The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Truly understanding alchemy

"Here ghosty ghosty ghosty"

Lips twitching uncontrollably at how Nulang was calling a ghost as if it was some kitty, Yang Shen whose mood was completely ruined no longer bothered with keeping his identity a secret like he originally planned to.

Asking the snickering Lijuan who had a look of 'I told you' on her face to stop doing whatever it was that was turning him invisible, Yang Shen with a blank look appeared out of thin air in front of Nulang.


Shocked by the sudden appearance of a human, Nulang who was waiting for the 'ghost' to come back realizing that it was actually someone who was invisible and not a ghost that was touching her.

Along with this realization, she recognized Yang Shen's face as well which caused her shock to further grow.

The shock however only lasted for a short while before turning into shyness and finally ending at euphoria.

There was finally a man in her life!

This was so many times better than having a ghost lover!

After having spent a few hours was he so attracted to me that he couldn't even stay away for a single night?

Cooking up countless stories as to why Yang Shen sneaked inside her house and played with her body, Nulang only regretted that she wasn't awake the entire time.

Able to sense the woman's thoughts through the constantly changing emotions on her face, Yang Shen's smile turned even more wry and depressed.

Even though he knew that she was a little cuckoo up there, how could Yang Shen have expected that she was so crazy?

Sighing loudly, Yang Shen didn't stay back to have a heart to heart with Nulang and instead left after making Lijuan turn him invisible once again.

"Wait! Don't go! I."



Yawning loudly, Yang Shen who was on his way back to Li Na's house felt his eyes closing up from the drowsiness his body was being assaulted by. for visiting.

Even though sleep wasn't something Yang Shen needed all the time, having all of his efforts and expectations destroyed by Nulang the Outer Disciple was so dejected that he was filled with a desire to sleep.

But given that there wasn't too long until sunrise, Yang Shen knew that he couldn't fall asleep now due to which after going back inside Li Na's house he took a cold bath to stay awake and proceeded to the mountain's peak to draw water from the Spirit Lake.

"Huh? What are you doing here so soon? Were you stood up by your girlfriend and therefore couldn't sleep?"

Not in a mood to share a conversation, Yang Shen entered the cave while leaving two words behind, "Bite me."

"Tsk tsk, the poor guy must have had his dreams crushed."


Storing four buckets of water inside his Spatial Ring, Yang Shen proceeded towards Lin Meng's courtyard but didn't actually enter it.

After all, he could neither water nor take care of the Spirit Herbs before the sun had started rising.

And therefore, Yang Shen didn't feel like waking Lin Meng up too soon for no proper reason.

Sitting with his back against a huge tree near Elder Lin's courtyard, Yang Shen took out two books from his inventory.

Sant Pill Recipe.

Both the books were similar in regards to the name written on them and thickness, but due to the different materials the books were made of Yang Shen had no trouble in making out which was the one he bought from the system and which he borrowed from the library.

The book with a glossy cover was the one he borrowed from the library, while the other one which looked like it would turn into dust at any moment was the one he bought from the system.

Having long since decided what he was going to do, Yang Shen showed zero hesitation in spending 20 Points and consuming the book he purchased from the system.

As soon as he did that, like always the book turned into sparkly dust and entered his body.

Closing his eyes and placing his entire focus on the information entering his brain, the next time Yang Shen opened his eyes they were sparkling with the intelligence and knowledge that only those who spent hundreds of years holed up with books possessed.

After all, by learning the Sant Pill Recipe, Yang Shen not only knew what to do to refine the pill but also understood alchemy as a whole at a greater level.

In simple terms, until now Yang Shen only knew what he should, could, or needed to do. But after consuming the Sant Pill Recipe, Yang Shen now started to understand why he should, could, or needed to do something.

He now understood how the order for the materials to be put inside the furnace was decided, when should which herb be thrown inside, what each herb did during the process of concoction, what would happen if some herb wasn't used, and so on.

Due to all of this, Yang Shen in a single go had gone from someone who only had a strong foundation in alchemy to someone who could daringly call himself a prodigy without worrying about being called out and embarrassed.

Now that this was done, Yang Shen's eyes moved towards the book which was still in his hands.

The Mystic Pill Sect's Sant Pill.

Flipping the book open, Yang Shen in less than a minute after starting to read what was written inside began frowning deeply. And this frown only kept on growing with each page Yang Shen turned over.

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