The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 134 2

Chapter 134: Domesticating the maid Part 2

"Open up."

"Senior Brother?" for visiting.

Faking ignorance even though she knew exactly what it was that he meant, Zhenya caused Yang Shen to frown and sternly say, "You only exist for me to use you and please myself! So stop acting up and do as I say!"

Listening to Yang Shen, Zhenya did want to refute him due to how morally degrading his words were.

However there seemed to be some special power to Yang Shen's words which was making Zhenya think that maybe he was speaking the truth due to which she couldn't say anything in return and simply opened her mouth wide and made it possible for the huge monstrosity in front of it to enter it.

Seeing all of this from a little distance away, Lijuan who like always left him when he got close to a woman frowned hard.

Given how quickly his mood swung and how huge the change in his personality was all of a sudden, one thing was quite obvious to the Heaven Devouring Snake.

'Master is way too easily influenced by his emotions.'

Lijuan had always suspected for that to be the case, but now she finally confirmed her thoughts.

In a way, she now more than ever thought that Yang Shen didn't seem like someone who belonged to this world.

By this world though, what she meant was the world of cultivation.

Lijuan thought that Yang Shen might have come from a mortal background due to which he wasn't familiar with the ways of the cultivators. This was the only way that she could explain why he behaved so radically every once in a while.

Either that, or he had a serious problem with trying to prove himself for no one in particular.

Regardless of which it was though, being a slave to one's emotions was not a good thing. Especially to someone who had great ambitions or craved peerless strength.

Thus, the black snake began thinking that she should do something about this problem of Yang Shen and set him on the right track before it was too long.


Grabbing onto the sides of Zhenya's head as he thrust his waist forward and plunged his dick deep down her throat, every cell inside Yang Shen's body was moaning from pleasure as he looked towards the obedient woman who was too scared to say or do anything that would further tick him off.

Mistaking Zhenya's fear towards him as respect, Yang Shen felt even more sure that he was doing the right thing and didn't need to stop.

Moving his waist back and forth, Yang Shen didn't hesitate in the slightest to treat the woman's mouth as if it was her pussy.


Feeling the same way a bull did after seeing something red as he heard the muffled screams of resistance and fear, Yang Shen's thrusts only turned even more intense causing the head of his dick to repeatedly ram against the back of the woman's throat and make it even harder to breathe.

Turning a little dizzy from the shortness of breath, Zhenya's eyes were covered in a glazy mist of panic and a hint of iniquitous pleasure.

In the beginning, it was just pure fear she had towards Yang Shen whose personality changed sooner than it took to turn a book's page.

But, the longer her body was stuck to Yang Shen's body, something kept on changing inside her.

His touch, his scent, his appearance, the madness in his madness, the sadistic way he treated her, not only did every part of him make a huge impression on her, they were corrupting her from the inside out.

Filled with a desire for the huge thing ravaging her mouth to never leave it, Zhenya's hands moved by themselves as if they had their own mind and tightly hugged Yang Shen's lower back in hopes of making sure that her current deepest darkest desire came true.

Seeing this, Yang Shen who would turn into a genius whenever it was something related to sex needed no one's help to understand what it was that Zhenya wanted to do.

Due to this, the grin on his face turned even more twisted and full of pride.

Grabbing the woman's arm and pulling them away from his body, Yang Shen said, "Daring to touch your Master without his permission? What an impudent maid you are. Looks like you need to be taught a lesson."

Shaking her head with a clear look of nervousness on her face in fear of what Yang Shen intended to do, Zhenya herself didn't know why but hearing that she would be taught a lesson made her entire body tingle with an obscene excitement.

What was he going to do next?

Exiting Zhenya's warm and comfortable mouth, though a bit reluctantly, Yang Shen stood up and admired the woman's face which looked erotically messed up due to the saliva which drooled out of her mouth covering her face and her vibrant red hair stuck to her sweat covered forehead.

Licking his lips as he imagined how much sexier Zhenya would look after he corrupted her so much that she would crave everything and anything he would do, Yang Shen pulled the woman up and then turned her over.

He had thoroughly enjoyed the appetizer, now it was time to move on to the main dish.

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