The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Cunning Zhi Rou

Glaring towards Zhi Rou who always said whatever she wanted without the slightest care of what the others thought of her or her words, Lin Meng didn't speak on the topic of 'sharing' and went back to the main reason she summoned all of the Elders here for.

Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Lin Meng said, "The one who altered the Sant Pill's recipe and wrote what you've just read is Yang Shen."

"Yang Shen?! He did?!"

Unlike the others who hadn't heard the name before today, Zhang Wei who read the results of the test given to him by Li Na knew who it was which explained why he was so shocked.

As for the others, even though they didn't know who it was, it didn't take them long to put the pieces together and understand that Yang Shen was the boy who was standing behind Lin Meng.

"Impossible!" for visiting.

Shouting loudly, the chivalrous looking man seemed to have lost all of his composure from being unable to accept the truth.

How could someone who wasn't even 20 years old be capable of altering a Level 1 recipe to such a great extent?

"If you are joking Elder Lin, this certainly isn't the."

"You should know the kind of person I am, Elder Yun. Am I the kind who'd joke about such a thing?"

"Does that mean he's really the one who wrote this?"

Pointing towards the piece of paper with some lingering suspicion in his eyes, the grandpa Elder seemed like despite his trust in Lin Meng still didn't believe that someone so young could write such profound methods which could essentially pave a new path for alchemy.

Smiling wryly, Lin Meng didn't blame any of the Elders for not believing her. After all, if she herself hadn't seen Yang Shen write the recipe in front of her, she would have a lot of trouble in believing it herself.

At the same time though, she hoped that the lack of trust the Elders were showing wouldn't make Yang Shen feel offended and not want to stay at the Mystic Pill Sect.

But given that he was quite young and would soon realize how valuable and important he was due to what he created, Lin Meng was worried that such a possibility wasn't completely out of the question.

"Everyone, since it is Elder Lin who is saying this, maybe we should trust her."

"Trust her? Do you really believe that such a young boy could write something that not even we, the Elders of the Mystic Pill Sect can?!"


"I do!"

Speaking up while the rest were still uncertain, Zhi Rou with a smile said, "Geniuses appear from all ages. And more often than not, it's the handsome ones who are truly talented."

"Humph! You've met him just now along with the rest of us, Elder Zhi. So your words of support are of no use."

Clicking her tongue in disappointment, Zhi Rou shook her head towards the other Elders and looked towards Yang Shen.

"Regardless of who believes in you and who doesn't, I believe in you Yang Shen."

Hearing those words, Yang Shen for some reason felt a little comfortable and therefore nodded his head with a smile.

Frowning a little at this, Lin Meng could tell that Zhi Rou didn't really have a strong opinion towards believing in Yang Shen.

After all, if she wasn't wrong Zhi Rou was saying those words without actually meaning this and securing herself a future with only gains and no losses.

If Yang Shen turned out to be the one who truly wrote it, she would stand to gain a good impression from him due to 'trusting' him when no one else did.

And if it turned out that he didn't do it, she who didn't care about what others thought of her would have nothing to lose.

Glancing towards Yang Shen who definitely wasn't thinking as far as she was, Lin Meng who couldn't really say anything had to admit that this Zhi Rou was just as cunning as she looked.

It was too bad that men seemed to only have eyes towards her appearance and not her mentality.

"Listen to me everyone, why don't we test the boy to see if he is truly the one who wrote this like Elder Lin claims he is."

Nodding their heads once Elder Yun chimed in, no one asked any stupid questions like how they could guarantee that Yang Shen would use his real knowledge to speak and not just answer based on what he memorized.

After all, in front of them who could refine Level 9 Pill with ease, how could someone pass off what they memorized as their real knowledge?

Therefore, for the next few minutes Yang Shen was bombarded with countless questions from all the Elders excluding Lin Meng and Zhi Rou.

Answering each question with more ease than the previous one, Yang Shen didn't break even a single sweat in answering why he changed what he did.

And whenever the questions were related to other pills of the similar or higher level, Lin Meng would step in and stop them by explaining that he was an Outer Disciple who didn't come in contact with pill recipes before she recommended the Sant Pill to him.

"Incredible! To think that younger brother managed to come up with this in just a single day, you are even more talented than I originally thought you were!"

Glaring towards Zhi Rou as she continued with complimenting Yang Shen every now and then, Lin Meng looked towards the other Elders who now believed that it was Yang Shen who wrote everything on that paper.

"Now for the main reason I've brought all of you here. I want to promote Yang Shen's status to that of an Inner Disciple. You should all be able to understand why I'm trying to do this."

Nodding their heads as their eyes unconsciously darted towards the piece of paper on the table, Elder Yun chose to speak.

"All of us can understand the reason, Elder Lin. But we cannot change his status to an Inner Disciple before he passes the assessment on his own. That's why I suggest we ask the Sect Master for his opinion. If he agrees with us, there won't be any trouble in increasing young Yang Shen's status."

Looking around to see if others agree with him, Elder Yun stretched his hand and with great difficulty touched the huge clear crystal embedded at the centre of the table.

Seeing this, the other Elders also touched the clear crystal which with the last touch turned bright red in colour.

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