The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Meeting Meirong

Stop thinking too much!

Take things one step at a time!

So what if Lin Meng doesn't love me?! She's just another woman!

Trying his best to calm himself down while unconsciously preparing himself for the possibility of the worst case scenario happening, Yang Shen put on a facade as if everything was fine and hid all of his anxiety deep down inside.

Choosing to not fall deeper inside the rabbit hole and never escape it, Yang Shen changed his direction and headed towards Li Na's house.

Since he had no idea regarding what to do about Lin Meng or Zhi Rou, he was going to do something which would help him clear his mind.

"Explain yourself!"


"Don't try to act dumb, Yang Shen. Do you want me to believe that you went from being an Outer Disciple to a Core Disciple without your own knowledge?!"


"Speak the truth, little Shen. I promise to not get angry."



"O-Okay I I helped Elder Lin with altering a pill recipe and the Sect Master gave me more credit than I deserve it was supposed to be a promotion to the Inner Disciple but he suddenly changed it to Core Disciple"

Nodding her head seriously, Li Na who had long since heard about how 'eccentric' their Sect Master was began thinking that the possibility of such a thing happening wasn't small.

"Is that it?"


"Are you sure you're not hiding anything from me?"


Narrowing her eyes and looking straight into Yang Shen's eyes which seemed like they would break out in tears at any second for a while, Li Na said, "Okay. I trust you."

"Now go and pack your things, we're going to your courtyard."


Genuinely shocked this time, Yang Shen's reaction caused Li Na to coldly snort and say, "Yes, WE! I heard all about how Core Disciples can take in maids. I'm afraid that if I don't go with you, you'll be corrupted by some stupid whore."

"Why? Don't you want me to come with you?!"


"What?!" for visiting.

"I.. I mean I do"

"Good. Go and pack your things."

Sending Yang Shen away, Li Na suddenly stopped him and said, "Make sure to not let anyone else know that you became a Core Disciple by pure luck and the Sect Master's mistake. Right now everyone thinks that you're a genius. And if they find out the truth, I'm afraid things will turn troublesome."

Nodding his head, Yang Shen went to his room to pack his things despite all of his possessions being inside his Spatial Ring and his inventory.


The so called maids which Core Disciples could hire were none other than the fellow Disciples of Sect.

Old Zhang had explained to Yang Shen how he could send out a request to hire maids through the Deacons. And depending on how many Contribution Points he was willing to offer as payment in exchange for them maintaining the courtyard, taking care of menial jobs, the quality of the maid would also differ.

The more points he offered, the more beautiful the disciples who'd accept the mission would be.

In fact, it wasn't even impossible to hire Inner Disciples as maids if one was willing to part with enough contribution points.

However not many Core Disciples did that due to how valuable contribution points were.

But to Yang Shen who obtained 10,000 points from the Sect Master, he was not the least bit hesitant in spending them to hire beautiful women with sexy figures as his maids and fill his entire courtyard with them.

After all, he planned on suppressing the complicated thoughts his brain was suffering to get rid of by indulging himself in countless women.

Therefore, even though he had to put on an act in front of Li Na, Yang Shen was definitely not going to stand by and let her do as she pleased.

He was going to hire some maids at all cost!


Leaving Li Na's house and making his way with the Inner Disciple towards his new courtyard, Yang Shen already found himself a great reason to hire some maids.

According to what Old Zhang said, the courtyard had remained empty until now due to which it was in a slightly rusty state.

Therefore, there were definitely going to be a lot of things that needed to be done to make the courtyard look normal and livable.

Thus, after showing Li Na how the courtyard which had been abandoned until now looked, Yang Shen managed to obtain her 'permission' to go and hire some maids.

"Hey beauty, remember me?"

"Oh my, look who it is. The infamous Yang Shen! I can't believe he remembers me!"

Rolling his eyes, Yang Shen had to admit that even though he knew she was being sarcastic, the words made him feel quite good.

"The place looks quite good."

"No thanks to you."

"Come on, are you still angry that I didn't help in cleaning?"

"What do you think? The Missions Pavilion had to be closed for an entire week to properly clean it! I'm lucky that it was Elder Yan Hong who found out about my troubles and gave me permission to close the pavilion. If it was some other Elder, I don't know how I'd be able to walk with my head high."

Yan Hong?

Ah! The plain looking female elder!

Remembering who it was, Yang Shen nodded his head and said, "I can't change what has already happened, so how about we have sex one more time? I promise to help you clean this time."

Rolling her eyes towards Yang Shen right away, Meirong didn't hesitate the slightest bit in refusing him on the spot.

"I'm still recovering from how intense you were that day. If we have sex again, I'm worried I'll never be able to walk properly again."

Blushing a little as she remembered how she was forced to walk like a crab for almost two weeks straight after she had sex with him due to how sore her nether regions felt during the time, Meirong also remembered how good the sex felt.

In the end though she managed to steel her heart and not give into temptation.

Hearing the woman's refusal, though Yang Shen desperately wanted to have sex with someone and forget about everything else going on with his life even if for just a while, his mental strength hadn't fallen so low that he was going to force himself onto Meirong with whom he had nothing but pleasant memories.

Instead, he began explaining the main reason he came to the Missions Pavilion.

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