The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Alchemy Monster!

"Ah! Elder Lin! When did you come?"

Standing up with a flustered look, Yang Shen put the pill recipe and the piece of paper inside his Spatial Ring and hastily stood up.

Smiling at her Master's acting skills which were growing better by the day, Lijuan felt that it was too bad that she didn't have anything nice to munch on while watching the upcoming show.

"It's fine. Sit down."

Pushing Yang Shen back into the chair and sitting in the chair opposite to it, Lin Meng asked him, "Can I look at that paper?"

Not asking which one it was, Yang Shen immediately handed it to Lin Meng who was caught off guard from how decisive he was.

Given what she knew about him, there was no way he wouldn't know how valuable the piece of paper he wrote the altered recipe on was.

Sure it hadn't been tested for now and there was no proof if it would work either, but even if the pill recipe wasn't complete and was even just 50% correct, the fame an alchemist would obtain for it was unimaginable.

Especially for an up and coming young alchemist like Yang Shen.

But he had just like that handed it to her?

Able to imagine how much he trusted her to do such a thing, Lin Meng's impression of Yang Shen grew even better as she turned her focus towards the altered pill recipe.



How come I didn't think about this?!


Reading the recipe which she thought was altered by Yang Shen, but was actually just a replica of what he purchased from the system, Lin Meng's impression of the handsome black haired boy shot through the roof.

Altering the Sant Pill's recipe so much that there was almost no similarity between the new one and the old one at such a young age with the prospects of increasing its efficiency by at least ten times, not even the word prodigy was enough to describe him.

He was a monster!

An alchemy monster!

If he could do so much at such a young age, and that too in a single day, Lin Meng couldn't imagine what he would be capable of doing in the future.

But before that, there was something she needed to do. Promote his status to that of an Inner Disciple!

Even though it might sound weird for someone who was yet to even try concocting a pill to be anything more than an Outer Disciple, Lin Meng was sure that once the other Elders saw the pill recipe as well they were definitely going to agree with her.

Standing up and grabbing Yang Shen's arm, Lin Meng didn't give him any time to ask what she wanted to do before she started dragging him with her outside the courtyard.

"Wait! Where are we going, Elder Lin?!"

"To get you promoted to the status of an Inner Disciple."

"What?! But I haven't even tried to concoct a pill yet."

"No worries. You can become an Inner Disciple first."

Picking up the pace as if she was worried about something happening, Lin Meng felt her heart dropping as she heard Yang Shen's next words.

"You're hiding something from me, Elder Lin."

Smiling wryly as she heard those words, Lin Meng stopped dragging him and turned around to look at him.

"You've guessed it?"

Smiling back towards her, Yang Shen didn't say anything and waited for her to reveal the truth. for visiting.

After all, no matter how great the improved recipe was, there was no need for Elder Lin to try and get him promoted to the status of an Inner Disciple as soon as possible.

"The truth is that while this piece of paper's value isn't too high, the one who wrote it is very high due to his age. If news of this escapes outside the sect, there will be no shortage in how many people would try to kidnap you and make you work for them out of a basement."

"And that isn't the truth either"

Revealing that she wasn't speaking the truth on her own, Lin Meng sighed loudly and said, "The truth is that when you have the new recipe published, regardless of whether it is successful or not, your value would become so high that all of the Great Forces will try and recruit you."

"And since you are just an Outer Disciple, the Mystic Pill Sect won't have any way of stopping their attempts. That's why I wanted to promote your status to that of an Inner Disciple before the news of this new pill recipe goes outside the sect."

Speaking the truth this time, Lin Meng herself felt embarrassed at what she tried to do.

Even though she had revealed the truth, after Yang Shen had without any hesitation handed the recipe to her, she tried to deceive him into becoming an Inner Disciple so that he wouldn't be able to leave the Mystic Pill Sect regardless of how attractive the offers he was bound to receive in the future would be.

Yang Shen might now know this right now, but the value of the altered recipe was so high that it could become a treasured scripture for all alchemists.

An altered Level 1 Pill regardless of how effective the new recipe is not worth even a second glance from an Elder of the Mystic Pill Sect.

But what was written on the piece of paper in Lin Meng's hand was something which could revolutionize the way pills were refined by alchemists all over the Great Cloud Continent.

The innovative changes made during the process of concoction, how the old ingredients were substituted with new ones, and everything else was so profound that it would allow countless alchemists to completely change the way they refined pills.

Just imagining how many alchemists would be able to come up with new combinations to alter the existing pill recipes and increase their efficiency was enough to turn the ordinary piece of paper's value unimaginable to even someone like Lin Meng who was an Elder of the only Great force which was related to alchemy.

And given that it was Yang Shen who wrote on the piece of paper and gave it so much value, there was no doubt that regardless of the cost every Great force would try to do everything possible to recruit him.

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