The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Domesticating the maid

To Zhenya who had seen her own share of life and knew more about the world than the remaining four Inner Disciples who had become Yang Shen's maids, she knew all about the unspoken things that the maids working for the Core Disciples did.

But just because she knew it didn't mean that she had to do it.

After all, like Meirong had told Yang Shen, no Core Disciple could try and force the maids to do anything they didn't want to or behave inappropriately with any of them.

However, Zhenya wasn't the kind of woman who'd try to fix something which wasn't broken.

In fact, the female disciples didn't talk about it, but all of them knew that becoming a maid meant to provide the Core Disciple with sexual services as well.

Therefore, only those who were willing to do such a thing would take the mission.

Also, none of the female disciples felt like they were selling their bodies for a bunch of contribution points by doing such a thing. Instead, all of them felt like they were doing their own bit of work in securing themselves a better future.

Each and every Core Disciple would either become a Deacon of the Mystic Pill Sect in the future, or become a renowned alchemist outside the sect. And regardless of what it was, they for sure had a bright future ahead of them.

So, why not use their beautiful bodies for their advantage and try to get close to them before it was too late?

Even if love and marriage were off the table, having a close relationship wasn't too bad either. for visiting.

Having such thoughts wasn't just Zhenya who was quite comfortable with her sexuality, but almost every female disciple who knew that she had no way of becoming a Core Disciple.

It was just that poor Yang Shen did not know that such an understanding existed among the female disciples who were interested in working as the Core Disciples' maids due to which he endlessly racked his mind on how to make the five of them fall in line with his desires.

In fact, Yang Shen even now didn't know about it. This was why a look of surprise appeared on his face as the valiant beauty let the towel fall down to the floor.

"Why is Senior Brother looking so shocked? All of us knew from the beginning that we were going to have sex with you sooner or later."

"You did?"

"Of course. Why else would you Core Disciples be willing to pay so much just to have them take care of your courtyards?"

Understanding that Yang Shen truly did not know about the unspoken 'duties' of the maids, Zhenya had to use all of her determination to resist the urge to call him cute and start patting his head.

The look in her eyes however made it more than obvious to Yang Shen regarding what her thoughts were.

If it was some other time, Yang Shen would have simply flashed a wry smile and shrugged it off. But given everything going on with his life, there was no way Yang Shen was going to let the woman get away by thinking such things about him.

He was already angry by how easily he had been manipulated by Zhi Rou who most likely now saw him as an immature brat who could easily be controlled, but there wasn't much he could do to her right now by himself due to how strong she was.

However there was no way he was going to let even a maid look down on him and not respect him.

Standing up all of a sudden, Yang Shen who was a little taller than Zhenya stared down at her and made a move before she could understand why someone who was looking so calm and amicable until now seemed more like a rabid beast all of a sudden.

Grabbing the woman by her waist and throwing her on the bed, Yang Shen spoke no words as he got rid of his clothes and got on the bed as well.

"Se-Senior Brother?"

Feeling a little scared from how Yang Shen was looking at her, Zhenya wanted to say something when he grabbed her by the back of her neck and brought her face close to his own.

"I I"

Ignoring the woman's nervous plea to want to try and say something, Yang Shen pressed his lips against hers and easily took advantage of her fear to let his tongue enter the insides of her mouth.

Letting Yang Shen do as he pleased, Zhenya who found him resembling a dangerous profound beast more than a human right now didn't even dare move a muscle from the fear of being devoured by him.

Getting a taste of the woman, Yang Shen broke the kiss and moved a bit away to gaze upon her voluptuous figure.

Stretching his hand and squeezing the breasts which were bigger than what his hands could contain, Yang Shen all of a sudden pinched her perky nipple.

Tugging on the nipple and letting go of it when he couldn't pull it any further, Yang Shen was greeted by the sight of Zhenya's ripe breasts jiggling.


Whimpering a little, Zhenya still looked too scared to try and stop Yang Shen whose eyes made her feel as if she wasn't a human and just a piece of meat.

Seeing this, the grin on Yang Shen's face grew even wider as he pressed her body flat against the bed and got on top of her.

Making his way all the way from her flat belly till her neck, Yang Shen had both of his legs on either side of the woman's head as his erect rod was everything that Zhenya could see due to how big it was and how close it was to her face.

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