The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Visiting Zhenyas bedroom during the night

As said before, Inner Disciples are permitted to spend the nights outside their own residence only if it is due to a mission. for visiting.

Thus, upon Yang Shen telling them that they could move into the courtyard and live along with him due to how many empty rooms there were, not a single one of the Inner Disciples refused him or hesitated in accepting his proposal.

After all, Yang Shen's courtyard was very high up the mountain due to which the Qi around them was of better quality and in greater quantity as well.

And this not only made cultivating here more fruitful, but also increased the chances of concocting a pill successfully.

'Hmmm It's acceptable but cannot compare to her cooking.'

Making a remark on the food which was cooked by Ma Lan, Yang Shen was obviously comparing it with Lin Meng's cooking.

Thinking about it, Yang Shen himself found it very humiliating for being influenced by someone so easily.

After everything he did until now, was his will so weak that he was that easily swayed by the words of a stranger?

Smiling wryly and shaking his head, Yang Shen stopped thinking about such things before he could no longer do so.

'You still have a long way to go Master. Spending time fighting against beasts inside forests can only temper your combat skills and survival instincts. Only by coming in contact with cunning individuals like Zhi Rou can you learn about the dark side of the world and grow up.'

Commenting on Yang Shen's current situation, Lijuan was quite eager to see what he was going to do. Was he going to confront Lin Meng after trusting Zhi Rou's words? Was he going to completely ignore Zhi Rou's words and simply follow his original plan? Was he

After finishing his dinner which despite being incomparable to Lin Meng's cooking was better than fasting pills, Yang Shen went to the master bedroom which was one of the few rooms which had been completely cleaned.

Given how big the courtyard was, it seemed like the five maids were going to have to work hard for a few more days to clean it completely.

Well, enough about that.

Spending some time inside his bedroom, Yang Shen left the room after he sensed that all of the maids had gone to their own rooms.

Walking towards Zhenya's room, Yang Shen who had further observed her during the rest of the day was even more sure that she should be the first one he should seduce.

After all, out of the five of them, Zhenya was not very comfortable with her own body but was very free and comfortable around him as well.

This was evident from how she changed out of her Inner Disciple robes to a pair of tight shorts and bra after claiming that they were better suited for cleaning work.

In fact, if not for the fact that Yang Shen was sure that she was just being herself, he would have thought that she was trying to seduce him,

Arriving in front of Zhenya's room, Yang Shen raised her hand and knocked on the door while thinking that the woman's personality suited that of a mercenary and didn't resemble that of an alchemist in the least bit.

"Senior brother? What are you doing here?"

Opening the door with a surprised look, Zhenya had nothing more than a towel wrapped around her curvy body.

Adding on the short red bob style hair which was wet, it couldn't be any more obvious that the beauty had just bathed.

Feeling happy that there existed something like the light stone due to which the room was brightly illuminated and therefore allowed him to see the healthy red blush covering her skin from having bathed in hot water, Yang Shen asked, "Can I come inside?"


Looking down at her body which only had a towel wrapped around it, Zhenya thought for a second before moving to the side and saying, "Sure. Come inside Senior Brother."

Despite being older than Yang Shen, Zhenya due to the rules of the sect had no choice but to call him Senior Brother because his status was higher than that of hers.

"For what reason has Senior Brother come to find me? Is there something you want me to do?"

Looking around the room which had not yet been completely cleaned, Yang Shen who didn't come here with a plan could only play it by the ear.

After all, if there was something he knew by now, no matter how many plans one made, things would almost never go according to the plan.

Therefore, thinking too much was more often than not a complete waste of time.

Especially when it had something to do with seducing a woman.

"Something I want you to do? No. But there is something I want to do to you."


Showing a confused look on her face for a split second, Zhenya showed a knowing smile which revealed that she knew what he was speaking about.

"Senior Brother is quite naughty for his age."

Approaching Yang Shen with a flirty look on her face, Zhenya asked, "Why did Senior Brother choose me and not someone else? Is it because I look very easy to sleep with?"

"Not at all. It's due to how beautiful you are that I came here, and didn't go anywhere else."

"Oh really?"

Smiling in a way that made it seem like she was both believing him and not believing him at the same time, Zhenya who seemed to have expected for such a situation to happen sooner or later moved even closer to him.

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