The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Sharing

One thin and sickly man, a burly bodybuilder, an old man who looked like he'd die at any moment, a woman who couldn't look any plainer, a chivalrous looking man, a kind and honest man, and finally a slut. for visiting.

Those were the impressions Yang Shen had towards the six Elders who entered the room and sat down around the table after Zhang Wei.

"Oh my, I didn't know one of my kin was here."

Looking in the direction the voice came from, Yang Shen saw the Elder who he categorized as a slut pointing towards the bright orange fox wrapped around her shoulder and then towards the pitch black snake around his own neck.

Smiling a little, Yang Shen didn't know what to say since the solemn atmosphere didn't seem to be the right place for having such conversations.

Opening her eyes since someone was staring at her, Lijuan saw the fox, which was actually a Low Grade Profound looking towards her.

Sneering coldly towards the fox which looked towards her as if she was its comrade, the Heaven Devouring Snake closed its eyes and showed clear disdain towards it by not even bothering to spare it another glance.

But, not before she let a sliver of her true aura escape and enter the fox though.


With all of its hair standing up in an instant, the fox who just sensed an ancient aura and saw the true form of the simple looking snake tried to free itself from the woman's neck and escape as far as possible.

It was too bad that the one known as Zhi Rou didn't let it go and instead used her power to keep it around her neck.

At the same time, she took a second look towards the snake which couldn't look anymore ordinary.

'Getting scared of a common snake? This stupid fox needs to be taught a lesson!'

Smiling wryly on the inside, Yang Shen who could guess what the woman was thinking paid a moment of silence towards the cute fox who got into trouble due to Lijuan.

But more than the fox, Yang Shen was more interested in the woman whose pet it was.

Long black hair, clear white skin which had a seductive red glow on it, an attractive face which one couldn't stop looking at, fiery red eyes, dressed in a white robe with red patterns on it which had a deep V neck that showed off her curvaceous bosom, and finally a brown coloured long cigarette holder in between her slender fingers.

All in all, more than a prestigious Elder of the Mystic Pill Sect, Zhi Rou more resembled the madam of a brothel house.

But for some reason, the cigarette wasn't lit.

"You don't have to think so much, handsome little brother. I carry this around to complete my look, and not because I smoke."

Not knowing what to do at how his face was read like an open book, Yang Shen discretely looked away just in time to not be caught looking towards Zhi Rou by Lin Meng.

"Flirting with an Outer Disciple? You've stooped so low Zhi Rou."

Showing an uncaring look towards the man with huge muscles, the foxy lady leaned forward in the direction of Yang Shen and said, "I prefer handsome little brothers rather than men who think that their ugly huge muscles can substitute for their small penises."






Complete silence.


Feeling like throwing up blood, the ripped man began thinking how Zhi Rou found out his most guarded secret.


Coughing loudly in hopes of clearing the air and saving the burly man from anymore embarrassment, the grandpa Elder who was the oldest one of the current Elders looked towards Lin Meng and said, "Since Elder Lin has summoned us here, let's listen to what it is that she has to say."

"Thank you, Elder Yun."

More than happy for the previous topic to end, Lin Meng looked around the room before placing the piece of paper in her hands at the centre of the table.

"This is the reason I have summoned all of you here."

Being Elders of the Mystic Pill Sect, due to which all of their cultivations were at the upper levels of the Nascent Soul Realm, all of them faced no trouble in being able to read what was written on it.

Sant Pill.

Reading the two words written on the top, even Alchemists who could barely succeed in concocting Level 5 Pills would no longer pay attention to anything written on the paper, much less the Elders of the Mystic Pill Sect who were capable of concocting Level 9 Pills.

However, since it was Lin Meng who brought the paper to their notice, none of them were stupid enough to ignore it.

Reading all that was written on it in a few seconds, everyone was first confused before being shocked and finally looking like perverts who just consumed sexual stimulants.

"Who is the expert that wrote this?"

"Could it be the Sect Master?!"

"Impossible. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but now even the Sect Master is capable of writing this."

"Then who"

"You all are so stupid, isn't it now obvious why Sister Lin has brought an Outer Disciple here? It must be the boy's master who wrote it!"

Smiling proudly as if she couldn't be wrong, Zhi Rou flashed a seductive expression towards him and said, "How about bringing me to meet your master, boy? I'll make sure to thank you properly if you let me meet him."

Rolling her eyes without even bothering to hide the disgust in them, Lin Meng said, "At least try to act in a way that befits your status, Elder Zhi."

"Huh? Since when has Sister Lin cared about how I behave?"

Narrowing her eyes and altering her glance between Lin Meng and Yang Shen who was standing behind her, Zhi Rou licked her lips and said, "Are you interested in the handsome little brother as well, Sister Lin? If you are, then I can only hope that you don't mind sharing him with me."

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