The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Four aprons one naked

To be frank, Yang Shen really didn't like it when someone considered him immature or a child. It made him feel a little insecure.

But having his cheeks pinched wasn't something he considered as a taboo because this just showed that another part of his body held a fatal attraction to women. for visiting.

In that case, what was with the solemn atmosphere in the living room which made the Inner Disciples fear that they were going to be fired?

It was quite simple, Yang Shen who had calmed down after a night of intense sex after which none of his emotions were acting up anymore, the perfect opportunity to make all of them do as he wanted them to do arrived at his doorstep on its own.

Even though he learned last night that all of the disciples who were willing to become maids had no trouble with having sex with him, he doubted they would be willing to help him complete his fantasies.

However, now that all of them were scared of how he would 'punish' them for their 'impudence', Yang Shen could use the situation to his advantage.

"All of you, strip."

Hesitating just for a split second during which they looked around at the others beside them, none of the five women felt reluctant to follow Yang Shen's orders since all of them had applied for the mission while fully knowing that the one they would work for was going to have sex with them.

Showing the least bit of hesitance of the five was Zhenya who had already had sex with Yang Shen.

Maintaining a stern expression to hide his overflowing feeling of lust and a desire to ravage every single one of the naked beauties in front of him, Yang Shen spent 20 points to purchase four different white aprons from the system's shop.

The ordinary plain aprons cost just 1 point each, but Yang Shen didn't find them pleasing to his eyes due to which he spent a little extra to purchase the special aprons which were meant for maids.

Out of the four, one of them was a waist apron with frills which would barely reach until the woman's crotch, another one was a set of bra, panties, and garter belt and stockings which were a mix of white and black in colour.

Of the remaining two, one was a white frilled bib apron and the other was a classic maid gown which consisted of a long black gown, a white apron on it, and finally a white headpiece to top it all off.

Withdrawing the four sets of aprons from the inventory and placing them on the table in front of them, Yang Shen said, "Pick one and put them on."

While those words caused the women to feel a little confused since things weren't going according to the script they had imagined, none of them hesitated in doing what Yang Shen wanted them to do.

"Not you. You'll stay naked."

Pointing towards Zhenya who looked more eager than the others to dress in the clothes which she hadn't seen before today, Yang Shen turned around to see who would pick what.

And the final decision, Lei Bai picked the waist apron and continued showing off her round breasts, Ma Lan picked the tradition maid gown like Yang Shen expected she would and continued remaining graceful, Yin Mei picked the garter belt set and struggled for a while to put it on, and finally Hu Meili picked the bib apron.

Once all of them finished putting their respective chosen aprons on, Zhenya was the only one who remained completely naked.

Though Lei Bai looked like a whore with just a waist apron that barely covered her crotch, she who didn't even have that on looked like an even cheaper whore who was begging for attention.

Understanding that this was most likely her special punishment for being caught pinching Yang Shen's cheeks, Zhenya made a mental calculation to consider if the trade was worth it.

And guess what? It was!

Standing straight and proudly showing off every inch of her naked body without trying to hide any part of it, Zhenya seemed to be trying to show Yang Shen that she was fine with doing everything that he wanted her to do.

Looking towards the four beauties beside Zhenya who looked more erotic than they did when they were completely naked, Yang Shen wanted to sink his greedy fands inside each and every one of them right away.

But, since doing so would mean that he wouldn't be able to enjoy the subtle pleasure of waiting and teasing them, he chose to not behave too rashly.

He was going to taste each and every one of them at the perfect time. Before he did that though, he needed to get out of his courtyard and go to Elder Lin's courtyard to complete his own mission.

Leaving the five maids who each looked more obscene and erotic that the other one inside his courtyard, Yang Shen quickly finished taking care of the herb garden before wolfing down the tasty breakfast Lin Meng cooked for him.

Since he by now no longer had the words Zhi Rou had spoken inside his heart, Yang Shen didn't behave any differently than he did in the past due to which Lin Meng who thought that he got over the fact that she tried to deceive him felt relieved and therefore cooked more than usual.

After breakfast though, Yang Shen didn't go back to his courtyard right away to have some fun with his maids and instead went to the Herb Pavilion to purchase all the ingredients he needed to try and concoct the Sant Pil.

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