The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 125

Chapter 125: A very enticing offer

Separating from Old Zhang, which was what Zheng Wei told Yang Shen to call him from now on, the newly promoted Core Disciple was now dressed in beautiful sparkly blue robes and in his Spatial Ring was a token which granted him access to his very own courtyard.

There were roughly fifty or so courtyards available for the Core Disciples of the sect, and all of them were higher up the mountain in comparison to the Inner Disciples' and close to where the Elders' courtyards were at.

Out of all of them though, there was one particular courtyard which existed on the same level as the Elders' courtyard.

This one however had never been assigned to any of the Core Disciples because their status made it impossible to agree and let a Core Disciple live on the same level as them.

Also, since there hadn't been more than thirty or forty Core Disciples at the same time, there was no reason for them to assign it to someone who was lower than them by two levels.

As for why the courtyard hadn't been built near the area where the Deacons' courtyards were at, and rather the area where the Elders' courtyards were at, it was because the Sect Founder made a mistake when building the Sect due to which there was a shortage in land for the fiftieth courtyard meant for the Core Disciples to be built at anywhere else.

And now the always empty courtyard had finally found itself an occupant.

After all, excluding one petty elder, none of the others had any problem with having Yang Shen live at the same level as them.

In fact, they were more than happy for him to live so close to them. If any of them had any regret, it was that the courtyards closest to Yang Shen's new courtyard belonged to Lin Meng and not any of them.

"How should I explain all of this to Li Na without revealing the truth?"

Pondering over what he should say to the beauty whom he was living with, Yang Shen came to an abrupt stop as someone appeared in front of him out of nowhere.

Looking towards who it was, Yang Shen regretted the fact that he stopped so soon.

"If you want, I can leave and reappear in front of you once again. This time, you won't have to stop."


Were his thoughts really so easy to read? Or was she capable of reading his mind?

"I'm not really capable of reading the minds of others, younger brother. I always make random guesses, but this is the first time that my guesses are turning true."

"I see."

Smiling wryly, Yang Shen felt a little relieved only after Lijuan told him that the woman in front of him wasn't using any techniques to read his thoughts.

"Are you heading towards the Herb Pavillion?"

"Yes, Elder Zhi. I want to buy the ingredients for the pill and start practising concoction."

"What Elder Zhi? You can call me Sister Zhi. Even Rou'er if you dare." for visiting.

"Is there something you want from me, Sister Zhi?"


Nodding her head, Zhi Rou asked Yang Shen to walk with her.

"You seem like a straightforward guy so I'll get right to the point. For someone as talented as you, you don't really need to acknowledge anyone as your master. At most, you only need someone to guide you through the process of pill concocting. That's why I have an offer for you."

"An offer?"

"Unlike the other Elders, I'm not interested in finding a disciple or a successor. And you don't really want a master either. That's why I have a proposal which benefits the both of us."

Showing an interested look in his eyes, Yang Shen didn't need to say anything before Zhi Rou continued.

"Accept me as your master, and I'll take care of everything you might ever need. All the way from Pill Recipes to the ingredients needed to refine them."

"But how does that benefit you?"

"I indeed have no benefit in the short term, but there's something I want you to do in exchange for me in the future."

"What's that?"

"Support me in becoming the next Sect Master and then a Grand Elder."

"You sure have a lot of confidence in me."

Shaking her head, Zhi Rou said, "I have no other choice. Given my talent, I know that it is impossible for me to become the Sect Master by myself, much less a Grand Elder. That's why, you're the only option I have in fulfilling my ambition."

"But you aren't the only option I have, Sister Zhi. I'm sure that most of the Elders would offer me the same conditions."

"Indeed. But there's something that only I can offer you."

Not waiting for Yang Shen to speak, Zhi Rou brought her lips close to his ear and seductively whispered, "My body."

Turning his face in surprise towards the woman whom he thought only looked like a slut but wasn't actually one due to her status, Yang Shen was assaulted by the woman's enticing natural scent.

Looking around for a split second, Zhi Rou grabbed onto Yang Shen's hand and began bringing it near her breasts as if to let him touch it and fully understand what it was that she had to offer him.

But before she could do that, Yang Shen pulled his hand back and said, "Your offer is very enticing Elder Zhi, but I'll have to reject it."

Smiling a little as if she had expected for this to happen, Zhi Rou moved even closer to Yang Shen until both of their bodies were almost touching each other.

"Is it because of Sister Lin?"

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