The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Arrival of the maids

Not too long after Li Na left the courtyard, Yang Shen sensed six individuals walking towards his courtyard.

Opening the door just before one of them could knock on it, Yang Shen greeted Meirong and the five women behind her with a dazzling smile.

Hushing the five women who broke out in chatter like a bunch of fan girls who were convincing themselves that they locked eyes with their idols, Mierong said, "Here are your five maids."

Motioning them to enter and start cleaning the place, Meirong pulled Yang Shen outside by his hand since she had something to tell him.

"Now listen to me. Though they are called maids, each and every one of them is an Inner Disciple of the sect. Therefore, you aren't allowed to harm them in any way. Got it?"

Nodding his head with a look that said she didn't really need to say such an obvious thing, Yang Shen was about to say something when Meirong continued.

"You are also not allowed to touch them inappropriately." for visiting.

"Define inappropriately."

Rolling her eyes Meirong said, "You aren't allowed to force them into doing anything sexual. If they say no and you still touch their bodies, they are allowed to file a complaint on you."

"What?! But they're maids!"

Scoffing at this reaction which she expected to witness at least one time during her conversation with him, Meirong explained, "They are alchemists working as maids to earn contribution points. Not your typical maids who keep their bodies clean in hopes of attracting their employer's attention."

"But But what about all of my fantasies?! Do you know how hard it was to decide between naked maids and apron maids?!"

With her lips twitching at how Yang Shen shamelessly revealed such things, Meirong repeatedly warned him that not even a Core Disciple was allowed to sexually harass a female disciple just because she was working as a maid.

"Okay fine. But if she's fine with it, then there's no trouble right?"

"None at all."

Nodding his head seriously, even though he didn't obtain five women who would obediently do everything he told them to, Yang Shen didn't feel too disappointed since he did at least obtain five maids.

Bidding goodbye to Meirong who had to get back to her duty, Yang Shen went back inside his courtyard to officially meet his maids.

Meirong was indeed not the petty kind due to which the five women she picked out of the hundreds of applications were all beauties who satisfied Yang Shen's requirements.

That is, they were both good looking and had curvy bodies as well.

Ma Lan was a graceful looking lady with a slim body and long black hair. The type of woman who would be perfect as the wife of nobles and those of high standings.

Duan Zhenya along with a voluptuous body had a heroic aura around her which made her more suited to be a warrior rather than an alchemist.

Yin Mei was the one who had the biggest pair of breasts not just of the five maids, but out of every woman Yang Shen had ever seen until now.

Lei Bai on the other hand was a tall and thicc beauty with long black hair who all men would want to keep as their hidden mistress.

And finally Hu Meili, she in short looked like the ideal version of what Yang Shen imagined his maid should look like.

Alluring facial features, sexy curves in all the right places, a tall and slim figure, shoulder length black hair, and finally a mature aura which would turn men into beasts when locked inside a room alone with her.

Looking towards Hu Meili, who like the remaining four was dressed in bright green robes as she focussed on dusting the ceiling with a cloth, Yang Shen unconsciously licked his lips from imagining how good it would feel to have sex with her.

Especially when all she had on her body was an apron.

Gulping hard as he suddenly imagined all five beauties dressed in nothing more than aprons, Yang Shen began planning on how to make it happen.

Given that they were all more or less just as strong as him, the scent his body released due to the Dragon's Mark would be enough to turn them all obsessed with him sooner or later.

But since Yang Shen didn't want to wait too long, he definitely needed a plan to make them all give into his desires as quickly as possible.

However such a thing couldn't be done too hastily either since they had no reason to impress him or want to sleep with him.

Well, excluding the fact that he was very handsome and famous due to being the youngest Core Disciple ever that is.

Still, Yang Shen didn't think that the two of them were enough to make all of the five women do everything he wished for them to do.

Thus, he planned on seducing and bedding them one after the other until all of them turned completely obedient to him.

Once he did that, it wouldn't be impossible to see all five of them dressed in nothing more than aprons side by side.

Now the question was, whom should he pick as his first target?

Out of the five Inner Disciples, Zhenya looked like the oldest one with the appearance of someone at the end of her 20s. Therefore, Yang Shen guessed that she should be the one who would be the easiest for him to seduce.

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