The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Arrival of the Sect Master

Showing a mischievous smile with her seductive pink lips, Zhi Rou looked towards Yang Shen and said, "The Sect Master will just stand, he won't sit on top of the table."

Looking away as soon as he heard those words, Yang Shen couldn't believe that his thoughts were once again read so easily.

Licking her lips obtaining such a reaction, Zhi Rou who was along with the others sure that Yang Shen was as much of a prodigy that Lin Meng claimed he was started making plans on growing closer to him and making him hers.

"You must be tired from standing for so long, how about coming and sitting on my lap younger brother?"

Hearing those words and seeing Zhi Rou use her hands to press her breasts together, it wasn't just Yang Shen whose throat turned dry but the other men in the room found themselves salivating from envy at this opportunity that they didn't receive.

In fact, even someone as old as Elder Yun almost nodded his head upon hearing those words.


Cursing Zhi Rou to her face, Lin Meng glared towards Yang Shen and let him know that if he didn't choose wisely, he could forget about talking to her ever again.

"I'm fine, Elder Zhi. But thanks for the offer."

"No problem. And just so you know, the offer stands. You can come sit on my lap whenever you want to."

Gulping hard at how enticing the woman's words were, Yang Shen could only use his imagination to satisfy himself for the time being since he still cared more about the kind and gentle Lin Meng than the foxy Zhi Rou.

Seeing this, Lin Meng showed a subtle yet pleased smile on her face.

The next few minutes went by in silence as the Elders kept on pondering about the real profoundness of text that Yang Shen wrote represented before the one they were all waiting for finally arrived.

"Calling me so early in the morning and ruining the little time I get to spend taking care of my herb garden, all of you sure better have a good reason."

"Sect Master."

Standing up to show their respect to the man who was not only stronger than them, but excelled them in the field of alchemy as well, the eight Elders greeted the Sect Master of the Mystic Pill Sect who was more commonly known as the Alchemy Madman.

Having an average appearance which one wouldn't bother remembering if they didn't know the man's identity, Chen Hai entered the room with a slightly annoyed room because the sudden summon ruined his happy time with his herb garden.

Topknot black hair, a lean build, and a slightly dishevelled look which showed that he didn't take good care of himself, this was Yang Shen's first impression of one of the very few Alchemy Grandmasters that existed on the Great Cloud Continent.

Do all the well accomplished alchemists look so...radical?

Discreetly looking around the room so that no one would spot his actions, Yang Shen had to admit that none of the Elders looked like what he imagined alchemists would look like.

"Sit sit."

Gesturing with his hand and letting the Elders sit, Chen Hai went straight to the point.

"What have I been called here for?"

Taking the lead as the oldest one, Elder Yun while holding the paper on which Yang Shen wrote the 'altered' Sant Pill recipe like it was more valuable than his own life and handed it to the Sect Master.

Turning serious after seeing how Elder Yun seemed to be respecting whatever it was that was written on the paper, Chen Hai started reading through it.


Exclaiming within seconds after he glanced at the paper's content, Chen Hai soon got so immersed in reading the Level 1 pill's recipe that if someone who knew who he was saw him they'd think that he found a long lost Level 10 pill recipe.

Looking around awkwardly at how the Sect Master didn't say anything else and was so focussed on reading the text, the Elders despite being used to such things happening whenever Chen Hai found something new related to alchemy didn't know what they should do to bring him back to the real world.

Chen Hai was a freak who only cared about alchemy. In fact, he cared so much that there was a rumour that he spent his wedding night trying to teach the greatness of alchemy to his wife inside the nuptial chamber.

It was too bad that neither his wife nor his daughter shared the same love he had for alchemy.

Chen Hai had planned on turning his daughter into an alchemist greater than himself. This was also why he forced her into the position of librarian when she wanted to marry someone.

He had hoped that she would soon give into boredom and start reading the countless books related to alchemy inside the library.

But who would have thought that Nulang would rather read the same novels and storybooks again and again but not even once touch a single book related to alchemy?

Her own father sure didn't.

"Sect Master?"

"Sect Master?!"

"Sect Master?!!"



Snapping out of his thoughts and coming back to reality, Chen Hai didn't seem the slightest bit awkward for just having neglected everyone inside the room and paying attention to just the piece of paper.

"What is it?" for visiting.

"The one who wrote what you're reading is Yang Shen, and Outer Disciple of the sect."

"Oh really? Good! Good! Good!"

Saying good three times to show how pleased he was, Chen Hai instead of feeling inferior that someone else did something he couldn't was full of praise towards whoever the genius was that wrote this.

At the same time he was very happy with how brilliant the younger generation was.

Should he find the one who wrote this and make him his son in law?

At least that way he wouldn't have to worry about his grandchildren not being alchemists.

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