The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 136

Chapter 136: My little cutie pie

"Ughh Stop teasing me, Master!"

Groaning loudly as she could feel the tip of the huge shaft pressed against the entrance of her cave, but was not entering it, Zhenya tried her best to move and take it inside her by herself.

But, Yang Shen's hands were like a pair of metal claws which were keeping her in place and not letting her move like she wanted to.

Licking his lips, Yang Shen didn't waste too much time either.

He was just as excited, if not even more excited than Zhenya. Therefore, while continuing to hold onto her slim waist, Yang Shen in a single go thrust his waist forward and invaded her moist cave.


Moaning so loudly that if the others inside the courtyard hadn't been woken up already, would definitely be awake now, Zhenya who felt the huge thing enter her deepest part without the slightest resistance could feel her entire body turn weak.

With an obscene numbness starting from the depths of her pussy and spreading all through her body, Zhenya's eyes turned wider than before as she felt an unbelievable phenomenon happening.

Yang Shen's dick which made its way inside her didn't stop after it reached the deepest part of the woman's pussy and instead continued moving deeper.

Breaking through the barriers which restricted the entry to her forbidden zone, Yang Shen's erect rod plunged inside Zhenya's womb and caused her eyes to completely roll backwards.

"Gahahhhh I'mmmm cummmiinngggggg!!!!"

Moaning incoherently due to her tongue weakly hanging outside her mouth, Zhenya felt as if the whole world was turning white as the huge orgasm which had constantly teased but never arrived finally erupted.

Gushing out warm juices which flooded out of her pussy and sullied the bed under her in even more juices, Zhenya soon fainted due to the overdose of pleasure from the biggest orgasm of her life.

But even after the woman fainted, her body didn't stop twitching every once in a while showing that her orgasm was yet to completely die down.

Seeing this though, Yang Shen didn't just stop and admire the naked beauty who couldn't break out of the pleasure he gave her even after fainting. After all, it wasn't her who was supposed to be satisfied.

He was the one who was looking to drown himself in pleasure to forget about the rest of the world. Therefore, without the slightest care that Zhenya had fainted, Yang Shen pulled his rod back until it had almost exited her before ramming it back inside her.


Waking up along with a loud moan exiting her mouth, Zhenya could barely make sense of what was happening as she felt something hard poking at the deepest part of her womb.

Moaning once again as Yang Shen started pistoning, Zhenya despite wanting to ask him to not cum inside her didn't do so because she was curious about how it would feel if he cummed inside her womb.


Waking up with a completely numb pussy and a sore butthole was definitely not the best way to wake up for any woman. However, the reason the both of them felt like that was more than enough to let Zhenya not mind them too much.

Still, sensing how much of Yang Shen's thick semen was still inside both of her holes down there, Zhenya began worrying about how long it would take her to completely clean them.

Looking towards the naked Yang Shen who was sleeping with a satisfied smile on his face after having relentlessly pounded her for so many hours and turning almost the entire night into a sleepless one for her, Zhenya couldn't help but pout and think how different he looked when sleeping.

No longer giving off the feeling that he was a demon who wouldn't care even if the world was burning, Yang Shen while sleeping looked so sweet and adorable that Zhenya found her hand moving by itself. for visiting.

Pinching the sleeping Yang Chen's cheek due to how cute she found him, Zhenya's pleased smile froze as the young man's eyes shot open and glared at her.

She was doomed.

Remembering back to what he did just because she looked at him as if he was a cute boy, Zhenya couldn't even imagine what he would do to her now.

Well, since she had been caught red handed and there was no way out of this situation, Zhenya decided that she might as well do everything she wanted to before Yang Shen got around to punishing her.

Therefore pinching his other cheek as well, Zhenya made sure to engrave how it felt to pinch his cheeks inside her head since she had a feeling she wouldn't be able to do so ever again.

Looking towards the five Inner Disciples who were standing in front of him, Yang Shen wasn't the least bit surprised at how it wasn't just Zhenya who was blushing and looked like she didn't sleep much.

After all, he had sensed the four maids gather outside Zhenya's room and do their best to peek at what was happening inside the room without being noticed last night itself.

Not to mention how all of them barged inside the room and tried to pinch his cheeks after seeing Zhenya do it.

"What is it, my little cutie pie? Are you feeling shy from having your cheeks pinched?"

Ignoring Lijuan who was speaking to him the way someone did to a child since the morning, Yang Shen glared towards the five women who were all equally nervous.

Locking eyes with each one of them, Yang Shen's gaze made the women even more anxious due to which all of them looked down and no longer dared to meet his eyes.

Honestly, they themselves didn't know why they were so desperate in wanting to pinch Yang Shen's cheeks. But in that moment all of them only had a single thought on their minds. Pick Yang Shen' cheeks!

And even after they failed to achieve what they wanted to do, none of them felt regret from being caught due to which all of them were now standing like a bunch of thieves who got caught before they could steal anything.

Was it due to how they saw the 'other side' of Yang Shen last night while he did it with Zhenya and were therefore a little scared of him?


But none of that mattered now. All that mattered now was what Yang Shen was going to do. And from the looks of what happened last night, Zhenya had a feeling that she would have it worse than the others.

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