The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 124

Chapter 124: The most ideal successor for alchemists

As soon as Chen Hai left, none of the Elders remaining inside the room continued to behave befitting their status.

Surrounding Yang Shen in the blink of an eye was everyone other than the handsome Elder who was jealous of him.

"Listen to me boy. Being able to become this one's disciple is something that even gods dream about. So quickly accept me as your Master." for visiting.

"What nonsense! You're considered the worst alchemist among the Elders!"

"Humph! Like you're one to talk! You're the second worst!"

"Ignore those two bumpkins, young Yang. This old man doesn't have a lot of time left to live, so why not be a good one and fulfil this one's dying wish? Unlike the others, I'm searching for a successor and not a disciple."

There were three kinds of disciples a cultivator could accept. Indirect Disciples, Direct Disciple, and finally Successors.

Indirect Disciples were simply disciples in name. The cultivator would at most teach them the few techniques and skills that they didn't value much,

As for Direct Disciples, they were the ones who the cultivators would teach all of their prided techniques and skills to.

And finally successors, in short there could only be one successor for every cultivator. The successor would receive not just all of the cultivator's techniques and skills but every single one of his possessions as well.

This was why successors were only picked by cultivators who were about to die and wanted to pass on their legacy

"How shameless. You still have at least a hundred years to live!"


Rolling their eyes towards Elder Yun who was shamelessly laughing out loud, the Elders soon ignored him and continued trying to take Yang Shen in as their personal disciple.

"Stop! Poor boy hasn't been inside the sect for even a month and you expect him to decide which of you he should pick as his master? Leave him alone for some time. I'm sure he'll soon enough decide who he should pay respects to as his master."

Hearing Lin Meng's words, all of the Elders despite not wanting to ended up backing down. After all, if they continued trying to make a move they might risk Yang Shen's opinion of them turning bad.

Most of the current Elders of the Mystic Pill Sect were quite young due to which none of them were in any hurry to take in disciples or successors.

With every alchemist having their own way of refining herbs and concocting pills, none of them wanted to share their way with anyone if possible. But since death would sooner or later come for all of them, they'd pick a successor to pass on their techniques in hopes of their legacy continuing to exist even after they die.

Yang Shen however was someone who almost every Elder was willing to accept as their successor regardless of their age and how much time they had left to live.

This was because unlike in the usual situation where their teachings would allow their successors to become famous, having someone like Yang Shen as their successor would only make them even more famous.

"Since each of us has our own speciality, Yang Shen will naturally approach the one whose style of pill refining he is interested in. Until then, it's best we don't try and pressure him into making a decision. We don't want to give the Sect Master or the Grand Elders the opportunity to swoop in and take him away, do we?"

Shaking their heads hastily as the possibility of such a thing happening wasn't small, the Elders no longer felt reluctant in taking a step back.

While the rules of the Sect made it hard for the Sect Master and the Grand Elders to take personal disciples, it wasn't impossible for them to do so.

Luckily, the Sect Master was an alchemy freak who enjoyed learning about alchemy more than teaching it to the others, and none of the three Grand Elders knew that there was a disciple like Yang Shen inside the sect.

"I agree. Let little brother take his time in deciding."

Turning towards Yang Shen after she finished saying those words, Zhi Rou added, "Just so you know, I specialize in flame controlling techniques."

Saying so, the woman summoned a bright red flame on top of her palm which effortlessly turned into the shape of a flower with shockingly detailed features.

"Humph! What's so great about learning those party tricks?! A real man should focus on coming first! I specialize in refining pills in a very short time! None of the other Elders can compare with me in terms of speed!"

"No one wants to anyway. Pill Concoction is an art which has to be savoured. Become my successor and I'll teach you my prized Ninety Nine Refinement technique which will get rid of all the impurities inside the herbs and increase the quality of the pill you concoct."

Chiming in while stroking his white beard, Elder Yun showed the others that he wasn't playing around by putting his most prized technique on the line.

Following this, the other Elders also revealed what each of their specialities were.

It was only Lin Meng and the jealous Elder who showed no signs of being interested in making him their disciple.

While the other one was simply a petty guy who couldn't look at the big picture, Lin Meng didn't try to lure Yang Shen into being her disciple since she felt that she had no right to try and do such a thing after having tried to deceive him not long ago.

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