The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 135 3

Chapter 135: Domesticating the Maid Part 3

Looking towards Yang Shen while he did as he pleased with her body filled with Zhenya with nervousness of how his actions would feel.

But now that all she could look at was the sheet covering the bed's mattress, she was filled with apprehension towards the uncertainty of what was going to happen to her.

It seemed like more than the fear of not knowing what was going to happen was more terrifying that knowing what was going to happen.

Trembling every time she felt Yang Shen's hands touch her body, Zhenya who didn't dare move remained in the same position on all fours.



Letting out a yelp towards the unexpected slap to her ass, Zhenya couldn't believe that the one who was so lovingly and gently fondling her ass would spank her all of a sudden for no reason.

Pa! Pa! Pa!


Bearing with the three slaps that struck her ass on the very same spot, Zhenya despite not expecting them this time either ended up moaning due to how she felt a tinge of pleasure along with pain.

"What a nice ass you have. I want to keep spanking you until a print of my hand etches onto them and never disappears."

Hastily shaking her head, Zhenya who was already beginning to worry that she was a masochist from revelling in the pain was filled with worry that if he really did as he said she would turn into a slut who'd cum every time he spanked her.

It was too bad that the poor girl didn't know that if Yang Shen kept on toying with her body, she would sooner or later turn into someone who'd orgasm from his slightest touch.

Massaging the woman's ass while his fingers approached the hairless pussy, Yang Shen began gently rubbing against the pair of enticing pink lips.

Watching them quiver every time his finger brushed against them, Yang Shen soon saw moist droplets flow out of them and drip down the sides of Zhenya's thighs.

Seeing this, Yang Shen waited no longer and poked at the entrance of her hidden cave with his finger and in a single go pushed it completely inside her.

Plunging his index finger deep inside the moist cave which instantly tightened around his finger, Yang Shen who wasn't satisfied with using a single finger pushed a second one inside it as well.

At the same time, he used his other hand to go around the woman's body and approach her crotch from her front.

The target of his other hand though was not Zhenya's pussy, but rather the tiny pink button which after being puffed up could no longer be hidden behind the now moist lips.

Using two of his fingers to start tapping on it repeatedly as if he was ringing a bell, Yang Shen by teasing every woman's most sensitive spot caused Zhenya's body to constantly twitch in pleasure which in turn made her pussy start releasing even more lewd juices. for visiting.


Letting out a satisfied moan as the constant teasing of her pussy and clit had caused her to feel many times better than she ever did until now, Zhenya's face was blushing furiously as her pussy's perverted honey constantly flowed out of it and covered the bed under her in it.

"What a lewd woman you are. You're about to cum aren't you?"

"Mmmm Yes!"

Smirking as he heard those words and confirmed that her pulsating pussy was about to start orgasming, Yang Shen pulled both of his hands away from Zhenya at the same time.

"Aa? Nooooo!!!!!"

Screaming loudly as she finally realized that Yang Shen stopped fingering her pussy, Zhenya moved her own hands to try and replicate his same movements in hopes of enjoying the orgasm which had turned cold the moment he stopped touching her.

Unfortunately, since she couldn't use the Erogenous Beauty Stimulating Massage Technique which Yang Shen was using since the moment he first touched her, no amount of self pleasing was allowing the poor woman to achieve an orgasm.


Groaning loudly as she felt the orgasm building up but not erupting no matter what she did, Zhenya powerlessly fell face first on top of the bed.

"Haaaa. Haaaa."

Panting roughly while her entire body was covered in sweat, which showed how hard she worked in hopes of orgasming, Zhenya weakly turned her head to look towards Yang Shen who was looking like a demon with that teasing smirk on her face.

"Fuck Fuck me! Make me cum!"

Clicking his tongue, Yang Shen showed an expression of disapproval on his face and said, "I'm the one in control, my slutty little maid. If you want something, you beg for it."

"Haaa. Fine Please! Please make me cum!"

"Nah. I don't feel any sincerity in your voice."

Feebly glaring towards Yang Shen who was deliberately teasing her, Zhenya could tell that what it was that he really wanted her to do.

"Ahhhhhh Master! Please fuck this slut's useless pussy and let her cum!"

Nodding his head, Yang Shen who felt his dick twitch from excitement as he heard Zhenya say those words no longer held back.

Placing the head of his dick at the entrance of Zhenya's pussy, Yang Shen grabbed onto the sides of her waist with his hands and got ready.

Since he had confirmed with his fingers that the woman wasn't a virgin, Yang Shen wanted to thrust his entire dick inside Zhenya in a single go and see if she who was on the verge of orgasming but couldn't do so by herself would climax or not.

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