The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Altered Sant Pill successfully concocted

Having expected for the Sect Master he knew for so many years to not understand why he explicitly mentioned that Yang Shen was an Outer Disciple, Elder Yun stopped Chen Hai before he went back to his thoughts and quickly approached him and began whispering inside his ear.

Nodding his head repeatedly, Chen Hai's eyes lit up as he understood the entire situation from Elder Yun.

"You are very talented, young man. To be able to alter the recipe and show even an old one like me a new way of refining pills, you are without a doubt the most talented one I've ever seen or even heard of in the history of the Great Cloud Continent."

"But even though you've enlightened me and the others and shown us a new way of concocting pills, I cannot promote your status before you pass the assessment."

Continuing to speak before any of the Elders could ask him if there was no other way, Chen Hai added, "However, due to the importance of the current situation, I'm willing to bend the rules of the sect and promote your status."

"Only, and only if I manage to successfully concoct a pill by following this altered recipe."


Even though most of the Elders were pleasantly surprised that someone like Chen Hai who always followed the rules was willing to bend them, they felt that he was being too ruthless with the condition he was placing.

A pill recipe was something which was developed after years upon years of research, so how could something which had been altered overnight manage to result in a pill successfully being concocted?

But they couldn't call Chen Hai as being too vicious either because they all knew that he wasn't the kind who'd suppress the young ones.

It was just that he was too old fashioned regarding following the rules which were established by the Sect Masters before him.

However the current situation wasn't something that made any of the Elders feel satisfied with Chen Hai's words.

Was he unable to understand the risks that would come with Yang Shen not being an Inner Disciple when the news of his talent and the altered recipe went outside the sect?

"Sect Master, even if the pill recipe doesn't work, Yang Sh."

Raising his hand and stopping Zhi Rou who wanted to say something, Chen Hai said, "I've already made my decision. Even though I greatly value talented ones from the younger generation, I value my elders and the laws they've left behind even more. If the pill recipe doesn't work, he'll need to pass the assessment by himself, or provide me with another version of the recipe which will work."

Once he finished saying what he wanted, Chen Hai began reading all the ingredients needed according to the 'altered' recipe.

"It's fortunate that I possess all of the required ingredients right here with me. Let's get started with the concocting right away."

Waving his hand and summoning his treasured furnace out of his Spatial Ring and had it appear on top of the table.

Next, he summoned all of the ingredients written on the paper and placed them orderly beside the furnace.

Unlike his own Seven Fox Furnace, which hadn't been used even once until now, just the whiff of herbs Yang Shen could smell coming from it was enough to let him imagine how many pills had been concocted inside him.

[Dragon Eye Furnace (Level 10)

An alchemy furnace which represents the top level of artifacts capable of being crafted by mortals. Due to the special materials used in crafting the furnace, it helps the alchemist in refining beast related ingredients more easily.

Remarks: Due to the number of pills concocted inside the furnace, the furnace's current value is many more times valuable than just the artifact itself.]

Nodding his head inwardly as if he agreed with the system's remarks, Yang Shen began observing the Sect Master's actions as he began with the process of refining the herbs.

Touching the furnace and causing a bright red flame to start burning inside it, Chen Hai controlled the temperature of it accurately according to the recipe's instructions.

Even though quite a lot of steps written on the paper were going against what he had learnt from books and through experience, Chen Hai didn't change any of them and instead followed the instructions to the dot.

Throwing one herb after the other inside it, melting some by themselves and others together, it took Chen Hai quite some time to refine all the ingredients.

Seeing this only made all of the Elders feel even more sure that such a complicated recipe was too much for Alchemy Disciples to try and concoct.

Still, that wasn't what mattered now. If the pill was successfully refined, it might signify a completely new age for all alchemists.

Who knows, maybe in the future this very pill would represent the starting point for all wanna be alchemists.

After all, the new way of pill concocting that Yang Shen had written on the paper only guaranteed a greater quality of pill when the countless complicated procedures were followed.

Therefore, if Yang Shen's way of alchemy did work like all of them including Chen Hai believed it would, a future with all pills possessing such complicated recipes wouldn't be impossible to see.

Spending almost half an hour to go through all of the steps, Chen Hai who wouldn't take even a few minutes to successfully concoct Level 5 and 6 pills had a greater understanding of how Yang Shen's way of pill refining worked. for visiting.

This not only made him have a greater respect towards this new method, but also made him even more interested in trying to make Yang Shen his son in law.

His main concern at the moment though was the Level 1 Sant Pill whose refining process had come to the final stages.

Easily going through the final stages which had to do with the process of concoction, Chen Hai opened the closed lid to reveal the batch of pills which had successfully formed.


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