The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Gathering of the Elders


Not knowing what she should say to Yang Shen who was looking at her from the top to bottom as if he couldn't believe that it was really her who did such a thing, Lin Meng despite being an Elder could only lower her head in embarrassment since the fault was with her.

Especially when she considered how much Yang Shen must have trusted her to give his altered recipe to her without any hesitation, Lin Meng weakly said, "I know that I was in the wrong to try and deceive you, but..but I really didn't want to harm you in any way."

"I've spent almost my entire life inside the Mystic Pill Sect. That's why I didn't want the sect to lose a genius like you."

"Rest assured, I can guarantee that the Mystic Pill Sect won't treat you any worse than how the rest of the Great forces treat their prodigies. So"

Seeing that Yang Shen still didn't show a change in expression, Lin Meng was scared that maybe he was still angry with her.

"If you're still angry, I"

"Huh? Not at all. I was just wondering if you're going to take me with you to meet the other Elders while looking like... that"

Looking down and seeing how messed up her robes were, and along with it how she looked due to not having woken up too long ago, Lin Meng upon remembering Yang Shen's words blushed so hard that a cherry glow covered her face and made her look even more erotic.

"Humph! You good for nothing pervert!"

Letting go of Yang Shen's hands and making her way back inside her courtyard, Lin Meng was filled with complicated emotions towards the Outer Disciple who seemed to not at all care about what she tried to do.

'I can't believe that I tried to cheat someone like him'

Completely oblivious to the fact that him not placing any value in fame due to which he didn't mind what Lin Meng tried to do, especially after she confessed everything, was being considered as him possessing a very big heart by the poor woman, Yang Shen chose to wait outside the courtyard for her to come out.

"Ughu! Let's go."

Smiling a little towards Lin Meng's fake cough, with which she most likely intended to clear the air from his previous sexual innuendo, Yang Shen began following the beauty who looked just as perfect as she did the first time he saw her up the mountain to a place which he hadn't seen before today.

"This is the hall where all of the Elders gather at when we have something to discuss. Come inside."

Taking Yang Shen inside the building which looked the same as it did from the outside, one big rectangular room, Lin Meng moved and sat on a specific chair around the round table.

Looking at the remaining seven empty seats, Yang Shen was about to sit in one of them when Lin Meng tugged on his clothes and stopped him.

"These chairs are only for the eight Elders of the sect to sit on."

"Then where should I sit, Elder Lin?"

Rolling her eyes, Lin Meng sarcastically said, "Sit on my lap."

Nodding his head seriously, Yang Shen brazenly tried to do as she said when she pushed him away and glared at him.

"You Stand behind me!"

"You should've just said so from the start, Elder Lin."

Rolling her eyes once again, Lin Meng stopped paying attention to him and instead stretched her hand and placed it on top of the crystal which was embedded inside the table.

As soon as Lin Meng touched it, the crystal which was originally letting out a black glow turned clear before showing off a milky white glow.

The remaining seven crystals which were each embedded on the table in front of the seven seats however were still black in colour.

"Whenever an Elder has something to discuss and wants to summon the others here, they only need to communicate their intention through this crystal."

"Now that I've made my presence known, the tokens of the other elders will keep on vibrating until they come here and touch their respective crystals."

Nodding his head in understanding, Yang Shen was about to ask what the crystal which was bigger than rest at the centre of the table was for when the first elder arrived and forced him to hold back his curiosity. for visiting.

It was the familiar Elder Zhang whom Yang Shen met not too long after passing the entrance test.

"Elder Lin."

"Elder Zhang."

Greeting the one who despite being younger than him was of the same status, the bald man sat on one of the empty chairs and touched the crystal which was on the table in front of it.

"I presume that the reason behind this unexpected call for an Elders meeting is the boy behind you. Right, Elder Lin?"

"You're correct, Elder Zhang. But you'll have to wait for the other Elders to arrive before I get into the details."

Nodding his head, Zhang Wei no longer conversed with Lin Meng and instead kindly smiled towards Yang Shen.

"I hope you haven't gotten yourself into trouble, young man. I remember how well the results of your tests were, it would be too much of a pity for them to go to waste. Not to mention how much that little girl Li Na cares about you."

Finding the words he intended to speak stuck at the back of his throat upon Elder Zhang mentioning Li Na, Yang Shen despite not looking at Lin Meng could feel her piercing gaze locked onto him.

"I never knew you were so popular brat."

Smiling secretly from sensing the jealousy in Lin Meng's words which directly entered his ears, Yang Shen didn't have the chance to respond before the other Elders began entering one by one and occupied all of the empty chairs.

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