The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 129

Chapter 129: Picking the Maids

Meirong had asked Yang Shen to come back to the Missions Pavilion after a day since by then she would have more than enough interested applicants out of whom he could take his pick.

The reason she was so confident in saying those words was naturally due to how many contribution points he was going to pay the ones he selected as his maids.

Thus, Yang Shen after leaving the Missions Pavilion went back to his courtyard which still looked just as broken and downtrodden as it did before.

Entering the courtyard whose sliding doors were all stuck and jammed, Yang Shen found Li Na waiting for him in the backyard where the disciple could grow all the herbs they wanted.

"You're finally back little Shen. Where are the maids? There's a lot of work for them to do."

"That According to the Deacon, since I just posted the mission the maids can only be hired tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?! What are we going to do until then?! There's no way I can live in such a dirty and dusty courtyard."

'I never asked you to."

Not giving any answer, Yang Shen hoped that Li Na would go back to her house so that when the maids came over he could be all alone with them.

Unfortunately, such a thing didn't happen.

"Well, I guess I can put up with it for a single day. We can drag one of the beds here and sleep outside for today. I'll make sure that the maids will clean the entire place properly tomorrow."

Honestly, the maid job was quite an easy one due to how less work they had to do. Therefore, it didn't take much of the disciples' time due to which the young alchemists could still spend their abundant free time in studying and practising concoction like they did before.

This was one of the reasons why even a Core Disciples tried to obtain the mission without worrying about falling behind her peers.

But looking at the courtyard's current state, Yang Shen was sure that his five maids would definitely not have an easy time in fixing it up.

Still, that was why he was willing to pay 500 contribution points to each of them due to which he didn't feel guilty in the slightest.

With the rest of the day going by in the blink of an eye due to how uneventful it was, Yang Shen like always woke up early the next day morning and took four buckets of water from the Spirit Pond.

Going to Lin Meng's courtyard and taking care of the herb garden like always, Yang Shen upon meeting the beauty who wanted to sleep a little longer was even more sure that Zhi Rou had most likely lied to him.

But since the seed of doubt had been planted inside him, it would keep on gnawing at him until he didn't obtain some closure.

Looking towards Yang Shen who was way too silent in comparison to how he usually was, Lin Meng immediately sensed that something was off. Still, she thought that maybe he was angry at her for having tried to deceive him due to which she who didn't know what to say could only think about what to do and not actually do anything.

Leaving Lin Meng's courtyard, Yang Shen who didn't want to think about unpleasant things for the time being made his way to the Missions Pavillion to see if Meirong had found him the maids he was searching for.

Spotting a huge crowd around the Missions Pavilion even before he arrived at its entrance, Yang Shen felt that maybe another Elder had posted a mission to have someone take care of their herb garden.

However he soon noticed that it was only the female disciples that were gathered around the Missions Pavilion.

Due to this, Yang Shen who knew that he was paying many times more than the usual for the maids he would hire guessed that the reason behind the crowd was most likely his own mission.

Realizing this made Yang Shen feel quite proud as he started approaching the crowd to make his way through it and enter the Missions Pavilion.

Making way on their own for Yang Shen who was dressed in the beautiful blue robes that only Core Disciples were allowed to, most of the female disciples were curious regarding who he was and why he came to the Missions Pavilion at this time.

Was he also here to apply for the maids' mission?

So he's their competition!

Vigilantly glaring towards Yang Shen from thinking that he wanted to steal their god sent opportunity, someone wanted to inform him that Core Disciples could not try to take the mission when one individual in the crowd stepped forward and said, "Senior Brother Yang Shen! I'm Outer Disciple Liu Xu! I've been a fan of yours since the first time I ."

"Senior Brother Yang Shen? Senior Brother Yang Shen!"

"I am still a virgin and I don't mind warming your bed either Senior Brother!"

"Pick me! Pick me, Senior Brother!"

Drowning the request of the girl who knew who Yang Shen was after having seen him on that day he came to the same place and obtained the mission to take care of Elder Lin's courtyard with their own pleas, there was almost no one who didn't try to advertise themselves. for visiting.

Flustered from the crowd of women turning rowdy all of a sudden, Yang Shen couldn't react in time before all of them began pressing their bodies against him.

Sure the feeling of their soft bodies pressed against him felt good, but given how many women there were around him, he soon started feeling congested and found it hard to even breathe properly.


Hissing angrily, Lijuan who wasn't as tolerant as her master got ready to make a move by blasting all of them away when Meirong who finally realized what was happening exited the Missions Pavilion and used Qi to push everyone a few feet away from Yang Shen.

Feeling her lips twitching as she looked at the face which was covered in different colours of lipstick, Meirong didn't need to say anything before Yang Shen hastily stepped forward and entered the Missions Pavilion.

Using her finger to stroke one of the better looking lipstick marks on Yang Shen's face, Meirong smirked and asked, "Should I have not interfered?"

Shaking his head, Yang Shen said, "If you hadn't come when you did, I'm afraid it wouldn't be just my face which was covered in lipstick."

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

Not waiting for an answer since it was a rhetorical question, Meirong informed him, "You've already seen how many applicants there are for becoming your maid. Feel free to pick any five of them and take them back with you."



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