The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Youngest Core Disciple Ever

"Incredible! The scent is so pure that it smells nothing like a Level 1 Pill."

"And not just that, the recipe is good enough to concoct nine star pills!"

While everyone was stunned that a recipe which was altered by someone who never concocted pills before worked like it was meant to, Chen Hai suddenly said, "The fault is with me. If I didn't casually refine this batch of pills and instead used the best materials, it isn't impossible to concoct a batch of Ten Stars Pill."

Hearing those words, everyone including Lin meng turned towards Yang Shen with an even more frenzied look in their eyes.

The achievement of successfully altering a recipe overnight was already something which proved that he was a genius unlike the others who came before him,

But when it was revealed that following the altered recipe one could manage to concoct Ten Stars Pills, and witness the legendary Pill Cloud, Yang Shen could no longer be confined by a simple word like 'genius'.

If he could show such greatness in the span of a single night, just imagining what he would be capable of achieving in a few weeks, months, and years was enough to make everyone look at him as if he was a walking treasure.

At the same time, all of them started making a copy of the recipe without missing even a single letter. After all, since Chen Hai had personally said that following the instructions would be enough to concoct a batch of Ten Stars Pills, they all who very rarely witnessed Pill Cloud planned on concocting as many new Sant Pills as possible in hopes of being able to witness the legendary Pill Cloud.

Sure they wouldn't benefit in any way from managing to refine Level 1 Ten Stars Pills, and they couldn't sell the Sant Pill with a Pill Cloud for a high cost either because even the new version of it had zero benefits to cultivators. But in the end, being able to refine Ten Stars Pills and witnessing the Pill Cloud was more than enough for every alchemist around the table.

"I don't know how you came up with this method, but it's truly ingenious young man. As long as I manage to grasp all of the secrets and reasons behind why you did what you did, I might be able to refine pills with more stars from now on."

"You should come and visit my house when you have time, young man. We can share a bottle of my prized wine over dinner and discuss alchemy."

Nodding his head, Yang Shen began thinking that he would take Chen Hai up on the offer sometime in the future.

Not because he was interested in discussing alchemy, but because he planned on meeting Nulang's mother while at their house.

"Ummm Sect Master?"


"The status promotion."

"Ah! Right!"

Putting the piece of paper down after he was reminded something he almost forgot about, Chen Hai cleared his throat and said, "In light of what Outer Disciple Yang Shen has managed to achieve, I, Chen Hai, the Sect Master of the Mystic Pill Sect promote him to the status of a Core Disciple!"

"Co..Co...Core Disciple?!"

Shocked from not hearing the words Inner Disciple, and instead Core Disciple, the handsome Elder felt that maybe Chen Hai had made a mistake.

But deep down everyone knew that there was no way the Sect Leader would have made a mistake.

"Yes. A Core Disciple. In addition, I'm giving him 10,000 Contribution Points which will be deducted from my own Contribution Points."

Nodding his head, Elder Zhang who was responsible for the promotions of disciples planned on completing the required procedures as soon as the meeting ended. At the same time, he started thinking that maybe it was time for him to choose a successor.

In fact, it wasn't just Zheng Wei, but almost every Elder was having the same thoughts.

While it seemed like Chen Hai making Yang Shen a Core Disciple was not necessary, all of the Elders quickly understood the main reason he did this.

In comparison to Inner Disciples, not only were Core Disciples given more Contribution Points, they were also given the opportunity to seek out the Elders in hopes of becoming their personal disciples.

Though the decision to accept or reject them lied with Elders, just the opportunity was more than enough to turn the eyes of countless young alchemists turn green from envy.

Therefore by making Yang Shen a Core Disciple, Chen Hai made it possible for him to become a disciple of one of the Elders.

After all, while he seemed to possess a natural affinity towards alchemy and had a great understanding of it for his age, it had been revealed that he was yet to even try concocting pills.

Thus by becoming a Core Disciple and a direct disciple of one of the Elders, Chen Hai most likely hoped to help Yang Shen learn how to concoct pills inside a furnace.

After promoting Yang Shen's status, Chen Hai no longer stayed along with the Elders anymore and went back to his own courtyard.

And not long later in the day, the news about an Outer Disciple becoming a Core Disciple passed through the entire Sect and left almost no one unsurprised. for visiting.

Out of them all though, there were two individuals who were the most shocked.

One of them was Li Na whom Yang Shen was living with, and the other one was Nulang who was anxiously waiting for him to come and meet her inside the library.

Neither of them could believe that the same Yang Shen they knew had become a Core Disciple all of a sudden.

Along with this news, the news of Yang Shen being the youngest ever Core Disciple in the entire history of the Mystic Pill Sect also spread through the sect making everyone even more curious about the one whom almost no one knew before today.

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