The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Core Disciples want to be Maids as well!

"So you want to hire some maids?"


"Even though I knew that you were going to visit me to hire some maids as soon as I heard that you became a Core Disciple, I never expected for you to come here so soon."

Looking at Yang Shen from the top to bottom with narrowed eyes, Meirong began wondering what it was that he did to become a Core Disciple so soon.

With his personality, he didn't go and seduce one of the three female Elders, did he?

Shaking her head and thinking that even that wouldn't have been enough, Meirong began writing down the details of the mission.

"So how many maids do you want, and how many contribution points are you going to pay them every month?"

"Hmmm I want five maids. As for the contribution points"

Thinking for a while, Yang Shen revealed how many points he was willing to part with for every maid every month.

Hearing the amount, Meirong was so shocked that she couldn't resist asking him to repeat the number of points.

As Yang Shen once again repeated the same number, Meirong began regretting that she was no longer a disciple and rather a Deacon due to which she could not take the mission.


In between Elders and Disciples, there was a special status known as Deacons.

Deacons in simple terms could be said as the link which connected the Disciples and Elders.

They were responsible for carrying out the official tasks and duties of the Sect, and were only below Elders in status.

For example, managing the Missions Pavilion, the Herb Pavilion, overseeing the canteen's functioning, and so on were all done by the various Deacons.

Most Deacons were at the early stages of the Nascent Realm and could only become an Elder if they challenged one of the existing Elders to an alchemy duel and won.

In which case, the Deacon would become the Elder if they win, and the Elder would be demoted to the status of a Deacon. And in case the Deacon lost, nothing would change.

Such challenges though happened very rarely because most Deacons were not willing to challenge an Elder from fear of what would happen if they lost the duel.

But there have also been quite a lot of instances in the past where Deacons managed to become Elders after defeating one of the eight Elders in an alchemy duel.

Unlike the number of Elders which were limited to a maximum of eight, there was no limit to how many Deacons there could be since there was no shortage of official work to be taken care of.

Therefore, before a disciple was forcibly sent out of the Sect due to reaching the limit of how long they could stay inside it with the status of a disciple, they could try and become a Deacon by passing the assessment.

Once Meirong finished explaining that it would take some time for the mission to be posted and the interested disciples to sign their names up, she quickly sent Yang Shen away because she was scared that she'd give into temptation and want to have sex with him if he stayed so close to her.

Sniffing the air which had traces of Yang Shen's addictive scent in it, Meirong took a few greedy breaths before starting to fill out the details of the mission. for visiting.

"That brat is being so generous that even I want to accept the mission."

Reluctantly filling in the number of Contribution Points which she didn't want others to obtain since she couldn't, Meirong sighed once again before sticking the poster on the missions board outside the pavilion so that everyone could see it.

"How did Yang Shen obtain so many contribution points anyway? You can't rob contribution points either."

Wondering how Yang Shen obtained so many contribution points in the first place, Meirong felt that since not many disciples came to take or submit missions at this time she could enjoy some shut eye time.

Unfortunately, the very instant she began feeling the first signs of drowsiness getting to her, someone entered the Missions Pavilion with a crazy look in her eyes.

"I want this mission! I want to take this mission!"

"Huh? That one? But you're a Core Disciple. That mission doesn't befit your status"

"What status? Can it be eaten? I want to take this mission!"

'As if contribution points can be eaten.'

Rolling her eyes with disdain towards the female Core Disciples, Meirong shook her hand and said, "Core Disciples can't be the maids of other Core Disciples. Go and pick some other mission."

Looking around after she heard those words, the female disciples approached Meirong who was sitting on the chair.

Bending forward and leaning close to the Deacon, the young woman started loosening her beautiful blue robes.

"Why not make an exception for me, beautiful elder sister? I can repay you in a way that you'll definitely like."

Stretching her hand and stopping the girl before she sat on her lap, Meirong said, "Unless you want to be fined 200 contribution points for attempting to seduce a Deacon, I suggest you leave now."

"I How about we make a deal, Deacon?"

Continuing to speak even in face of Meirong's blank and uninterested look, the female Core Disciple said, "If you let me take this mission, I'll give you half of the contribution points I receive. How about it?"


"Yes half!"

Showing an interested look, Meirong didn't reject the Core Disciples proposal right away. After all, contribution points were hard to earn and being able to obtain so many points so easily was something that very rarely happened.

Five hundred contribution points per month in exchange for working as a maid. Half of it would be 250 points, and with that Meirong would be able to purchase enough sets of ingredients to try and succeed in learning how to concoct Level 8 Pills.

Still, in the end she decisively shook her head and turned down the Core Disciple. After all, if any Elder found out that a Core Disciple became another Core Disciples maid, she was definitely going to end up being punished.

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