suddenly moved and caused the perky butt cheeks to turn even more accommodating to the rod between them.

Moaning a little due to feeling her body turn a little warm in the midst of the cold room, Nulang went back to sleeping soundly due to which Yang Shen felt even more confident in doing whatever he wanted and escaping without getting caught.

Still, he continued behaving as if anything could happen at any moment since that was part of what made the current situation so steamy and erotic.

Gently undoing both the strings, Yang Shen reluctantly got off of Nulang to try and turn her around without waking her up to admire the full view of her breasts.

Thinking for a while Yang Shen decided that it was better to try and turn her around slowly rather than swiftly.

After all, being moved suddenly might alert the sleeping Nulang.

Therefore, Yang Shen positioned himself on the side of the completely naked woman and started to very slowly turn her around.

Going through with it without facing any troubles, Yang Shen was once again amazed at how much of a deep sleeper Nulang was. She might possibly be the first cultivator he knew that slept like a corpse without the slightest alertness.

On second thought though, since Nulang did live a sheltered life, it was understandable that she would sleep like a log without any concern.

Licking his lips as Nulang's breasts starting from their nipples trembled a little, most likely due to his own breath teasing them, Yang Shen stretched both his hands to touch the peaks and see if they felt as soft as they looked.

'So soft.'

Using as little strength as possible, Yang Shen very gently squeezed both the huge peaks at the same time.

While they lacked the perky elasticity that her ass did, the way they seemed to be melting in his hands more than made up for it.

Seeing this, Yang Shen who had been mulling over something for a long time muttered, "I'm a woman lover."

Having repeatedly debated if he was a breast lover, an ass lover, or a legs lover, Yang Shen now knew that he loved every single part of a woman's body.

Squeezing the meaty breasts a few times before finally letting go of them, Yang Shen couldn't resist the urge to tease those protruding pink nipples which decorated them.

Due to this, Yang Shen while monitoring the sleeping woman's expression used his fingers to pinch both of the nipples at the same time.


Hastily pulling his hands back as Nulang whimpered, Yang Shen after confirming that she was asleep moved his focus lower, towards her recently shaved crotch.

Sliding his hand across the flat belly and arriving near the tightly shut pink lips, Yang Shen didn't invade the cave with his fingers right away. Instead, he used his index finger to stroke the barely present gap between the two pussy lips.

As he did this, not only did Nulang's pussy lips start trembling from the unexpected stimulus, the woman herself whimpered once again.

Gulping hard, Yang Shen who enjoyed the way the sleeping beauty whimpered once again stroked her pussy lips with his finger.

This time though she didn't whimper as intensely as before, due to which Yang Shen no longer restrained his fingers to the slightly puffy lips and started exploring the cave they were keeping hidden.

Using his finger to circle the tiny entrance, Yang Shen slowly pushed one finger inside it.

Feeling the dry walls tightening around his finger, Yang Shen didn't thrust a second finger inside as well and instead began teasing Nulang's clitoris to excite her sleepy body and cause it to produce the natural lubricant so that his finger would be able to move easily. for visiting.


Letting out a moan, Nulang by herself parted her legs wide and made it easier for Yang Shen to play with her pussy.

Stroking the puffed up clit, Yang Shen very soon felt a moist liquid cover the insides of Nulang's pussy. Sensing this, Yang Shen stopped playing with the woman's clit and instead pushed a second finger inside her virgin pussy.

When he did this, Nulang's tightly shut eyes snapped open.

Looking around herself and then at her own body which other than being completely naked felt a little warm as if something had excited it, Nulang let out a groan from feeling something inside her pussy.

But when she looked at it. There was nothing there.

However unlike before she didn't try to convince herself that there was nothing there. Instead, she chose to trust her gut feeling which said that there was someone between her legs who was playing with her pussy.

As she realized this, Nulang stretched her hands to try and touch whoever or whatever it was that was there between her legs.

But, not only did her hands not manage to touch anything, the foreign part which was inside her pussy, which Nulang was convinced were human fingers disappeared as well.

When this happened though, Nulang neither sighed in momentary relief not tried to scream for help. She surprisingly showed a look of panic and quickly said, "Don't go! Come back! Here! Here ghost! You can play with my pussy as much as you want!"

Hearing those words, Yang Shen who was planning on hiding for a while before making another move on her once she went back to sleeping almost tripped and fell on the floor.

What do you mean come back?!

If you think I'm a ghost why aren't you screaming from fear?!

Looking towards Nulang's frantic eyes which seemed to be truly anxious for the 'ghost' to come back, Yang Shen despite having expected for her to be someone who craved attention couldn't believe that she was even willing to have a ghost as her partner.

Feeling like crying at how Nulang with a few words completely destroyed all the fun he had until now, Yang Shen could only lament at how nothing in this world ever went as he expected it to.

What night of erotic terror?

From the looks of it, even if Nulang knew from the start that there was a perverted invisible man on the loose inside her house, it seemed like she would have actually sought it out on her own to further speed things along.

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