The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 116

Chapter 116: What a diligent boy!

Letting out a loud breath which was filled with disappointment, Yang Shen set the book down on the ground and shook his head in dissatisfaction.

Having read the entire book, Yang Shen only had a single word to describe it with in comparison to the system's version of the Sant Pill.


Not saying anything, Lijuan only observed every single action of her Master whom she still suspected was hiding a lot from her.

If like he said he did lose his memory due to an accident before meeting her, how did he know what the array which was sealing her was and how did he know anything about alchemy?

There was definitely something fishy in the story Yang Shen told her.

Did he not want to share his past with her?

But even if that was true. How did someone like him who possessed knowledge that only Saints should, did not know anything about Saints?

Narrowing her eyes for a while as she seriously pondered over the various possible pasts of her Master, Lijuan suddenly shook her head and no longer thought about it.

'He must have his own reasons for not telling me about his past.'

Thinking that Yang Shen would reveal the truth when he was ready to, Lijuan went back to observing his actions while thinking that it might also be possible that he really did lose his memories and there was another explanation for all of the mysteries surrounding him.

The Sant Pill was indeed a very basic low level pill whose sole purpose was blood coagulation and healing open wounds.

However the difference between the two pill recipes was like heaven and earth.

Using his current understanding of alchemy, Yang Shen could tell that the recipe he bought from the system was at least 15 times more effective and efficient in comparison to the Mystic Pill Sect's Sant Pill.

This was also why he needed many more ingredients to attempt concocting the pill, and the difficulty in the process of concocting the pill according to the system's recipe was many times harder as well.

The steps were all so complicated that the recipe seemed to belong to a Level 4 or maybe even a Level 5 Pill and not a Level 1 Pill.

Therefore, it was quite obvious that the recipe obtained from the system was clearly the better one, and the one he should use.

Understanding this, Yang Shen didn't know whether he should feel happy or sad. Happy that the system could provide him with better pill recipes, or sad that he had no choice but to spend points to purchase pill recipes despite being a disciple of an alchemy sect?

Shaking his head to get rid of such thoughts, Yang Shen decided to focus on the best part of today.

Now that he possessed a superior recipe, and understood what it was that made the system's recipe superior in comparison to the Mystic Pill Sect's recipe, Yang Shen could act like he came up with all the changes in front of Lin Meng.

Doing this would only hide the fact that he mysteriously obtained a better recipe for the same pill that Lin Meng recommender him to learn concoction in, but at the same time her impression of him was destined to skyrocket!

Thinking about this, Yang Shen who saw the sun starting to peek above the horizon made his way inside Lin Meng's courtyard.

"That brat he came here even sooner." for visiting.

Stretching her limbs as she got down the bed, Lin Meng who was dressed in a short sleeved long gown approached her wardrobe to change into something more decent.

After all, she couldn't appear in front of an Outer Disciple wearing a nighty gown could she?

Resisting the urge to sleep a little longer, Lin Meng after washing her face and clumsily dressing herself in the usual red robes began walking towards her herb garden.

Seeing the herb garden perfectly taken care of, Lin Meng's lips started twitching in annoyance at how he couldn't make it anymore obvious that he was making all of those mistakes deliberately.

Looking towards the table where Yang Shen was seated, Lin Meng was about to say something when she noticed the dark circles under his eyes.

'This Did he spend the entire night learning the pill recipe? How diligent!'

Praising Yang Shen on the inside for the dedication he was showing in learning the Sant Pill's recipe without even sleeping, Lin Meng felt that maybe he wasn't all bad.

'Seems like he isn't just all fun and games. He knows where to be serious.'

Nodding her head in acknowledgement of Yang Shen's hard word, Lin Meng chose to not disturb him who was looking so serious and involved in the pill recipe.

Waiting at the side, Lin Meng continued watching Yang Shen as he every once in a while wrote down something on a piece of paper.

Approaching Yang Shen who was absorbed in whatever it was that he was doing, Lin Meng while making sure to not alert him started looking at what it was that he was writing on the paper.

'The Moon Withering Grass should be used in place of the Blue Yin Flower? A mixture of 2:3.'

The more Lin Meng read what Yang Shen was writing on the paper, the more shocked she felt.

Was he altering the pill recipe?

Almost shaking her head from thinking that Yang Shen was trying to bite more than he could swallow, Lin Meng suddenly started thinking what would happen if she tried to concoct the Sant Pill following the changes written on the paper.

'The total cost of the ingredients is too high to be used to concoct a Level 1 Pill the steps are also too complicated for anyone below the Alchemy Master to try and concoct it but the changes might actually work!'

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